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Mark Zuckerberg Ready to Facebook’s Leaked Audio Battle Elizabeth Warren



Mark Zuckerberg Ready to Facebook's Leaked Audio Battle Elizabeth Warren
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Mark Zuckerberg is rallying his Facebook soldiers for what he thinks will be Sen’s war. IF she’s going to the White House.

In July, Zuck set out his battle plan with Facebook staff… According to the Verge who got the audio. During the chat, Zuckerberg suggests that Warren is bloodless and intends to divide businesses like FB and… “If she gets elected president I’m going to bet that we’re going to have a legal challenge, and I’m going to bet that we’re going to win a legal challenge. And is that still sucking for us? Yeah.” And Zuckerberg clearly thinks it isn’t willing to let it go-even though the Federal Trade Commission has already struck FB with a fine of $5 billion.

Sen. Warren has been shooting back at Zuckerberg and claims she intends to remedy the “Corrupt System” that enables her business to participate in “illegal anti-competitive practices”–a system that is corrupt, which enables gigantic businesses such as Facebook to participate in illicit anti-competitive practices, stumps customer privacy, and continually fumbles their obligation to support the law. https:/— Elizabeth Warren (@ewarren) October 1, 2019 @ewarren The CEO told his staff to break up businesses such as theirs, or Google and Amazon wouldn’t assist avoid future elections–the best defense to work with corporate giants.

He also threw a Twitter jab— saying they can’t match Facebook in security measures— which drew his employees laugh at.

As for Warren and the federal courts… Zuckerberg says he doesn’t want to get into that kind of legal battle, but “at the end of the day you go to the mat and fight if someone tries to endanger something existential.”

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