Facts to know before you Drive it.”New Amazon” Quantum Ledger Database

Amazon QLDB is completely Managed Ledger Database, that offers a transparent and Crypto-graphical Verifiable Transactional, log. Owned by a central trusted authority. 

Amazon QLDB Tracks every Application Data modification, and it handles the total verifiable history of modifications over time.

Ledgers are typically used for recording a history of Economic and Financial Activity in a company. Many companies designed applications with Ledger like Functionality. 

Because it needs to handle an accurate history of their applications. Data, for instance, tracking the history of credits in banking transactions. That is by Verifying Data lineage of an Insurance claim.

Or Tracking movement of an item in a supply chain network. The Ledger applications were every time Implemented using audit tables. However, Designing audit functionality with Related Databases.

However, Designing audit functionality with relational Databases. Is like a time-consuming Process and Prone to human errors. It needs custom development and Since relational databases were not main inherent immutable. 

Any unintended modifications to information were very hard to track and verify.

In an Alternate Blockchain validates every Transaction, before it added to the ledger.

Amazon QLDB is the latest class of Database, that which Eliminate engagement in complex Development. An effort for Designing your own Ledger like applications. With QLDB, your Data modification history is Immutable.

It cannot be altered or Deleted and by using Cryptography, you can simply verify, that they have been no Unintended modifications for your application Data.

QLDB uses an Immutable transactional Log, that known as Journal, that which track every application. If it offers Developers with a familiar SQL like API.

Flexible Document Information Model and Complete Support for Transactions. QLDB is a Serverless one, it automatically scales support that demands your applications.

There we have no Servers to handle and read or write limits for configuring. QLDB and only you pay for what you use.

Amazon QLDB benefits

Amazon QLDB uses a Journal that which track every application data change and handles. Complete and Scheduled history of changes over time. Data on the Journal cannot delete or change.

Complete History of your Database can be accessed to see, how your Data has changed over time. 

Cryptographically Verifiable

With Amazon QLDB, you can trust the history of modifications for your application Data is accurate or not. QLDB uses a Cryptographic hash Function. That is for Generating Secure output file of your Data Change history.

Highly scalable and Performant

Amazon QLDB us Highly scalable and it can execute 2-3X like many other transactions than ledgers in common blockchain frameworks. The blockchain Frameworks were decentralized, for executing a transaction.

They need main of members of the network to reach consensus on the validity of the transaction. On the other hand, QLDB has a centralised design. That allow transactions for executing without multiparty consensus.


With Amazon QLDB, you do not have to worry about provisioning capacity. Configuring writes and Read limits. You Design Ledger, for Defining tables, and QLDB automatically measures to support. 

The Demands of your Application. That is for Getting a better understanding of the operational health of your Database. QLDB allows you to check operational metrics for your read and write IOs.

Easy to Use

Amazon QLDB is familiar Database, with capabilities that make it easy to utilize. QLDB guides partially. It is a new open-source, SQL compatible Query language, that designed to easily work with every Data with SQL operators. 

QLDB Document oriented Data model is flexible, enabling you to store and process both structured and Unstructured Data. QLDB Transactions are ACID compliant and It has complete serializability, with the highest isolation.

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Use cases


Banks Every Time Require a central ledger like the application to Keep a track of Critical Data.


Manufacturing companies every time need reconcile information. That is In-between their Supply chain Systems.



Insurance Applications Every time need a Direction for better Track of History for claiming Transactions. Which are instead of designing Complex Auditing Functionality.

Payroll and HR

HR Systems, every time have to track and maintain a record of Employees. That is like payroll, bonus, benefits performance history. That is by Implementing a system of record application, that is by Using QLDB users.

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