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Thomas Cook passengers: which billionaires are in the best position to lend their private jets?




Thomas Cook to Be Saved by Billionaires

With the enormous success of company founders and executives, it is no surprise that many of them own luxurious assets such as private planes. Owning a private plane entails a wide array of possibilities such as saving time, transporting huge items, and even attending to those who need help.

thomas cook collapse and billionaires to rescue

The recent collapse of the budget travel company Thomas Cook left nearly 600,000 passengers stranded. More than flight-related concerns, Thomas Cook customers also worry about the likelihood of their events and the fall of their expenses.

While the British government and the Civil Aviation Authority are launching a peacetime repatriation effort to rescue stranded passengers, there will certainly be inevitable problems and delays. Efforts to rescue Thomas Cook passengers would work better should they be accompanied other external efforts – like for example, should some of the world’s wealthiest philanthropists decide to chime in with the Operation Matterhorn. 

Here are some likely billionaire candidates who are in the best position to help with the rescue operations: 

Amancio Ortega

Amancio Ortega is a fashion executive and the founding chairman of Inditex (Industria de Diseño Textil, S.A.), a fashion group that comprises of global behemoths like Zara and Stradivarius. In October 2015, Inditex’s stock reached its peak, making Ortega’s net worth go up to more than 80 billion dollars. Shortly after, the company’s stock fell and brought Ortega back to being the world’s second richest man – an identity he initially obtained in June 2015.

Even with Ortega’s immense riches, he remains private and is rarely seen in public. However, it is a known fact that he owns The Global Express BD-700, a private jet manufactured and designed by Bombardier. The private jet is worth 45 million dollars.

The Global Express BD-700 has the capacity to fly continuously between intercontinental destinations and fly between any two points in the world with only one refueling stop. With a maximum speed of 950 kilometers per hour, this jet is designed to travel long distances and fly a flight crew of two plus one or two flight attendants. According to Born Rich, “any customized Global Express can seat from eight to 18 passengers and can be fitted with a galley, crew rest station, work stations, a conference/lounge/dining area, a stateroom with a fold-out bed, toilet, shower, and wardrobe.”

Carlos Slim

Carlos Slim is known as Mexico’s richest man. He and his family control Latin America’s biggest mobile telecom firm, America Movil. According to Bloomberg, Slim’s net worth is estimated to be at least 58.1 billion dollars, but Forbes says he could be worth as much as 62.3 billion dollars.

Despite his success and abundance, Slim chooses to live a simple lifestyle. He has lived in the same house for more than 40 years and remains calm despite criticisms. “When you live for others’ opinions, you are dead. I don’t want to live thinking about how I’ll be remembered,” Slim said.

He owns a Gulfstream G550 private jet which is worth approximately 25 million dollars, although some sources say it may have been replaced by the Cessna Citation XA-CAR.

James Richman

While very little is known about Richman’s private life, the Latvian-born financier is known for his philanthropic works and financial acumen. Born in a middle class family in Smarde, a small town in Latvia, he eventually rose the ranks of the finance with his private investments in Uber and Tesla as he manages the wealth of ultra high net worth individuals (UHNWI). Having tasted both ends of the spectrum, the financier is known not only for investing in developing countries, but also in his philanthropies in the African and Asian continents. 

François-Henri Pinault

French businessman and CEO of Kering Pinault has recently made headlines with his multimillion-dollar donation to rebuild the historic cathedral, Notre Dame, alongside with fellow billionaire LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault. 

Despite owning luxurious possessions, many immensely successful billionaires remain humble and living simple lives.

These billionaires own private planes with commendable features, and could easily be in the good position to lend their private planes to stranded passengers following the recent Thomas Cook liquidation. 


The Most Popular Perfumes That Are Perfect Enticers and Head Turners!




Popular Perfumes for Women

An ideal scent should be everlasting and wearable in any situation and at any age. But with so many fragrances in the market, finding the perfect perfume can be a challenge! Perfume shopping can be an overwhelming tiring process. Beauty counters and online websites are stocked with the latest and greatest perfume brands of all time, but how to decide which is meant for you?

Here is an iconic fragrance list, counting on the Most Popular Perfumes for Women, and their irresistible aromas never get old. That’s why they are the best.

