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Best Freely Available WordPress Themes in the Market for the Year 2019 & Beyond



Wordpress Theme

WordPress has become one of the most preferred CMS platforms on the web. As a result, themes that are specially made for sites powered by WordPress have gained a lot of popularity. Users enjoy using WordPress themes as it is effortless to set up. The other advantage is the fact that you can easily create a blog site or personal, corporate, and portfolio sites. This is where you can take advantage of WordPress development services from a reputed company and ensure that your website performs exceptionally well.

However, finding freely available WordPress themes is not an easy task. If you are someone who is finding it difficult to see some of the finest freely available WordPress themes, then you have clicked the right blog.

In the forthcoming sections of this write-up, we have provided a list of freely available WordPress themes in the market for the year 2019 & beyond. You will be able to select the best freely available WordPress themes and make your website look stunningly beautiful. The list that we have covered consists of business themes, minimal themes, themes built with Bootstrap, responsive themes, and themes for page builders like Elementor. And All are free of cost.  

Let’s start with the list.



(Source :

Neve is a freely available theme that provides a fresh perspective to your website. Thanks to its look, entrepreneurs love its multi-purpose design. You also get more than 30 readymade theme.

Features to Watch Out For

  • Responsive design;
  • Featherweight and SEO friendly;
  • Comes with pricing tables;
  • Consists of responsive design;
  • Inclusive of multiple demos;
  • It provides lazy loading and parallax effects.



(Source :

This WordPress theme is immaculate and alluring. The most significant benefit of this theme is the fact that it uses the most up to date design trend – Material UI Kit. This theme is ideal for a one-page website design. You even get smooth scrolling and a cutting-edge and artistic look. Hestia also consists of an online shop that looks similar to Pinterest’s design and not to forget a full-width featured slider.

Features to Watch Out For

  • Responsive design;
  • Can be effectively used with Gutenberg and Elementor;
  • Contains a variety of multipurpose demos;
  • Material UI Kit;
  • WooCommerce ready;
  • SendinBlue integration (for newsletter forms);
  • Live customizer.




The most significant benefit of the Airi WordPress theme is the flexibility it offers and the different types of demos it provides. Each demo has been developed to give a different feel of the business. There is a wide array of designs from startups, businesses, and health coach websites. Airi provides a fresh perspective in terms of the interface, which gives a modern look and feel to your site.

Features to Watch Out For

  • Responsive design;
  • Comes with three demos and seven premium;
  • Provides elementor support;
  • WooCommerce ready;
  • Comes with a translator;
  • Consists of Google fonts;
  • Presence of live customizer.



(Source :

OceanWP is a fully customizable theme that can be used for multiple purposes. You can employ it for business, blogging, eCommerce, portfolio, or theme websites. It comes with a full-width static header with cutting-edge design and above-average animations. You can also take advantage of interactive sections in it. There is a wide array of features in it; however, what makes it different is its smooth parallax scrolling which gives it an alluring look.

Features to Watch Out For

  • Responsive layout;
  • Comes with 13 different demos;
  • Comes with parallax effect;
  • ECommerce ready;
  • Cutting-edge widgets;




(Source :

Orfeo is the WordPress theme that has been developed keeping in mind the interests of small businesses. You can easily customize its design since it comes with flexible layouts. Some of the other salient features of this WordPress theme include a modern interface, colorful content boxes, and a modern interface. You can employ it for a small business, a startup, an agency, or even an online shop.

Features to Watch Out For

  • Multipurpose design;
  • Full-width header with call-to-action;
  • Responsive design;
  • Comes with pricing tables;
  • Colour options available;
  • WooCommerce ready;
  • Parallax scrolling;
  • Compatible with the most popular page builders.



(Source :

OnePress provides a contemporary feel with a very user-friendly theme. You can use this WordPress theme to develop any business site, including digital agencies, product showcases, startups, corporate and creative businesses, and other online firms. It provides an alluring look with an elegant one-page layout.

Features to Watch Out For

  • Responsive design;
  • Comes with two background slides;
  • Provides WooCommerce support;
  • Custom page templates;
  • Comprises of hero section;
  • Complete localisation;
  • Parallax effect.



(Source :

Sydney is one of the cleanest themes for businesses of any kind. Some of the things that make this WordPress theme special are attractive animations, full-screen slider, and smooth scrolling. It also consists of a simplistic design, and a professional look. It even consists of a contemporary and an interface along with colourful sections.  

