How to Track Someone’s Phone without Them Knowing for Free

The technological advancement has made it possible to track a mobile phone without having access. You can keep tabs on the cell phone use of another person without letting him know. There is a mobile tracking app that enables the user to monitor and control a cell phone from any corner of the world. This powerful surveillance app is mainly designed for parents and employers to keep track of smartphone devices of their children and workers. Once you install the tracking app on the targeted phone, you can take control of most of its functions right from the online portal or control panel of the app. This article discusses how you can track your kids’ and employees’ smartphones without letting them know for free.

Cell Phone Tracker App

The cell phone spy software enables the end-user to take control of a mobile phone without letting the possessor know. Parents and employers can take support of the tracker software to monitor the online and offline activities of their children and workers. The surveillance program enables parents to protect their children from the potential dangers of the digital world. The employers can prevent their workers from unproductive activities by supervising their use of digital devices. 

How to Track a Mobile Phone with Tracking App

To remotely and secretly supervise the cell phone activities of someone else you need to get their mobile phones installed with the monitoring app. Make sure your device is compatible with the monitoring solution to take advantage of the spyware app fully. You can check out the compatibility of the device.

After installation, the spyware software gains access to the phone data which includes messages, photos, videos, call logs, contacts and more. The spy app uploads the entire data to the secret online portal from where the user can access and retrieve it anytime. Read on to know how you can monitor phone data and control various functions of a mobile phone without having access.

Monitor Messages

Do you want to know what messages have been exchanged by your children over a certain period of time? The monitoring solution for mobile phones let you read your target’s messages without accessing their phone. The app accesses and uploads SMS, MMS and instant messages to the online portal for the end-user of the spy app to access. 

Record Calls

You can listen to every incoming and outgoing phone call of your target without letting him know. The spy app records all phone calls and accesses call logs to provide you with the call and caller details.

Monitor Social Media Apps

The cell phone surveillance app lets you know what your kids are doing on social media. You do not need to do anything because the spy app will automatically provide you with your kid’s social media chats, posts, photos and videos. Using the cell phone monitoring solution of TheOneSpy you can secretly supervise activities performed on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Tumblr and many widely used social and instant messengers.  

Remote Control Apps

The mobile phone monitoring app lets you control apps installed on the targeted phone. You can block, unblock or uninstall apps without having access to the targeted device. 

Track GPS Location

The cell phone tracker allows identifying the whereabouts of your target. If you are tracking the cell phone of your kid, you can know the current location of your kiddo by seeing the GPS location of the monitored device right from the web portal of the spyware solution.

Take Over Camera

The camera of the monitored phone can be controlled from the online control panel of the phone tracker software. You can turn it on to see what is happening near the targeted phone. The monitoring app lets you capture surrounding scenes in form of photos or short videos.

Take Over MIC

The microphone of the targeted cell phone can be turned on to listen to the surrounding sounds. 

Manage Phonebook

The surveillance app lets you manage the contact list of a mobile phone without access. You can add or delete contacts from the online spy portal.

All this and more can be availed without paying hefty amounts. You can subscribe to the cell phone monitoring solution of TheOneSpy for almost free. Check out subscription details of the spy software.

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