  1. Victoria’s Secret Love Eau de Parfum: A classic, all-time favorite. This fragrance has fruity apricot notes grounded with a hazy cotton flower base, which gives it a comforting hue of freshness. Smells like: Freshly washed cotton, drying out to the rich, fruity base.
  2. Glossier You Perfume: You must take time to adore this Glossier fragrance. The unique ergonomic design allows your hand to sit on the fragrance bottle perfectly. The perfume has subtle notes of Ambrette and Musk, that smell comforting and familiar to your body scents. Smells like: Freshly-washed, crisp, clean t-shirt.
  3. Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fraîche Skinscent: This Estée Lauder’s perfume has built up quite an excellent reputation for being favorite as a holiday scent. One mist of this fragrance is sufficient to transport you to a far-flung tropical island with coconut and vanilla notes. Smells like: Summer. Think coconuts, beaches, suntan lotion, and sea salt.
  4. Santal 33 Eau de Parfum: Le Labo’s cult Santal 33 is a fragrance that needs the least introduction. It is the most recognizable and noticeable ones. Based on the memory of an old Marlboro ad, it is musky and masculine with a perfect spicy punch. Cardamom, ambrox, violet, and iris summarize the notes of the fragrance. Smells like: Smouldering, sexy, dreamy date night scent.
  5. Maison Margiela Replica Springtime in the Park: By smelling this fragrance, you can visualize a green space, stunningly clean, blooming with flowers and full of happy, fictitious children who spontaneously burst into laughter. This perfume is the best picnic hamper you can have. Smells like: Fresh flowers and fruity notes
  6. Chloé Signature Eau de Parfum: If you are someone fond of fresh florals, then Chloé’s signature scent is meant for you. Lightweight, long-lasting, and incredibly versatile, it can accompany you to all occasions with a touch of sophistication. Smells like: A touch of florals with a creamy amber base.
  7. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum: If you wish to be a real head turner and get countless compliments, this scent can do that for you. Having fresh sweet notes of rose, jasmine, and orchid, combined with base notes of musk and bergamot, this perfume is a subtle pleaser. Smells like: Fresh florals with punchy notes of Jasmine, rose combined with patchouli.
  8. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Parfum: This perfume has become the world’s most-loved perfume. The creamy notes of coffee and vanilla emit a sweetness that develops into a dry white floral scent, followed by base notes of musk and patchouli. It’s a unique and scrumptious scent that will make it a gem of your perfume collection. Smells like: Sweet with followed punchy notes of vanilla, coffee, and musky white floral base.
  9. Tom Ford Fabulous Eau de Parfum: A powerhouse of mixed fragrances emitting luxury. The bitter almond and vanilla with earthy notes of leather are sensual and dramatic, not for the faint-hearted! Smells like: The intoxicating girl, to whom everyone is desperate to speak.
  10. Burberry My Burberry Blush: It smells so good; you would be tempted to eat it! The lemon, green apple, pomegranate, and rosy notes bring freshness, while the floral notes of jasmine and wisteria ground the scent to last long! Smells like: Fresh apple and pomegranate infuse with soft rose notes.
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The Amazing Fitness Ideas to Introduce In Field Of Business



Fitness Center

When there is a shout out to the fitness trainers and the yoga teachers, a balanced strength comes to the count. It will help if you look forward to the distribution of the business more and more to increase its productivity. Till now, people are living with a frame of mind where it becomes difficult to handle the health and fitness in the scheduling hours. Not only that, but many people have also decided to make a career in it and they are doing well.

Now the concern is that despite having the utmost importance in an individual’s life, still, people tend to avoid doing it or procrastinate every time. It is known to be the hectic hours of work and the performance of delinquency that fitness has not come in the limelight.

However, if we magnify in today’s time, the fitness ideas are working in forefronts, and they have been introduced in highly manner. On that note, you must realize the fact that you need to follow with some ideas. The presentation of the plans requires the management of financial background, and for that, you need online borrowing.

How is a business in fitness successful?

You are aware of the fact that people are getting prone to managing the sustainability on making their lives fit. Earlier only upper class perform the authority of remaining fitness and eat healthily. As of now, by opening gyms, health fitness centers and yoga centres, you can stand towards a great deal of business in performing well.

If you want your business to be successful, then the first important step is to be fit yourself.  To start with the financial trick, you can excel in the industry by following some of the pointers below.

Do you think fitness need technology to progress?

The matter of fact in conducting the fitness as the progress you can anytime make the best move in transmitting the process towards betterment. By making health fitness videos and accelerating the plan of making a good eating habit, you can process in the given task. The beginning is of exploring the idea of business you can connect with varied sponsors. These can promote the functioning of business to the broader audience.

Which are the ideas to follow for the business trek?

The ideas related to business calls for the determination and passion for making it a great hit in the market:


You can be one of the popular fitness companies which conduct the seminars and relatable events to spread awareness. It is one of the significant regions to follow and the tools to calculate the functioning of the business. It can be a superb idea if executed properly. You are likely to handle the punch so that people can make it a habit in daily life. The most significant thing is to endorse eating healthy, drinking on time water and many more.

