How to Plan for a Charity Auction Guide?

Benefits & charity auctions Arizona are an exciting way to build relationships with donors and raise money for the cause. But which auction will work best for you? Should it be an online event or a live event? What will be the cost and where do you get the items to auction? In this guide, you can lay the plans for an unforgettable event that meets your fundraising goals.


Which Auction Type Should You Host?

When people think about charity auctions, you might think about table arrangement, five-course meals and an auctioneer who calls out the dollar amounts.

These are live auctions which are surely popular, but there are other options as well. The first step towards planning the charity auction is to decide on the type of auction that your organization should put in place.

Online Auctions

There are many auction sites on which you can register as an auctioneer. These sites feature images and descriptions of each auction item for the participants.

Before placing the bid, you will have to register on the site first by providing the various details required by the website. In these auctions, there are no physical events. They are inexpensive and easier to plan, and everyone can participate irrespective of their geography.

As there is no physical interaction with the donor, you will not be interacting them face to face, which makes the engagement difficult. You can open online bidding before the actual event to allow more people to bid for longer, helping them raise more funds.

Live Auctions

These are mostly a type of live performance. During a live auction, the auctioneer conducts the bidding by introducing the items and calling out the dollar amounts. To place the bid, the guests have to capture the attention of the auctioneer by using the paddles or by some other method. As they are real-life, and the auctioneer runs the show, live auctions are fast, fun and highly engaging for donors. The urgency to have bid on the spot can be an excellent incentive for the attendees to offer more.

Set a Budget

When you have a budget you can plan the auction well. You can expect all the parts of the auction well. If you can get the donation of time and material, it can help to cut down the costs.

Get the Auction Items

When you think about the items to solicit, you will want to start by consulting the donor data. The items that do best will appeal to your attendees’ interests and fall within their general income levels. With these factors in mind, let the procurement team start seeking out items as early as possible. Then you will have to write descriptions and get professionally taken images for the online auction.

 Conducting Auctions

To conduct the live auction, you will auction the items. To do that, you will have to post the items and the auction details and set the price and the start the bidding. Chose to start the bid when your audience is mostly available and have a longer bidding duration so that you can get a fair price for your item.

Promoting the Auction

You will have to promote the auction online as well to attract a large number of audiences. When there is a larger audience bidding for the same item, its prices will surely see a rise and fetch you more funds.


Conducting the Arizona charity benefits auctions online is the best way to raise funds and attain the objectives.

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