React Vs AngularJS – Which One Is Best For Web Development?

The world is no more short of talents, exceptionally, tech-smart, and highly developed markets like the UAE.

For you, as a service acquirer, you must be familiar with the fundamental knowledge or website development. It will enable you to understand the different features associated with solutions that are offered by web development companies.

In most cases, when one fails to shortlist the right solution provider in the said niche and one as a customer is not tech-savvy, things usually collapse, and the results are not as per the satisfactory levels that one may have as a customer.

One common question, i.e., should you be using AngularJS or React has been a bit of bother for veterans and novices equally. The lack of understanding and familiarity may make it a further complex phase to deal with. However, one must be on top of this domain if the idea is to milk the ever-evolving domain of front-end web development to the fullest.

Back in 2009, when Google backed AngularJS was introduced; it has been a continuous and fruitful journey for it as it turned out to be the necessary JS framework that was preferred by many developers while working on dynamic SPAs (single page applications) on the World Wide Web.

While React was built and launched by Facebook back in 2013 and comparatively still somewhat treated as the “new kid on the block.” React, however, added some revolutionary stuff to the “view” component of the MVC (Model View Controller) framework.

One may still come across some overlaps in its functions, though. Both technologies are different from Facebook and Google themselves. React is a library, while the framework would be the right word that can be used for AngularJS.

Let’s dig things further deep and see which of the two shall you opt for and why when you are working on your next website project or have outsourced it to a reliable web development company Dubai:

Before we go further, let’s understand what AngularJS is?

It is a JavaScript framework that is highly comprehensive and contains almost everything that may be required by one when working on the client-side of a website. Like any other structure or framework, it offers a programming structure that enables one to streamline the workflow.

Some universal benefits of AngularJS:

  • Extension to HTML (Angular Directives)
  • Two-way information binding
  • Dependency injection
  • A solid engine for templates
  • Onboard form validation.

Because it is a complete framework that is loaded with features, one needs to understand how one can handle the “V” part of the MVC. This will enable one to make and appreciate its comparison with React in a further appropriate and complete manner.

AngularJS manipulates the DOM (Document Object Model) as it extends HTML with directives. This is possible with the help of a two-way binding of data. Programming can be reduced, and this will help in reducing the development time.

Two-way data binding, on the other hand, may work efficiently with many apps, but there are times when things may start to slow down, especially when the aim is to render or manipulate heavy data content, such as a long list of items and images. In such situations, one may consider the idea of using Angular’s modularity and substitute the “V” for a further applicable rendering engine such as React.

What is React?

React is an open-source JS library that is also known as React JS or React.js, and it is used to render views. It is smart enough to compete with other technologies despite being a one-way data-binding technology due to its flexible nature that allows the programmers to twist things accordingly while using it.

Use React if:

  • The data rendering task is enormous, and the aim is to list them within a single view.
  • It does not limit you to a particular technology stack.
  • It is also an excellent choice for those who are familiar with the immutable data structure and ClojureScript.

Use Angular JS if:

You want to make the most out of the time spent on development by you because it is a comprehensive framework.

It supports out of the box ideas and helps you in dealing with development tasks more quickly.

As stated already, it may not be a good idea to compare a library with a framework, so don’t limit your approach; you can use both together with each other without facing any problem.

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