  • Residence Workouts

The popularity of becoming a fitness freak is in trend these days, and everyone wants to deal with a healthy routine. It is the reason you can create a business which can flourish the idea of making the best efforts towards being healthy. In the job profile of residence workout, you will be dealing with personal or group training and guide the people to eat healthily and set a routine.


Setting the career through online mode is also in these days, and people are looking forward to creating a huge difference in maintaining health. It is the factual and regular routine that works and address towards the betterment of the business and earning good money. The best part about the functioning of the tutorials is that you can create your centers for which you can take up business start up loans. With the help of it, you can anytime make the best move towards development.


People are much keener in maintaining a healthy diet, but due unavailability of products you can skip the routine. However, to escape the mechanism of the business, you can start selling a monthly diet kit to the customers. It is the reason you can create your employment and process fitness accordingly.

These are some of the creative options to use fitness in your favor in terms of health and wealth.

The Closure

When it is about the dealing of health, people are getting into the nerves to keep themselves fit at every age. It is the reason for people to promote fitness and earn their own business which may work your favor every time. If you have planned to give rise in the field of business, then you need sources like AOne Credit for the backing of funds. Therefore, explore the fitness with the motto of fitness me to fitness of everyone.


Author Bio– To start a business in fitness profile is an exciting task to perform, and with the help of reading, you can get some directions on it.

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It is true. Women have brought a revolution and are looked at differently in today’s world. There was a time when none of this was thought possible. Being a woman was considered to be a curse. They were not given rights, not allowed to work, beaten, and broken by society.

However, hope grows from even where the seems to be none, and in the midst of such crisis, the world was blessed with numerous powerful, headstrong, and passionate women that spoke for the entire woman majority. Their efforts, struggles, and ceaseless working in their respective fields have enabled women all over the world to break free, find their own ground, and stand tall and strong on their feet.

And now, a woman is so much more, but above all, and most of all, a woman is an inspiration. Doctor Ruth Pfau, Mother Teresa, Michelle Obama, Jane Austen, Kate Sheppard, Emma Watson, Elaine Brown, Oprah Winfrey, and the list goes on. The history presents countless gems who are an inspiration for the women all around the world even today.

Today, a woman that encourages other women beyond limits and makes them reach their true potentials, Kristina Johnson remains distinguished due to her determination and love for picking up and building women. This 39-year-old entrepreneur, business analyst, and a health & fitness coach is inspiring women across the globe and helping them gain better control of their lives, and making them more confident, happier, healthier, and stronger than ever before.


Kristina R. Johnson was born on February 14, 1981, in Dayton, Ohio, the United States. Raised by loving parents, who were conscious of making a difference in the community, Kristina learned the value of helping people and personal growth from her parents.

During her teenage years, Kristina leaned towards reading many blogs and magazines dedicated to woman growth and beauty and felt the desire to be a part of the acting, modeling, and beauty industry. Soon, she joined the John Casablanca Modeling Acting & Modeling‎ agency located outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. She was taught and looked over by a professional staff. Kristina learned a lot and became exceptionally well at modeling, acting, and applying make up for every girly situation. Her passion grew more, and she decided to compete in beauty pageants. She entered the ‘Miss TEEN USA Pageant’ participating as MISS DAYTON, OHIO. To her surprise, she was a runner up and got the title of MISS FLORIDA.

Eventually, she decided to pursue her studies, and she took up Nursing. Her love for helping people burnt strong, and she became a certified Certified Nursing assist and Patient care assistant within the local Dayton area hospitals to give back in a caring way.

Later, Kristina turned to Psychology, Business and Japanese. As a highschooler, Kristina was one of 4 students studying Japanese as a secondary language, and this helped her in earning an internship in Okayama City, Japan.  She was an Ambassador for Wright State University, and she assisted Japanese College students with learning English for a year. Her command over the language also came in handy when she worked for several Japanese Companies in Ohio to continue sharpening her Japanese skills.

Kristina was very by their stress-free lifestyle. She applies what she learned from the very country to this day. She loved the experience she gained and enjoyed living a simple and a life full of gratitude. The experience taught her simplification techniques, skills of living abroad, improved her Japanese language, but most of all, she learned the secret to living in the moment.

Coming back to the States brought Kristina closer to studying, and she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Health Administration. She then started working as a Claim Processor, Provider Rep, Medical Coder, as well as served as a Corporate Trainer. By December 2018, Kristina had not just achieved a great working portfolio; she had also completed three master’s degrees in Business, Informatics, and Health Administration.


