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5 Ways To Extend Your Android’s Battery Life



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No matter how impressive features an Android phone got, it’s all in vain if its battery is impotent. Since its inception, Android OS versions and the features offered have evolved to a great extent yet battery longevity is not up to the mark. Here are some of the best in the market android smartphone batteries.

Fast battery drainage is the major constraint especially on the fly as Android phones are expected to do wonders through its powerful processors and bigger & brighter screens. Except for power banks, there are many other ways, as discussed hereinafter, to get the most out of Android batteries.

● Turn OFF the Battery Hoggers

Closing the idle apps is the basic economic rule to stretch Android’s battery life. Besides that, keeping mobile data off; when not needed, reducing the brightness and turn off the vibration is the good workaround to enhance the battery endurance.

● Monitor Battery Sucking Apps

Figure out the apps eating up more battery through digging into the ‘App Manager’ settings. There, one can get all the relevant info about the apps and its battery consumption. Update such apps for improved battery friendly operations. Uninstall the apps, if it becomes a serious threat to battery usage.

● Use Battery Booster Apps

There are tons of apps like DU Battery Saver, Battery Booster Pro, and Power battery apps made available on the Google Play store to install for this purpose. These apps work great to optimize battery and boosts up the power up to 80%.

● Dump Bloatwares & Live Wallpapers

Cache memory and bloatwares are not just space occupiers but also kills significant battery life. It’s therefore a good practice to dump the bloatwares promptly. Also, live wallpapers and zooper widgets come at the cost of huge battery power hence at times of low battery, disabling them is a smart move.

● Enable “Power Saving Mode”

It’s better to keep the phone alive with lesser features rather than switch it off. This’s an extremely helpful Android feature to raise the battery life in no time. However, it limits the phone usage to a few prominent functions restricting Wifi, mobile data usage, email, messages, music, games, and other apps. The feature is available in all the Android versions later than Android Lollipop. Here’s is how to enable the “Power saving mode” –

❏ Go to “Settings”.

❏ Then go to “Battery”.

❏ It shows the estimated battery usage time remaining.

❏ Tap on “Power saving mode” to stretch the estimated time up to 20%.

❏ To further extend the battery life, use “Ultra power saving mode” which almost doubles the estimate remaining time but minimize home screen layout and limits the device performance.

Power saving mode will be temporarily disabled while charging the device.


A smartphone without battery is like a Ferrari without fuel or a pen without ink. Completely useless! Smartphones, undoubtedly, the life hacking gadget of 21st century wherein everything goes mobile but batteries are still the battleground of Android phones. Hopefully, battery boosting tips, mentioned above, could be of some help.

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