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How To Choose The Ideal Mobile Spray Foam Rig

Just like other businesses, spray foam contractors have to invest in equipment to handle customers’ tasks. In this industry, a mobile spray foam rig is essential. This allows reaching customers’ locations to handle their spray foam requirements. The ideal mobile spray foam rig contributes significan

Buy Spray Rigs For Sale
Buy Spray Rigs For Sale

Just like other businesses, spray foam contractors have to invest in equipment to handle customers’ tasks. In this industry, a mobile spray foam rig is essential. This allows reaching customers’ locations to handle their spray foam requirements. The ideal mobile spray foam rig contributes significantly to meeting customer needs. Mobile rigs come in various sizes and design. When looking forward to investing in a mobile spray foam rig, here are things to know.

Types of spray foam rigs

Truck rig

When investing in a mobile spray form rig, there is an option to choose a truck rig. However, this should meet your requirements for service delivery. Additionally, the ideal truck spray foam rig should add enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your current fleet to meet growing market demand. Ensure to choose low maintenance but durable truck rig. This will give you long term use while offering good value for your money.

Box truck rig

Perhaps you prefer a box truck rig. This should be built under strict guidelines without compromising load distribution. The ideal box truck spray foam rig should appropriate axle strength, spray foam equipment, torque weight, and material location. This ensures appropriate safety and balance while on the move. You need a box truck rig for residential jobs such as eliminating crawl spaces and insulating attics.

Custom rig

To buy spray rigs for sale , custom rigs are a wonderful option. There are built to meet your particular spray foam specifications for various contractors. This type of rig might come with a trailer to meet your project size or budget. Opting for a custom rig is a good idea when handling tasks with special requirements not handled by regular rigs. You have to tell the company engineer your particular requirements to allow building a rig just for you.

Regardless of whether you prefer a trailer or truck, the engineer will build a mobile rig with your requirements and preferences in mind. A certified engineer will design a rig maximizing available space while meeting your project requirements. Some jobs require mobile rigs with multiple foam sets and proportions. Luckily, a custom rig will meet your project and budgetary needs.

Heavy-duty rig

Spray foam jobs are not the same. Large projects require use of a heavy-duty foam rig. When investing in one ensure that it comes with all appropriate equipment for the project. Additionally, the rig should come with a protected floor to withstand years of heavy-duty use. Rigs for turnkey projects should hold more materials and have longer heated hoses. You can invest in a heavy-duty rig with a cargo trailer equipped with a heat and robotic system for handling spraying applications.

The ideal spray foam rig for heady duty use should allow spraying to meet job specifications with exceptional quality at a good production rate. Choose a rig with spacious interior backed by more cabinet space and a durable polyuria floor. This rig should handle various large scale projects including:

  • Bridges
  • High volume roads
  • Commercial roof insulations

Eco-friendly rig

Every business is going green to protect the environment and to appeal to green-conscious customers. For green spray foam application, opt for an eco-friendly rig for projects regardless of magnitude. However, this should be spacious enough to handle all operation requirements. This rig should be well equipped to handle all project tasks. Eco rigs come with a compact design accommodating various needs and are available in different capacities. Built with environmental protection in mind, eco rigs have a low weight proportioner with a low carbon footprint during movement.

Choosing the ideal mobile spray foam rig

Ensure that the rig you choose is custom-made to match your job requirements or can handle various projects. The rig should have quality construction meeting industry guidelines while offering exceptional performance. A mobile spray foam rig should have a spacious design to support the various tasks and appropriate space for all materials for the project.

Look for a rig with convenient accessories including a robotic and heating system. Ensure that the whole rig is prayed with closed-cell foam insulation. For optimal visibility in the rig interior, ensure that it is fitted with chrome lining or bright white backed by fluorescent or LED lighting. This makes it easy to go about the various tasks and limits chances of costly mistakes and injuries.

Where to buy a mobile spray foam rig

Before buying a mobile spray foam rig, it is very important to mind about the source. The ideal supplier should put safety first. Apart from having enough industry experience, the supplier should have maintenance staff, a range of rigs, and exceptional customer service. Additionally the supplier should have rigs at affordable price with a convenient payment policy. Smart decisions when investing in a spray foam rig is very important to the success of your business.


Hope this knowledge is enough to allow you to make a smart and informed decision when purchasing a mobile rig for your spray foam business. A reliable supplier will guide you through the process to ensure that you end up with a rig to match your budget and project requirements.


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