Kristina learned a lot from her life experiences. Through her family, her husband, Simeon, who was also her best friend,  friends, co-workers, and her experience, she not only learned to put her education to use but also learned to make a difference in their lives and truly help them. Acquiring the skills to tackle the problems she faced in her workplace and life, Kristina was convinced that her true passion was to help other women who were the victims of the same problems.

Kristina decided to launch a company with the aim of helping women discover themselves and to help them excel in their respective fields. She used her overseas internship experience, her married life, moving from one state to the other, home buying in a recession, home buying at the peep of the market, navigating through the corporate world as a woman, maintaining and keeping herself as a wife and businesswoman successfully, and most importantly, her husband’s support and ideas to create a company for all the women of the world.

Two years later, Kristina launched her company, the Visionary Mindset Academy. Kristina aims to take women on a journey of self-actualization through her academy. She seeks to educate women on topics starting from self- developing to opening and successfully running a business. She also started her own blog, with the goal to motivate, inspire, lift every woman regardless of their ages, race, or any other distinction, and be there, especially when the future seems dull. The blog is especially dedicated to sharing as much information possible for women who are unable to afford investment in themselves or business development courses and packages.

Through her company, Kristina has been able to bring a change in hundreds of women across the world. She excels at what she does, and her efforts are recognized at work, where she breaks the company’s projection goal every recon period, continuing to set the bar higher and higher.

Today, Kristina Johnson is a business analyst, business coach, and health & fitness coach, who has inspired women of all ages, helped them gain confidence in who they are. Her story narrates the idea that if a woman believes in herself, there is nothing she cannot achieve!

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6 Effective Ways To Get Your Brand Noticed Online and Offline




Regardless of the niche market your business is operating within, your strategy when it comes to the promotion will be directly related to your brand awareness. Some of the most important aspects of constantly raising it are attracting a new audience and potential customers, loyalty levels among the existing clientele, as well as the possibility of widening the range of operation. There are numerous methods you can use to get your brand noticed, and you should choose the most appropriate ones depending on the type of your business. Following the latest trends in digital marketing is crucial, but you should not disregard the importance of connections in the real world, which is especially relevant in the local community.

Improving the quality of your website

Our lifestyles have become overly busy, quite often hectic and fast-paced, and our expectations have accordingly changed. Promoting your business means promoting both your stores and your website, website being particularly significant if you offer online orders and purchases. For this reason, you ought to optimize your website from several points of view, before attracting people to visit it. If your website loads fast, is user-friendly and easy to navigate, the chances are better that visitors will convert to buyers. On the other hand, you will leave people frustrated, which can further lead to the damaging reputation of your brand. Pay attention to technical optimization, constantly evaluate your code in search for any broken links etc. Providing optimal experience, which is friendly for all the devices is the key.

Social media content

Following the “sharing is caring” rule, and understanding the essence of social media possibilities for free promotion of your brand is necessary nowadays. Especially if your target groups are among the most prominent users of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. They are used to both sharing and receiving information on a daily basis, increasingly more with the rise of stories. It is an amazing way to regularly remind people of your brand, and publish interesting content in order to get feedback from your followers. You will also enable people to check-in while at your location, or using your products. Furthermore, they will be able to leave reviews and complementary comments, as well as to share said content with their friends, potentially attracting new audiences. And perhaps the most valuable aspect of social media is that you are not limiting communication with customers to business hours only.

Promotional material

Everyone loves getting free stuff, and you should focus on the local community when it comes to giving promotional material. Put your mindset in terms of visibility while brainstorming your options. Bumper stickers are always a great idea, as well as t-shirts and hats with your logo on them. You’ll get the best results if you provide something that will actually be useful for the receivers. Networking with local businesses and help you expand and diversify your company’s clients and followers. This is why you should provide promotional gifts to them, especially the ones with an already established reputation.

Once again, the emphasis should be on practicality, and your logo should be visible, but only subtly. A perfect example of such a present is durable custom logo mats because it is an eco-friendly and quite unconventional way to leave a great impression. An eye-catching solution in combination with your favourite local restaurant or bar can lead their customers to associate you with that positive feeling. In a way, it will act as a sign or a poster, with the main distinction it serves a purpose of keeping the floors clean and dry! You should act in a way for your brand’s image to be associated with uniqueness and originality, so get the creative juices flowing.

Paid advertisements

Targeted marketing via advertisements is a strategy which obligatory leads to increased sales and revenue. Investing in PPC (pay per click) is highly recommended, considering the method is impartial. Meaning, your advertisements will be published on platforms you choose, and you will only be paying when someone actually clicks on it and lands on your website. Some of the most popular options are advertisements on Google and YouTube, as well as various mobile applications and games which are free to download exactly because they are funded through these paid ads.