Features to Watch Out For

  • Responsive design;
  • Ready for translation;
  • Parallax backgrounds;
  • Social links;
  • Google fonts;
  • A slider or static image header.

Shop Isle

Shop Isle


It is a contemporary and alluring theme specifically for eCommerce businesses that comes with a full-screen slider and a simplistic design. The theme is compatible with all types of online shops. It provides freshness to the content and gives a friendly look. It comprises a classy layout, smooth scrolling, and a video ribbon that puts your products in the spotlight.

Features to Watch Out For

  • WooCommerce ready;
  • Widgetised footer;
  • Video ribbon;
  • Social links;
  • Responsive design.

OnePage Lite

OnePage Lite

(Source :

OnePage Lite neatly designed WordPress theme consists of different sections that are separated, resulting in a consistent and bright look. On top of this, the theme is mobile-responsive. 

Features to Watch Out For

  • Unlimited theme colours;
  • 100% responsive;
  • SEO ready;
  • Custom content sections on the homepage;
  • Widgetised homepage;
  • WordPress Customiser enabled.

To get the most out of these freely available WordPress themes in the market for the year 2019 & beyond, we suggest you hire WordPress developers.

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Top 8 IoT Mobile App Development Trends to Expect in 2020



Iot trends

Mobile apps have become a day to day part of human life. You can find thousands of applications that can fulfill your needs or solve your problem. There is an application out for everything be it to book a table at some restaurant, book movie tickets, need a cab? or some salon services everything is just available within a click. 

To survive in this competitive market every business now needs a mobile app to engage its customers and target its audience. 

The growing implementation of IoT in every sphere has started to impact mobile app development. To provide a personalized experience to its user’s businesses have started to implement IoT in their business. 

Here are the top 8 IoT Mobile App development trends to expect in 2020

1. Smart home devices

This technology was very popular in 2019 and will continue to shine and leave its impact in 2020 also. Users feel that this technology has made their life more comfortable and has also ensured the safety of their homes. 

Smart home devices with IoT is gaining huge popularity among the audience. Smart home devices such as energy-saving, smart lighting, and home automation devices are making the lives of humans easier day by day. 

2. Healthcare industry will see more of IoT

The healthcare industry has adopted IoT skills. Hospitals now have many medical types of equipment that can monitor patient’s health, other portable devices connected to IoT. 

Hospital floors are also equipped with IoT devices to maintain the inventory in hospitals. 

Wearables connected with IoT are also available in the hospitals to track the patient’s progress and his/her reports. 

3. Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

With every business collecting its consumer’s data, the amount of data that needs to be processed is growing day by day. Consumer’s data is collected to extract some useful information from it so that information can be used to drive traffic and target consumers. Artificial Intelligence is used in many industries such as healthcare, automobile, e-commerce, and education. The learning industry will see more of AI in the coming years. 

Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Big Data will be seen together in new generation devices and making the lives of the people simpler. 

4. Personalization in retail shopping

Every business wants to offer a personalized shopping experience to its users so that the users are loyal to the brand. Every time you search for a product online and then after some time you will start noticing advertisements about that same product on different platforms. 

Users get notification about the discounts on products they wanted to buy at some time or added that product in the cart. IoT will make the personalization more efficient. And users will be seeing more frequent personalized advertisements. 

5. IoT will make travel and transportation easier

The world has already started talking about self-driven IoT enabled cars. IoT has made commuting really easy for travelers. 

  • IoT enabled apps that help users to find a suitable spot in the parking lot. 
  • Introduction of smart street lights on roads
  • Easy payment solutions for people who commute through public transports.
  • Maps that tell users which is the shortest way to their destination and which route has less traffic.

6. Smart cities

Many developed countries have implemented this concept of smart cities to provide an easy life to its citizens and on the other hand, the developing countries are struggling to adapt to this concept. 

The integration of IoT will increase safety in the city and will make the life of people more comfortable.

7. Better workforce management

Beacons are nowadays used by industries to manage the workforce, schedule tasks, and see for how much time the workers work in the industry. Data collected through these will be used to increase the productivity and efficiency of the business. 

Beacons can also make workers aware of any mishappening that might take place. IoT can be considered as the best tool for managing the workforce.

8. Energy and Resource management

IoT plays an important role when it comes to energy and resource management. Many IoT integrated projects have been started to make the world a better place to live. IoT has also been implemented in many green projects to work towards attaining a sustainable environment. 


