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Billionaire James Richman increases cryptocurrency investments due to growing demands from clients



Billionaire James Richman Increased Crypto Investments

Cryptocurrency is finally receiving the attention it deserves, and even though some has been negative, the majority understands the importance of a decentralized currency. Another addition to the cryptocurrency bandwagon is JJ Richman- a private asset management company.

Investors Investing in India

This company has been at the forefront of Bitcoin and Blockchain investments even before the 2017 boom, but increased client demand has pushed them to increase investments in cryptocurrencies.


James Richman lead this family-run company that invests in diversified assets and sectors globally. This exclusive asset management company only includes ultra high net worth individuals (UHNWI) as their clientele. This elite clientele demanded crypto investments that led to the Richman’s increasing their private investment funds in this industry.

Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, is valued over $8,000, and despite its occasional volatility, most investors are bullish about the cryptocurrency sector.

Crypto is more convenient, faster, and secure as compared to traditional banking systems. Decentralization is the most significant benefit of this digital currency, and it’s no surprise that its demand is growing.

This firm’s investments are focused on real estate, equities, digital media, and bonds and include cryptocurrency as well. JJ Richman has ensured the clients of their credibility by investing their own money in the fund. James’ private nature has contributed to his and the company’s success.

JJ Richman and their clients realized the potential of crypto, and this motivated them to increase investments in the cryptocurrency sector.

Source: Coinnounce

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Majority Of Bitcoin Investors Got In This Year, Says Grayscale



Picture of a hand putting a bitcoin in a piggybank

If there is one thing bitcoin bull markets are good for, it’s drawing investors into the market. This has been the case for all of the past bull rallies and the 2021 rally was no different. The number of investors who bought their first BTC this year has been significant, soaring higher than the number of investors that were already invested in the cryptocurrency.

Grayscale LLC carried out a survey that showed that 2021 has been a remarkable year for new bitcoin investors who flocked to the market en masse. The multiple bull runs this year brought with it heightened interest from both individual and institutional investors and that fact shone through in the data collected by Grayscale.

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55% Of Investors Got In This Year

Grayscale LLC carried out a survey that consisted of 1,000 respondents and the results have shown some interesting trends. According to the survey carried out in mid-August, a larger percentage of all investors in bitcoin only started investing this year.

Of the 1,000 respondents, a quarter (25%) said that they already bought and owned BTC but more interesting was the fact that 55% of all respondents who owned BTC said that they started investing in the digital asset this year.

BTC starts another recovery trend | Source: BTCUSD on

This follows the growth trend of the digital asset and other cryptocurrencies as investors placed their stakes in various assets. Another space that has benefitted from the increased interest has been the DeFi space, which has grown exponentially in the space of one year.

Investors Cannot Ignore Bitcoin

Bitcoin is more or less already mainstream and the responses to the survey showed that this is the case. Investors, no matter what their preferred method of investment is, can no longer ignore bitcoin, or even the promise that the digital assets holds going forward. Grayscale noted this fact in the survey report as it stated that “it is becoming increasingly difficult for investors to ignore bitcoin as its price continues to rise.”

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About 80% of the respondents also answered that they were likely to invest in bitcoin through an exchange-traded fund, indicating that even those who are yet to invest in BTC have the asset on their radar. However, this is impossible right now as the SEC is yet to approve any bitcoin exchange-traded funds.

Other interesting findings from the survey were that more investors (60%) were willing to purchase BTC through an app. In contrast to this, over 75% of polled respondents in 2020 had revealed that they would rather purchase their bitcoin through an exchange.

Chart from
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Blockchain World & NFT’s in Abu Dhabi



Blockchain World & NFT's in Abu Dhabi

A Stage Set For Inspiration

The world can often feel upside down these days. What if we were able to make a blockchain bubble that felt just right for a bit? When I met with the founding team of Blockchain World in Dubai last time I was over there, I fell in love with their vision for Blockchain World. It was about setting up a TED talk environment for the main stage, bringing in passionate blockchain educators, as well as making it a worthy show via NFTs & more.

Abu Dhabi is now playing catch up to Dubai, after having observed how the city has faired with it. This means that among the 20K expected attendees, there will be serious players, and the NFT exhibits will be very interesting as well.

The Digital Fire(side)

Blockchain World NFTs in Abu Dhabi

The Helicon studio concept is also intriguing, on how to make presenting NFTs, panels and firesides much more casual. The stage presentations will shift from various useful ideas, interesting panel discussions to personal stories on how blockchain has changed the lives of many people.

NFT Cars

1638905986 338 Blockchain World NFTs in Abu Dhabi

I’ll be attending with the NFT cars previously seen at the WOW Summit at the Atlantis, as well as present a new motion NFT. They are the future of limited edition luxury art cars. 55 Art Cars Auctioned and sold as and with NFTs, with Dr Marwan Al Zarouni, the CEO of Dubai Blockchain Center.