Email marketing

There is no excuse which is valid enough for you not to collect email addresses of your clients and use it for the weekly newsletter and other targeted announcements. They will appreciate getting regularly updated, and you can use personalized campaigns for different groups of subscribers. You will enable them to reach you at all times, therefore strengthening both your credibility and your relationship with clients. Among other things, you can send discount codes and other valuable information regarding special offers and promotions.

Organizing events

Digital presence is crucial, but nothing can compare to face to face conversations, and by organizing events, you will show people you want to get closer to them. Offer free consultation during the event, as well as free samples of your products, if applicable. You want to engage people who visit, so you need to include several interesting activities as well. A photo-booth with props is obligatory a bullseye for any event, as everyone will want to take a picture. You should encourage the participants to publish posts on social media, tagging your company’s page. Options are limitless, so you can even make content out of it, and reward the posts with the most likes or shares. It is basically a free marketing campaign, well, other than the cost of rewards you are providing!


Every successful entrepreneur is aware of the importance of constantly raising the company’s brand awareness, and furthermore monitoring and evaluating implemented campaigns. There is always room for improvement, so don’t be shy and rather ask for feedback both online and offline. Ideas we’ve provided are just the tip of the iceberg, something to get you started! Be aware that being flexible and adapting to your target market is the best practice you can follow. That all being said, healthy communication is a trend that is here to stay, so try to encourage more channels for people to reach you, both in person and through various platforms and applications!

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How SEO Services Can Improve Search Engine Rankings?



Search Engine Rankings

You might be wondering where the organic traffic is coming to your competitor website? The only answer to your question is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Without SEO, there will be no traffic to a website, no one will find your business in the Google search, and ultimately your company will not generate any leads. The Website on the top of the search engines gets almost 33% of the total search volume. It means if you are not among the top 10 websites on the internet, you might be missing out on one-third of the potential traffic.

The reason why websites rank higher in search engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo and many more is that the companies are making genuine efforts to boost their Search engine rankingsFortunately, it is still not late to know how SEO services can enhance search engine rankings. Let us take a detailed look into how it affects the SERPs.

Search Engine Rankings

Search Engine Rankings

  • SEO turn on the spotlight of the sales

The Website of a business is the perfect employee that performs multitasking efficiently and tackles innumerable prospects all at once. SEO services in India draw attention to the sales, provide the right emphasis, and focus on the marketing arsenal of a business.

  • SEO has an impact on the Buying Cycle

SEO increases sales without increasing the marketing cost of the business, thereby giving a boost in the profit growth exponentially. SEO also improves the ROI due to its highest number of conversions at a small incremental price. SEO also plays a vital role in the research or buying cycle of the customer. It is just like a magnet attracting potential customers to your Website through relevant keywords ranked higher in the search engines. SEO knows all ways about where your customers can be and offer feasible solutions that will direct them towards your business.

  • SEO is not Costly

SEO is not at all costly, and it is just an investment. SEO helps you to reach the growth targets and financial goals in half the time when compared with other forms of online marketing. It is an investment with the highest return.

  • SEO enhances the inbound traffic

It takes huge time and money to generate leads through cold calling methods and ultimately delivers low ROI. SEO targets the leads or customers who are actively looking for your kind of services of products, thus saving money on outbound marketing. The top SEO promotion company will increase the total number of qualified leads that will convert into sales.

  • SEO delivers Long Lasting results

SEO delivers ongoing marketing advantages and long term benefits for a business. Investing in SEO will not only improve in the search engine rankings but will also boost the online visibility of a brand.

  • The Website will be more customers friendly

SEO improves the overall customer experience on the Website of a business. Page loading time, easy navigation, mobile-friendly Website and many will all have an impact on the SERPs as well as on the number of visitors and time they are spending on the Website. SEO improves the user experience of the Website, gives boosts to the high search engine rankings, attracts more customers, and improves the conversion rates.

  • Business Credibility

Customers evaluate the credibility of the Website with the ranking in the search engines. Higher the search engine rankings, the higher will be the credibility.

  • Local SEO increases traffic, conversions, and Engagement

According to the top SEO consultantslocal search has become the most important part of the business. Local SEO targets at optimizing the digital properties so that customers can find your business easily and quickly.

  • SEO discover new Opportunities

High-quality SEO strategies always leverage and discover new opportunities for the brands to shine. The better the Website is ranked in the search engines, and the more prospects will arise that will help in thriving the business.


