Emergency Landing After Passenger Smokes Joint American Airlines

9:31 AM PT— TMZ is told by a rep to American Airlines… “Flight 2408 was diverted because of a disruptive passenger. Law enforcement encountered the flight and the aircraft left again.” They also thanked their crew members for taking care of their clients during the chaos.

After a passenger lit a joint and got super aggro, an American Airlines jet produced an unscheduled landing Friday.

The aircraft was going from Phoenix to Minneapolis, we’re informed, but an hour into the flight the pilot came on the intercom and said they had to create an emergency landing in Denver because of “a safety problem in the back.” The passengers were a bit freaked out trying to find out what was going on. The buzz in the shed was that somebody in the back said he told everyone around him that he was on cocaine. That’s when the video-dreaded man ran into the bathroom to the back of the aircraft and locked the door.

Emergency Landing After Passenger Smokes Joint American Airlines

Emergency Landing After Passenger Smokes Joint American Airlines

Passengers inform us they were very worried about the flight attendants and huddled around the door of the bathroom, attempting to coax the man out to no avail.

We’re told the man was 10 minutes in the bathroom and then he left the bathroom 5 minutes before the aircraft landed and came back to his seat. He was very jittery and police and EMTs came on board when the aircraft landed.

That’s the beginning of the video… You see the man pull the joint and the lighter out and begin to smoke. Then the pilot went to the intercom and requested passengers to get off the aircraft in the first 13 rows so they could take the guy away. The man is puncturing one of the travelers as they deplane.

You hear a passenger say on board were fans of Raiders so they could take care of the man.

The man was removed by cops and EMTs, handcuffed and placed on a gurney. You hear him screaming that the locks hurt him as he asked to be released, screaming, “Take it off, it hurts. I’ll kill you f***ing!” About 2 hours later, the aircraft was back in the air… On the way to Minneapolis.

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