1638905987 6 Blockchain World NFTs in Abu Dhabi

Outside the car VR assets, we are going to present a new expansion to the project on the main stage as well.

1638905987 288 Blockchain World NFTs in Abu Dhabi

We are also constructing, together with the Blockchain World team, a souped up version of my physical studio in Helsinki for the stage.

1638905987 391 Blockchain World NFTs in Abu Dhabi

Brittany Kaiser is also one of the speakers, and will do a joint session with me on the Helicon studio regarding what we just recorded in Helsinki together. This is the first publication by my very talented photographer friend Ilkka Mattila. This was a separate satellite shoot among the whole as a visualised Own Your Data session.

Brittany visited Finland Nobember 2021. I had a possibility to meet her and be a part of photography showing how addicted and naked we are in front of global data giants such as Meta etc. Brittany’s hard work for our rights on our data was to be described as well. In front of data giants we are literally naked – there is nothing we can hide. And there are data flows guiding us on our daily routines whether we liked it or not.” – Ilkka Mattila

Talented Artists & Entrepreneurs

1638905987 970 Blockchain World NFTs in Abu DhabiAmong the other NFT artists, the talented Kristel Bechara(@atelier_kristel)

1638905987 704 Blockchain World NFTs in Abu Dhabi

We will also get some updates from me and Mr. Hrish from Superworld regarding our Luxor NFT / VR temple build

1638905987 976 Blockchain World NFTs in Abu Dhabi

A sneak preview of the Luxor temple NFT gallery.

1638905987 701 Blockchain World NFTs in Abu Dhabi

Krypto Granny and Papa Blockchain will make a combo presentation on the main stage, so don’t miss out on some powerful based crypto education.

1638905988 917 Blockchain World NFTs in Abu Dhabi

1638905988 773 Blockchain World NFTs in Abu Dhabi

It was also a real pleasure to chat art, NFTs, artcars and more with the Crypto Sheiks in their cosy home studio. The guys will also be present at the Blockchain World conf.

Listen to the ep here

1638905988 623 Blockchain World NFTs in Abu Dhabi

1638905988 111 Blockchain World NFTs in Abu Dhabi

1638905988 598 Blockchain World NFTs in Abu Dhabi

I, for one, can’t wait to see the Abu Dhabi Louvre, the grand mosque, and more.

Blockchain World will be held in ADNEC, Abu Dhabi on 15-17 December 2021, incorporating the informative DCS Summit, the world’s first – Helicon Studio, an immersive Blockchain and NFT show and activations that will talk about the ‘Future Vision’ of digital technology with a live studio audience and exclusive celebrity guests.

Oh… and here is the new signature and logo that will go on prints as well as conference branding 🙌

1638905989 479 Blockchain World NFTs in Abu Dhabi

See you at Blockchain World.

Crypto & NFT Artist
All links to physical, NFTs, and more below

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Bitcoin Funding Rates Turn Negative In Sentiment Reset




Data shows following the crash, Bitcoin funding rates flipped to negative for the first time since September as market sentiment resets.

Bitcoin Funding Rates Turn Negative For The First Time Since Late September

As per the latest weekly report from Glassnode, market sentiment reset after the latest crash in BTC’s price as funding rates turned negative.

The “perpetual funding rate” is an indicator that measures the periodic fee that Bitcoin futures traders have to pay each other to keep their positions. This metric helps us know about which direction leveraged positions tend to.

When the indicator’s value is negative, it means short traders are currently paying long traders to hold on to their position. Such a trend may show that the market sentiment is bearish on the price of BTC.

On the other hand, if the metric’s value is positive, it means the market shares a majority bullish bias as long traders pay a premium to the short traders.

Now, here is a chart that shows the trend in the Bitcoin funding rates over the past six months:

Looks like the funding rates dipped to negative recently | Source: The Glassnode Week Onchain (Week 49)

As you can see in the above graph, the funding rates have been positive for many months now, but following the crash they have turned negative.

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The reason for this switch is that due to the crash, there was a cascade of long liquidations. This kind of situation can push the funding rates down and to the opposite side.

These long liquidations resulted in the open interest being flushed of $5.4 billion in futures contracts. And subsequently, the funding rates declined to around -0.035%.

While this is the first time since late September that the funding rates have turned negative, such highly negative values were only seen back in July.

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This flip to negative means that the Bitcoin market sentiment has now been reset.

BTC Price

At the time of writing, Bitcoin’s price floats around $51.3k, down 12% in the last seven days. Over the past month, the crypto has lost 16% in value.

The below chart shows the trend in the price of the crypto over the last five days.

Bitcoin Price Chart

BTC's price recovers a bit from the crash in the past 24 hours | Source: BTCUSD on TradingView

A few days back, Bitcoin’s price crashed down to $42k. Quickly after, it recovered a bit to higher levels, and then consolidated for a couple of days. In the past day, the coin has shown some recovery as it has once again broke above $51k.

Featured image from, charts from, Glassnode
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