Implementation of high quality and strong SEO on the Website of a brand is always beneficial to the marketing efforts and the search engine rankings. It is a new age marketing procedure to make your Website be seen in the digital world.

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How AI is shaping the future Of Investment Banking?




Imagine using Artificial Intelligence based Software in the place of using Spreadsheets of Excel to make huge calculations. The productivity of the individual increases manifold. There are a lot of other things you need to check out while you are planning to inculcate Artificial Intelligence in your investment banking career. Already many such applications are released in the market which works on Artificial Intelligence-based technologies for Investment Banking purposes. 

  • Customer Relationship 

Already Customer Relationship Management applications are ruling the market. The major role of investment bankers would be to pull in a lot of clients to invest in the bank. For this, the investment bankers are already making use of the chatbots feature. To further revolutionize this, the investment bankers can make use of the even more sophisticated robots too have a conversation with the client in an even more elaborate manner. It is estimated that about 4000 sales roles in the investment banking sector would be replaced by Artificial Intelligence-based human robots. They can communicate just in the same manner as a human. 

  • Trading 

Artificial Intelligence is also based on the idea of a Predictive Model. This means that the computers can predict the future based on the historical data that has been fed into it. These predictions are used to make a variety of decisions. So, the investment bankers are into trading of bonds, securities, etc., They can show the performance of the equities and securities based on the past and can convince the clients to buy them. There are a lot of Investment Banking Course in Mumbai which teaches you the basics of trading if you are new to the field. 

  • Makes it more secure 

Human beings are prone to make a lot of errors. When a machine is being employed to do the same job, then the number of errors that are bound to occur is way too less. When a human is dealing with way too many numbers, then he might make some calculation error. While all the data are machine fed, the calculation errors can be reduced. The Investment Banking Online Course helps one to understand the nuances of the profession. 

  • Changes the work profile 

The basic role might disappear in the future which comprises repetitive tasks. Many tasks that an analyst does in an investment bank like data research which includes, segregating the data, structuring the data, and processing the data will be done by a machine that is wired using the Artificial Intelligence technology. 

But new roles will appear on the horizon in the form of data analytics and big data programming. So, no longer those who are working in the finance sector can survive just with commerce skills alone, they need to equip themselves with tech skills as well to stay ahead of the curve. 

These are some of the changes which Artificial Intelligence could do the jobs in the financial sector especially in the area of Investment Banking in the coming years. Though each deal requires different decision making, the major role can be covered using this. 

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How to Boost Your Income Through the Gig Economy



Freelancing Income

The gig economy, which is characterised by independent work as opposed to permanent jobs, has made it possible for just about anyone to increase their income, pay off debt faster and enjoy a more flexible work-life balance. It has also provided an endless range of opportunities for people to make use of their unique skills, assets, and experience. 

Whether you’re a hardworking student or an ambitious professional, you can likely leverage the gig economy without sacrificing your current study or work obligations. Conversely, it’s equally possible to make a full-time living from the gig economy if you wish to do so. Regardless of which route you take, the following methods can help you make it happen.


Got a bike or scooter lying around? You can use apps such as Deliveroo, Just Eat and UberEATS to deliver food to people’s doors. It’s as simple as taking on an order, heading to the restaurant to grab the food and dropping it off. This is an ideal form of evening and weekend work, which is when demand (and therefore pay) is highest. 

Freelance Platforms

The likes of websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour and a range of others with more specific focuses serve as an ideal way to sell your skills. Whether you’re an avid writer, expert programmer, creative artist or something else altogether, you can market yourself on freelance platforms to earn an additional income. 

Most websites follow a similar process – set up a profile, decide your hours, bid on job offers, complete the work and receive your payment. Unless your offer is completely unique, chances are that there will be some competition, so you’ll need to get creative and find a way to stand out.


If you have a spare room or you’re always travelling, consider renting out your space at home via Airbnb. Great customer service is key to your success, so think of it like running your own little hotel. 


Provided you own a four-door car and don’t mind picking up strangers, apps like Uber, Lyft and Bolt are considerable ways to make use of your automobile. Starting your own private taxi business is also an option. Granted, there are a few prerequisites, such as having a car made after a certain year and legal aspects like taxi insurance. 

Fortunately, the latter can be sorted out easily through websites like Quotezone, which provide quick and easy insurance quotes for your taxi. You simply need to fill in a form and the site will list the most suitable insurance options for your budget and needs. 


Apps such as and Babysits have proven that childcare is no longer just a teenager’s job. In fact, it’s a lucrative and respected profession that serves as a great way to make some extra cash on the side. Keep in mind that parents prefer people with experience and certifications such as first aid and CPR. 

