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Will The Indian Cricket Team Prepare Itself For Life Without Dhoni?



MS Dhoni
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As per experts at news agencies like ETV Bharat News, the Indian cricket team’s life after Dhoni’s retirement might be a challenge. His leadership has been of immense value for the team and he has mentored a countless number of budding cricketers, including Rohit Sharma, the “hitman”. After all, Dhoni has been a two-time world cup winning captain, but he cannot be playing forever.

MS Dhoni

However, the final call depends on Dhoni as to whether he is going to retire or he will be the director behind the screens of the Indian cricket scenario. Excerpts from ETV Bharat Sports News say that the Indian cricket team should stop its dependency on Dhoni.

Comments By Other Team Players

The ETV Bharat News has recorded comments from other cricket players like the master skipper Sourav Ganguly. Right from the horse’s mouth, he said that the Indian team has to prepare themselves for a life without M.S.Dhoni.

Dhoni has always had other aspirations apart from Cricket, which is still his main passion but he was also greatly enamored by the airplanes and wanted to fly the Sukhoi (A super-fast fighter jet). Even though he achieved his dreams, he still wants to do more with his life.

Sourav also quoted that ‘like all good things come to an end’; even players have to retire sometime in their life. Their careers will change and probably take a U-turn after retirement. Things can never be predicted in a player’s life.

Life Of A Cricket Player

Some day or the other, even the biggest and the most famous player will have to hang up his shoes! That is the very basic rule of sports. Take any famous game into consideration like football for example. Maradona, who was the god of football, had to say enough someday. So will Dhoni and it is inevitable. Other fine cricketers, including Sachin Tendulkar, have hung their boots. So, it is inevitable that MS Dhoni too will hand over the baton to someone else.

Indian Cricket Team Today

The Indian cricket team has a golden future with a lot of qualified and expert players like Kohli and Rohit and more, as per Sportsable. Moreover, under M.s.Dhoni’s leadership they have learned the ropes. Dhoni has done an excellent job in coaching and supporting the Indian team and it is an invaluable contribution. When Dhoni retires and the team no longer has his wisdom and guidance, the players will still be able to stand on their own and prove their mettle. Check out the dream 11 prediction for the upcoming matches.

M.s.dhoni’s Contribution To The World Of Cricket

Dhoni managed to carve an image for himself from a very young age in the world of cricket. His kind of playing was versatile and had its own style and format. For example, his famous ‘helicopter shot.’ Facts like these can never be put into words and only be experienced while watching the game. When he became the captain of the Indian cricket team, Dhoni became a household name. Such was his achievement in the field of cricket. Today, if he wants to retire, then it is about time that the Indian cricket team let go of him.


No matter what people and fans think about Dhoni’s retirement, he is a master of the game and a person who will remain as a father figure to upcoming and new players for years to come. He is a legend in the field of cricket, now the Indian cricket team has to carry forward his legacy the way he did. There have been several before and several more will come in the future. for more such news and updates on sports, entertainment, and music.

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