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The Best Mobile Apps for Video Editing:



Video Editing
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Most of the apps out there aren’t really video editing Mobile apps Design, they will let you maybe trim off the start or the end of a certain video clip, maybe through a filter for your video or the editing software is completely theme based or template based where the user does not even get to control the edit. The user would just tell the software which clips to include and it will just go ahead and do simple stuff for you.

What the user requires at this point is an application that lets the user have more options and features with a hefty amount of control. As the video capturing technology is increasing at a fast pace every year, with this progression the user also requires software’s that can give the maximum usability with the ability to harness all the video capturing capacity that the mobile delivers.

The apps on this shortlist, the apps that we are about to cover are standout editing apps that will actually let the user edit their videos and lets them have full control over a software just like the user would like to have control using let’s say a desktop computer.


InShot is super easy to use, best for users who are new to video editing. This is a really intuitive editing app and something about it that is really surprising for the user is how power this software really is. It is probably the fastest app out there that makes the user be able to edit their videos really quickly, but we are talking simple edits here not really advance edits. The apps provides really amazing color correction options, filter and things that you can apply across your videos.

The software is capable enough to support all the major sizes and formats making it the perfect tool for producing social media content. The overall interface is simple to understand and use and it’s totally unlike any other video editing applications, so this is more on the simpler end.

That being said it does not have the fancy features and things like support for multiple video layers or multiple audio layers. There are no advanced audio or video editing features ones that you find on software like KineMaster or PowerDirector. So this makes the application perfect for shorter, sharp content that’s needs to be edited and uploaded quickly. The good side about the app is that it’s free but has ads in it that appear on its timeline area and become a constant occurrence before the user exports or imports a certain video.


The next app on the shortlist is KineMaster, which is again another really easy to use yet so much more powerfull video editing app. The interface is really intuitive and the user does not feel overwhelmed. Its has a really great feature set and possesses lots of advanced controls. Things like advanced audio control, advanced effects and support for multiple video and audio layers as well.

The user can also find really powerful cutting and trimming tools in the application, these are features that one can only find in a more professional video editing software which makes this app one of the hottest when it comes to video editing. This software works much faster so that you can edit your content down and it is also perfect when working with longer forms of video content as well.

KineMaster also has built-in support for a lar5ge range of file types, so if the user is bringing in footage from other devices there is a really good chance that tey work on them through this app. The software also comes with support for editing 4K video files too and the app itself has in-app purchases the one can buy extra transitions, additional effects and titles. So if you are someone working with a mix of devices this software also includes support for iOS versions with the same experience on Android as well.

But some of the areas KineMaster can really improve on is the color-correction as it has a really basic color-correction tool, they are definitely not at par with something you can get on software like the PowerDirector.


The third app on our shortlist is PowerDirector, once again it’s a really powerful video editing software on Android with an interface that is surprisingly very simple and easy to use. If you are an absolute beginner it will be really easy to jump into PowerDirector. This app has a great file compatibility to it and also supports 4K editing. It also supports multiple tracks for audio and video, it also gives the option to purchase extra transitions and titles.

PowerDirector has also decent color-correction tools which takes it up a notch when compared to KineMaster and the user finds it easy to link it to the PC version of the software. The downside to this software is that even though it includes support for multiple files and formats but the user cannot switch between them mid editing project. So if a user decides to make an InstaStory instead of a youtube video they would have to start the editing project from scratch and option that makes apps like InShot take the edge over PowerDirector.  But all in all this software is the most stable editing software available in the market right now.

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