Find a gig that best suits your unique skills and circumstances. From there, it’s simply a matter of putting in the time and effort. 

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When you run and grow your business you need staffing recruitment




When you run and grow your business you need staffing recruitment. The main focus of human resource management is to contribute to the success of the organization. Human resource management must consist of activities related to human resource management including planning and analysis of human resources, equality of employment opportunities, recruitment of human resource development, compensation and benefits, health, safety and security, labor relations and laborers (Mathis, Jackson, 2001: 12)

Before filling a vacancy, the organization or company must first look for people who not only qualify for the position but also want a job. The organization requires a number of workers in an effort to realize its existence for the achievement of objectives. The workforce functions as the executor of work which is the main task of the organization.

After the human resource planning and analysis and job classification are conducted, the next step is to carry out recruitment. Recruitment is the process of finding, finding, and attracting applicants to be employed in and by an organization. The purpose of recruitment is to get as much inventory as possible of prospective applicants so that the organization or company will have a greater opportunity to make choices about job candidates who are deemed to meet qualification standards. The recruitment process starts when looking for applicants to submission of applications by applicants.

Therefore it would be nice for you to need the recruitment services of the Portland Staffing Agency because recruitment as one of the human resource management activities cannot be released in relation to job descriptions or specifications as a result of job or position analysis that provides an overview of the main tasks that must be done. The goal of the Portland Staffing Agency is to provide an adequate supply of labor to meet the needs of the organization. By understanding what is done by the workforce, job analysis is the basis of recruitment.

Successful human resource planning is designed to identify an organization’s human needs. The next step, them, in the staffing function-assuming, of course, that demands certain skills, knowledge, and abilities as greater than the current supply-recruiting (Decenzo & Robbins, 1999: 156).

It can be concluded that recruitment is the process of obtaining a number of qualified prospective workers for the main position/job within an organization or company. Means recruitment is the first step in order to receive someone in an institution or organization.

A recruitment business that is well designed and managed will produce good quality applicants and vice versa if the business is run half-way. Qualified employees cannot be selected if they are not aware of any job openings so they do not apply. With recruitment it must have endeavored that high-quality people know about this job opportunity, the company or organization needs to provide enough information about the job so that applicants can consider its suitability to their interests and qualifications.

Recruitment is not only important for the organization, but recruitment is also a two-way process. Applicants want accurate information about what it is like to work within the organization concerned, the organization also wants accurate information about what kind of applicant is appointed as an employee. Applicants indicate that they are candidates who must receive a job offer, the applicant also tries to ask the organization to provide information to determine whether they will join him. Organizations want to show that they are a comfortable place to work, they want to get a signal from applicants who give an honest picture of their potential future value as employees.

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7 Modern Online Business Ideas



online business

Besides making the introverts among us jump in absolute joy, the Covid-19 pandemic has made us all realize just how much can (and should) be done online. Kids have been going to school online, we have been doing all our shopping online, and we’ve been socializing online more than ever. Because there’s not much to do than explore the vastness of the Internet these days, why not take the opportunity and launch your own online business? Here are some things that you can do online that will help you make money and become a businessman or a businesswoman. 

Web designer

Creative digital professionals have plenty to work with if they are ready to roll up their sleeves and get going. Freelance web designers will thrive in this period because a lot of people realize how important it is to have a website where they can advertise and offer their products and services. If you don’t find it difficult to form the layout, visual theme, font set, and color palette of a website, you can offer your services as a freelance web designer. If you don’t have much experience in this field, it would be a good idea to find a good course and brush up on your skills before you start working. 

Seller of handmade crafts

Just like stores are going above and beyond to offer their products and services online, artists can easily find places where they can exhibit and sell their arts and crafts. Websites such as Etsy and ArtFire are well-known places to find amazingly talented artists and buy their artwork, so why not use them to your advantage? If you are crafty and like making things: little decorative pieces, jewelry, postcards, paintings, or even clothes and accessories, take nice photos of your work and put them online. If you are making these things because you like doing it, selling them for profit might be a cherry on top, and the extra income can help you really launch your business. 


Selling shoes, clothes, and accessories

Selling and reselling your clothes, shoes, and accessories have never been easier, but why not take it a step further and launch your own online store? You can start small: selling sneakers, scarves, and pretty dresses, but later on, you can really develop your business and earn a really nice profit. You can find good pieces and stock up pretty quickly if you’re buying in bulk: get wholesale playsuits, vintage bags and sunglasses, limited-edition sneakers, and nice dresses that you can advertise and sell on your website. The most important thing is to make sure that the products you’re selling are of good quality, so you don’t have to deal with unhappy customers. 

