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Instagram Automation with Proxies Tutorial — The Safe Limits of the Setup

When it comes to automating our accounts using an Instagram proxy as a smart, time-saving move, here’s what everyone should know.  In the modern-day, we’re all about doing a lot of things in order to achieve more, and sometimes, we won’t have enough time for all the things we wish to do.  This is wh

benefits instagram automation

When it comes to automating our accounts using an Instagram proxy as a smart, time-saving move, here’s what everyone should know.

In the modern-day, we’re all about doing a lot of things in order to achieve more, and sometimes, we won’t have enough time for all the things we wish to do.

This is where a proxy for Instagram comes into play. So, today, we will be focusing on the basics of growing a business with an automated Instagram account, safely and without being spammy.

The benefits of automating Instagram marketing

benefits of instagram marketing automation

If you’re like most business owners, you have a social media account to run. That is not, by any means, an easy thing to do. We live in a world where we can automate almost everything, so why not do that with our Instagram account(s), perhaps?

With the level of automation that an Instagram proxy could provide, we could spend less time managing those accounts and focus on physical tasks.

Then, we wouldn’t have to worry if our business will grow on social media because proxies make sure to follow our preferred style of reaching the targeted audience.

Tools of the (automation) trade

Here are the three most popular tools we can use:

  • Jarvee
  • FollowLiker
  • GMT2

These are some of the best bot providers for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and other social networks. They can cover a lot of our needs using common growth tactics, like follow/unfollow, like, comment, etc. On top of that, they can take care of multiple accounts at the same time while we focus on other things.

Here’s a video tutorial on how to use a social media bot on Instagram.

All we have to do is create the accounts and then set up a proxy provider of choice, which will do its magic. It can let us schedule posts, show analytics, engage with followers, like, comment, post, etc. without us having to move a finger. Well, not before we safely set it up, which we will get to shortly.

Proxies for Instagram — the secret ingredient

If you’re new to proxies, let us share a bit of insight regarding what a proxy for social media exactly is. A proxy for Instagram is technically a server, located somewhere in the world, with its own identity.

So, you probably know that if you visit a website like Instagram, for example, it can see your IP address or the identity of your computer. Using that information, they could trace it back to your location.

Websites like these don’t like it when you access multiple accounts from the same IP address. Simply put, it makes them see you as someone who can potentially spam the platform.

In order to avoid inconveniences like those, we need different identities — which is what proxies are. Then, Instagram will see the proxies’ IP addresses, not your personal one. In other words, the IP address is provided by each proxy server.

Why you should use Instagram proxies for social media marketing

At first, the aim of proxy servers was merely to give us privacy and anonymity. But, as the Internet developed, marketers began to use proxies for research and marketing projects. This is how Instagram proxies were born. Marketers develop and use them to automate multiple social media accounts at once.

As said, proxies come in handy when we have multiple accounts we need to manage. With an Instagram proxy, we could manage all of them from the same server. Therefore, all of our accounts are in one place, easy to access, with the proxies acting as an added level of security.

This will prevent Instagram’s algorithm from getting confused since it won’t differentiate between our private proxy for social media and a public one. All of this will result in our accounts staying safe — they won’t get banned, flagged, or in any way taken away from us due to suspicious activity.

Step-by-step Instagram proxy automation setup

1. Get a Windows VPS

get windows vps for instagram automation

We should start by getting a Windows VPS. There are a number of VPS providers on the market, but if we only have one or two Jarvee accounts, they can provide us with a Windows VPS that we can use for a year free of charge. Also, we can get a VPS through any commercial provider, like IBM, Hostwinds, Namecheap, etc.

When using a proxy for social media/VPN software, we may sometimes encounter slow remote speed. In order to fix that, we will need to use TeamViewer.

We’d have to log in via Remote Desktop connection to the VPS and install TeamViewer Host on it. Then, all we have to do is follow the directions and set up a TeamViewer password. We can use the chosen ID and password to connect to the VPS, achieving a faster remote speed.

2. Choose your bot

get social bot for instagram automation

After that, we should focus on choosing a bot that would suit our needs the most, like Jarvee, FollowLiker, or GMT2. Depending on which system we are using, we would need to pick accordingly, since the supported systems vary between proxy providers. On top of that, we should consider how we want to engage with our followers since these don’t offer the same interactions.

3. Buy Instagram proxy IPs

get proxies for instagram automation

Then, of course, we need to buy proxies for Instagram. It is advised that we use one proxy for each account we need to automate.

Jarvee offers three monthly plans, depending on the number of social accounts we would like to automate. The basic plan costs $29.95 and supports up to 10 accounts.

Of course, if that’s not enough, we could go for the Regular plan ($49.95), which supports up to 30 accounts. Furthermore, they offer a Professional plan for up to 70 accounts.

4. Set up your bot

Lastly, we would have to set up our bot by following the tutorial available on our proxy provider’s website. If programmed correctly on an account with quality content, a bot will be like fuel for jumpstarting our social media presence.

5. Start engaging your accounts with others in your niche

Now, all we have to do is set up the parameters our bot should follow when engaging with other users, in order to get it to engage with others in our niche. For example, we should set up the gender, age, location, and other parameters to get to the target audience.

Do not spam your accounts

By setting up our Instagram proxy and bot and customizing them to our needs, we can avoid spamming other users. That keeps us safe from being a red flag to Instagram’s algorithm. The last thing we would like is for Instagram to flag our account for unnatural activity. Thus, we should focus on going for users relevant to our business. Additionally, we ought to pay attention to the limits of follow/unfollow or other activity that could seem a bit suspicious.

In conclusion

We are now a step closer to getting lots of exposure on Instagram. We have the tools and techniques, so now, we just need to set everything up and get started. Although changes like these don’t happen overnight, with the right tools, we can make a true impact.


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