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Indictment Backfires: Trump Base Rallies, Raises $5 million in 24 hours.



Indictment Backfires: Trump Base Rallies, Raises $5 million in 24 hours.
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The choice of the Democrats to open an investigation into the prosecution of President Trump seems to already have backfired and brought Trump followers into action.

The continuation of the “witch hunt” against the properly elected president has stimulated Trump’s foundation, as it was found that the base for the prosecution was a “whistleblower” with a “policy prejudice” against Trump.

Trump 2020 Re-election Campaign Manager Brad Parscale revealed that it has resulted in a enormous inflow of donations to the campaign to a cool $5 million in less than one day. Parscale called this a “great groundswell of assistance.”

In the 24 hour following the announcement of the prosecution by Nancy Pelosi, @realDonaldTrump’s campaign and @GOP have BLOWN OUT fundraising!

CHF5 million in 24 hours coupled in all 50 states Huge support grounds for Trump landslide in 2020! Huge support grounds!

The impeachment movement collapsed in ridiculousness on Monday, when it appeared that the so-called whistleblower, alleging that Trump had forced the Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden, was discovered to be’ politic’ by the intelligence community inspector general and was in favor of a’ rival candidate’ to the United States presidency. — Brad Parscale (@ Parscale) Summit report:

Furthermore, The Federalist notes that Attorney Andrew Bakaj “instigated[ Chuck] Summer in spring 2001 and[ Hillary] Clinton in the autumn of that same year.” Speaker Nancy Pelosi initiated a formal indictment of the authorities, arguing that the whistleblower was hidden.

When the White House published Trump’s transcript of the appeal to Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky it showed that there is no pressure at all, and Zelensky himself said at a press conference on Wednesday: “Nobody pushed Me.” After braking for the 24-hour transcript release, Democrats suddenly gave up interest in it when Trump published it, even Pelosi admitteds.

Dems: “We ask you to publish the call transcript!”Trump:” Okay done. “Dems:” Morning tomorrow!”Declassified! Trump:” No problem.”Trump:” You received it. “Dems:” Unedited!”Trump:’ Sure thing.’ Dems:’ This is pointless transcript! Proves nothing! Proves nothing!— CHIZ — (@CHIZMAGA) September 25, 2019 And, in fact, Democrats did exactly the same thing, when they wrote last year to the Ukrainian Government to urge them to investigate the fantasy collusion with Russia, that they are attempting to accuse Trump.

A full display of clowns.

When’ Muh Russia’ became’ Muh Ukraine’ in the meantime without any trace of temporary irony, where were you?

— RazörFist, 25 September 2019.

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Rajesh is a freelancer with a background in e-commerce marketing. Having spent her career in startups, He specializes in strategizing and executing marketing campaigns.

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