As people are moving towards smartphones to stay connected all the time. It is the duty of businesses to provide an enhanced experience to its customers. People like to stay connected with their devices so businesses are now integrating IoT to make wearables and smart home devices to help customers stay connected with their devices all the time.

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A - Z Health Guides

How Games Can Help in the Development of a Child?



games and child development

Every child loves playing games. Do you remember the times when the evenings were our best time because we used to play games at this time? Yes, the best time in childhood is when we play games. But do you know games are not just all about having fun, it can also provide several other benefits? According to Daily Health News, games play an important role in the development of a child. Here we are not only talking about outdoor games but as well as indoor games, both have their list of benefits. If you want to know how games can be helpful in the development of your child then have a look at these benefits of playing games.

Games develop skills

games develop skills

Children have higher energy to spend. They can’t even sit down for long hours. Playing allows them to utilize their energy in the best possible way. Do you know at the same time while dancing, playing and so on, children tend to develop many skills as well? Let your children play at least 2 hours a day if you want to boost their confidence. They can also carry sports as their career if they have a good interest in a specific game. If not, games are not just for fun, these will develop skills like teamwork, behavior, leadership qualities and much more in an individual.

It offers health benefits

games improve health

Games play in the overall development of a child by offering a long list of health benefits. No matter what kind of physical activity, a child is involving, it develops both the learning and the brain development of a child. Playing decreases the chances of the potential diseases so your child can live a healthier and happier life ahead. Sugar, obesity are two of the main health problems existing in our society, luckily with games, our child can cope up with such dangerous health problems and can stay healthy in the long run.

Improvement in learning

improvement in learning

In the early ages of life, growth and development is a necessity. Do you know their personality in the future is depended on their childhood? If they love playing games and if they participate in games, it does not only help them to get involved in the physical activity but also they need to use their brains to win the game. This leads them to learn a lot of things while enhancing their mental capability. They will interact more, they will be exposed to a wide range of new people, therefore, improves their learning.

Some lifelong memories with enhanced memory capacity

Games allow your child to collect some lifelong fun moments while enhancing their memory capacity at the same time. Those memories are enough to bring a smile on their faces at any time. As you know it is important to grow with good memories so, let your child go out to play games.

Games help in building social skills

improves social skills

Gamers are loners without any social skills but do you know games help build good social skills. It is because children hardly play alone, they play with their neighborhood and school friends, even they get to see new faces daily so they interact more with other people. It also brings a positive competitive capability to your child.

Games improve the critical thinking of a child

Games improve the critical thinking of a child

Many parents want to cultivate the love for reading among their children but do you know games can also improve the critical thinking of a child. Games enhance the concentration power of a child so it will become easier for you to convenience them to concentrate on studies. While playing games, they build strategies and tactics to win that particular game which in turn enhances the critical thinking of a child.

So, don’t get your child lost in electronics all the time!!!

Remember that the physical and mental development of a child is necessary that can be done only with the help of playing games. But in today’s digital age, children are getting attracted to electronics and they do not go out to play games. While it is the result of decreasing the health rate of the children. So as you know the importance of playing games so it is recommended you to encourage your child to play games.

Author Bio:

Vaibhav Sharma is a digital marketing expert by day and writer by night. He is a project manager at True Scoop News who specializes in blogging, article and copywriting. He loves to write technical how-tos and tutorials as long as there is a bit of information technology.

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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Learning



Artificial Intelligence

Regardless of the type of learner you are – whether you’re a student or an employee trying to develop their skills – AI can greatly assist you in the whole process of learning.

More and more schools are adopting the new technology, and 47% of executives say they’ve embedded at least one AI capability into their business processes.

Once you took that critical first step of AI adoption, incorporating AI into other aspects of both business and education becomes much easier.

Through a Learning Management System or LMS software, you can incorporate AI into classrooms and offices alike, and derive its full potential.

But what are its potentials? What are the current applications and benefits of AI in learning? Let’s take a look.

Automation of Basic Activities

Primarily, every organization that’s decided to take advantage of AI uses it for automating various business processes and streamlining their operations. Automating tasks is the primary goal of over 36% of executives. The same is true for learning purposes.

Combining LMS software and AI allows educators, whether they’re teachers or team managers, to free up their time and focus on more important things by automating admin tasks.

Educators often spend inordinate amounts of time grading tests and going through homework. Now AI can do a quick job of those tasks.

At present, AI can help tremendously with multiple choice quizzes and fill-in-the-blank tests. A lot of progress is being made; however, it’s still not adequate enough for assessing written responses in the form of essays.

