It’s High Time That Your Restaurant Adopts an Online Ordering System. Here’s Why –

Everyone is aware of the popular online ordering systems for restaurants that have taken over the markets today. Either people order from it, or have listed their restaurants on it. These systems are more convenient, profitable, and enable you to connect well with your loyal customers. 

However, if their advantages are not enough to convince you to integrating an ordering system for restaurants with your business, here are some facts that prove its significance.

Online Ordering for Restaurants is Trending

Surveys suggest that as much as 56% of the population, living in metropolitan areas with proper access to the internet and mobile devices, is likely to order food online. These are the people, who place online orders at least once a month. In fact, around 29% have claimed that they frequently order online. 

Most Used Platforms

For placing their orders, a majority of your customers are using their mobile devices.

 As many as 72% of restaurant diners have suggested that they prefer using the mobile app or the website link of a restaurant’s online ordering system.

 Many leading online ordering systems for restaurants provide customized apps for restaurants and make it easier for customers to reach them.  

Branded online ordering systems also come social ordering enabled. This means, your Facebook and Instagram visitors can directly order from you in just one click. 

The fast-paced spread of the internet through which the greater half of the world population is connected has made it possible for the restaurants to become one of the industries to benefit the most from online retail.

The Businesses Involved

If you are of the opinion that only big and established restaurant businesses can become a part of the digital revolution, you’re mistaken. This is because the reports from surveys conducted by leading organizations suggest that by the year 2020, almost 83% of the small restaurants, as well as the take-aways, would have established their online presence. 

So, whether you are a new to the restaurant business or a veteran player, you need an integrated platform that facilitates online ordering for restaurants. 

Businesses like Domino’s Pizza have revealed that almost 79-86% of their orders are received online. 


Online ordering apps and systems give the ultimate boost to the restaurant business because 70% of the customers, who have tried your food through online ordering, are likely to pay a visit to the restaurant within the coming month. Also, if the services and the food were good enough, customers are likely to place their next order with your restaurant only. 

In brief, once your restaurant is established online, there is no stopping your business from growth and expansion.

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