Can You Really Drive Traffic With Bulk WhatsApp Messaging?

There are many good reasons as to why a business enterprise should use WhatsApp to interact with customers and include it as a tool in marketing. There are over 1.5 billion users of WhatsApp in more than 180 countries around the world.

The app is absolutely free to use (no in-built app purchases either) and is an ad-free zone. Users do not have to watch or block ads to use the app for free. The interface is easy to use and can be operated by users for various age groups. There is no cost of sending messages through the app, nor is there a limit to the number of messages one can send.

Not just text messages, but users can send and receive images, videos, audio files, voice notes, and documents. They can make voice calls and video calls for free. The only requirement to use the app is to have a smartphone and an internet connection.

So, why is WhatsApp becoming a favorite of business enterprises?

Compared to email marketing where only around 30% of the emails get opened, WhatsApp messages are read at a rate of 98%. This alone is enough reason to use the app as a marketing tool.

But the question still remains whether WhatsApp can be effectively used to drive traffic to the business. We will have to say the answer is, yes. Bulk messaging has a few restrictions when using the app from a mobile phone. The problem, however, can be solved by opting for WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender API integration to connect the database of the enterprise to the app.

The app can be used via a cloud platform so that the support staff can handle multiple conversations on various systems simultaneously. Many companies offer API integration services and ensure that the platform is reliable and secure. They provide technical support and monitor the message traffic so that the servers are not overloaded. The aim is to deliver a message as soon as it has been sent from the system. The faster is the delivery of the message, the higher are the chances of users reading and responding to it.

Let us take a look at some of the ways in which enterprises can increase traffic using WhatsApp Business.

  1. Create WhatsApp Group
  • Enterprises can create groups to send messages to users at once. Posting the message in the group will enable all members of the group to read it.
  • Letting customers and users know about the groups before adding them is recommended. Most users would already be a part of various WhatsApp Groups and may not like being added a few more without permission.
  • Share the invitations to users and let them decide which group they want to join. Or, send invitations to join specific groups after researching their product history.
  • Only 256 contacts can be added to one group, so enterprises can divide the customer list based on their preferences and create a group for each of them.
  • This move will ensure that customers will get updates of products and services of customers’ choice and, in turn, will result in higher engagement rate and increased traffic.
  • Share interesting content from the website in the groups and build steady traffic.
  1. Use WhatsApp Share Button
  • Adding a WhatsApp share button to the website will allow the audience to share the web page/ post with others on Whatsapp.
  • This move will bring new users and a wider range of the audience to the website.
  • If they find the website attractive or useful, they will start following it and make purchases.
  • With more users using smartphones to access social media and make purchases, adding the WhatsApp button is an effective way to generate traffic.
  1. Take Feedback and Update WhatsApp Marketing Strategy
  • Feedback is an important aspect for enterprises to expand their market share. Asking customers for feedback and using it to re-adjust the marketing strategy will help enterprises to take the right kind of product to the customers.
  • WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender API integration allows enterprises to send feedback forms and links to users with a single click.

4.  Schedule Personalized Promotional Messages 

  • By using WhatsApp API integration, enterprises can schedule the bulk promotional messages in advance.
  • The messages can be customized to include personal identifying information of the individual users such as their name, etc.
  • Personalized messages generate more traffic. Users will appreciate enterprises using their name rather than sending a message that is common for everyone.

Including WhatsApp phone number in the posters, online ads, and sharing it on social media will bring more users to connect with the enterprise on a direct level. An ever-increasing database will convert to increased traffic and higher sales.

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