Start your own blog

If words are your forte, and you’ve always liked expressing yourself in writing, a career as a blogger might be just what you were looking for. While it seems like everybody has a blog these days, you can always find one or two on pretty much any topic you can think about, but even so, you should pursue it if it’s your true passion. It’s always a good idea to share important or just amusing information that’s presented in a nice way, and that’s written so that it’s easy to read. Competition might be fierce, but it doesn’t mean you should give up before you even start. Blogging is fun, useful, and it can be a great source of income in the future if you just stick to it and don’t give up early on. 

Skype coaching

There are many people who want to hear other people’s professional opinion or just need someone to help improve their skills and give them tips that will help them reach their goals sooner. While in the past people had to make appointments and go visit a specialist in their office, now they can schedule a Skype appointment and have a one-on-one talk from the comfort of their homes. If you have the skills that will help people improve their nutrition and dieting habits, become better at their jobs, advance their careers, or find more meaning in their lives, you should offer Skype coaching sessions. If you’re an experienced professional, it’s also a good idea to have a regularly updated LinkedIn profile as well as a blog or a website. 

Tech support

Big companies and businesses know how important it is to have a tech guy available, and it’s one of the reasons why IT guys can find a job in a blink of an eye. On the other hand, there are many small and medium-sized businesses that need the same or similar services but don’t have the budget for a full-time IT employee. If you’re tech-savvy and know your way around computers and networks, you can always offer your services as a remote tech support guy. A lot of people rely on their friends and family members, but this is something you can do from the comfort of your home, help people out, and make a pretty penny. 

While all these ideas sound fun and easy to implement, try to remember that anything you’re about to start from scratch requires a lot of time and hard work, especially if you’re planning on making a pretty penny out of it in the future. You can’t expect your business to magically grow without you making an effort, so be prepared to spend a lot of time online, handling orders, taking care of your website, and talking to potential customers. It’s hard work but if you’re persistent, it will pay off. 

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What Should You Know Before Singing Triple Net Lease?




Commercial leases are required to be signed when you are going to rent commercial real estate. One of the ways to lease is by way of a triple net lease agreement. In this lease, agreement tenant is responsible for various operating costs on the property. The most common expenses come from real-estate taxes, insurance and common area maintenance costs.

Each triple net lease is different, and each lease depends on the property and the landlord. The contract may have clauses which outline the terms and specific clauses. While you can create a free Georgia commercial lease agreement online, these things should be given special attention.


The triple net lease agreement gives the details of the tax responsibilities. The property taxes are passed to the tenant on an annual basis. Each deal has a unique contract, so it is mandatory to check the tax obligations on the property thoroughly. It is done to ensure that you aren’t responsible for paying taxes or fines that you were not accounting for.


Another aspect of the triple net lease is ongoing maintenance and upkeep expenses. While the tenants will cover most of the operating costs, the contract will give the details of how the upkeep costs will be divided between the tenant and the landlord.

For instance, in a lease arrangement, the tenant pays for the general upkeep, repairs, and maintenance costs. However, the landlord is responsible for full or part of the expenses that relate to the structural maintenance of the building, e.g. roof and frame.

Monthly Rent

The property owner in the triple net tenant gets the income from the monthly rent payment. The rent payment must be negotiated to an amount which can survive the changes in the rentals during the lease period. The lease will settle for fixed monthly rent payment throughout the contract. It means the landlord can find out how much income will be generated throughout the contract after paying for the expenses. In some case, the rent increases are negotiated throughout the lease duration to compensate for the rise in the value of the property or area growth.


The cost of utilities and janitorial costs are covered by the tenant in a triple net lease. But there are some instances when these costs are shared by negotiation of the landlord and the tenant. As a landlord, you must ensure that this shared expense is not a significant amount as it would lower the monthly rent payment.


In a lease agreement, the tenant is responsible for the insurance premiums. But it varies strongly from one contract to the other. Some leases may state that the tenant will get all the required insurance policies on the property. Then there are agreements which state that the landlord and tenant, both will be responsible for a particular policy or the premium of the insurance; it depends entirely on the negotiation.

It is crucial to understand the insurance responsibilities in a triple net lease fully. It will help to decide the expenses, and you are going to have for the policies that are required to be carried out as a property owner.

Creating the Lease Agreement

There are many legal forms site where you can create and edit free Georgia commercial lease agreement. But a lot of details would be needed. When you are creating the lease agreement, you should discuss the various terms with the tenant.


It is crucial to understand the costs applicable fully. As the property owner, you will have to bear losses and the early you know about it the better.

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