Soon enough, we’ll have intelligent assistants reading, analyzing, and grading essays as well because this groundbreaking technology is being developed and tested as we speak. 

For the time being, teachers and other professionals can rely on automation tools to help them with administrative tasks, and chatbots to assist them in student interactions. An increasing number of schools are adopting chatbots to stay accessible to students 24/7.

Immediate Feedback

Immediate Feedback

When combined with LMS software, AI can provide both educators and learners with much-needed feedback about the success of a course.

Some educational material might have gaps in them and leave the learners uninformed or confused about certain concepts.

When AI is assisting the educator with administrative tasks such as grading homework and tests, it takes note of the common mistakes among the learners.

If a higher number of them makes the same mistake, the educator is notified so that they could adjust the course material, while the future learners would get hints to the right answer.

Since all assignments would be graded almost instantly, the learners could get immediate feedback on their work, be notified of the things they’re doing well, as well as of the things they should work on.

This is significant from the perspective of learners’ retention rates. 

By tracking learners’ progress, AI allows educators to address their pain points and knowledge gaps as soon as they appear and are detected. Otherwise, learners would be stuck on learning curves that are based on wrong assumptions and incorrect information. 

Assistance in Personalized Learning

Adaptive learning programs, games, and software are already being used to assist everyone from kindergarteners to professional learners.

6 out of 10 school-age children don’t achieve minimum proficiency levels in reading and mathematics, for example, and AI can help with that.

In short, as the student (or professional) learns, so does the AI. In this case, it learns how a student is advancing, and what are their strengths and weaknesses.

By doing so, AI can respond to the needs of the learner. It can put greater emphasis on certain topics that a learner is struggling with, and it can repeat the things that a learner needs to master.

This educational practice, known as adaptive, individualized, or personalized learning, is not new. Educators have been trying to create learning conditions in which every student would be treated as an individual, and they’ve repeatedly failed. 

Only modern technology that is empowered with AI capabilities such as machine learning and natural language processing has the capacity to cater to hundreds of learners at once and do so according to their unique abilities, interests, and learning styles. 

Learners gain confidence, especially if they’re using LMS software because they can learn at their own pace. AI creates a judgment-free zone where they can learn through trial and error without the fear of embarrassing themselves if they get something wrong.

Learning Content Improvement

Learning Content Improvement

Learning Content Improvement

Recently, there’s been a lot of buzz about smart learning content. In short, it refers to the digitized guides, digital interfaces (such as LMS software), and everything else in between.

You can implement this kind of learning content anywhere from elementary schools to corporate environments because the content is condensed into parts that are easy to digest.

Rapid digitization and notoriously lower attention spans have triggered the creation of new types of content, all of which are designed to be easily consumable. Not only should educational content for the new age be easy to navigate through, it should also appeal to all senses. 

That’s why creating study guides, summaries, flashcards, intelligent simulations, and more, is made much easier with the help of artificial intelligence.

AI assists in content analytics as well, as its machine learning capabilities enable it to analyze content for its maximum effect, and help educators take care of the learners’ needs.

The technology enables educators to create and manage eLearning content and optimize educational material as needed. More than anything else, this implies interactive elements that should appeal to learners’ attention both visually and cognitively. 

Universal Access 

Educational institutions and corporations have been finding the concept of a “global classroom” appealing, and AI can make that a reality today.

People with disabilities, or those speaking different languages, can use the same course material, learn at their own pace, and manage to catch up with their peers.

More than a billion people around the world live with a disability, and many are prevented from going to classes or seminars because of it.

But now, through LMS software and AI, those learners can still be productive and continue their education or skill-building from the comfort of their own home.

Aside from the physically challenged, the economically and culturally challenged are other sections of the society that educational AI caters to these days. 

The number of countries and cultures that don’t provide education to certain social and gender groups within their communities is still surprisingly high. Presuming they have access to the Internet, these students can now enroll in world-class online schools for free. 

In that sense, AI promotes all-inclusive education throughout the world. 

But AI also encourages collaboration and cooperation. By using an online learning platform, learners are encouraged to participate and improve without outside pressure.

This is especially beneficial to businesses in the economic sense, as they don’t have to invest in building learning spaces or sending their workers to different states for seminars. Learning can be done from the office space already available.

AI and VR

Last, but not least, we have to mention VR.

VR is still a hot topic. Although mostly used in gaming, it is slowly but surely finding its way in other industries, including education. For example, medical students can use VR simulations to practice difficult procedures. Architecture students can use VR to see how their projects will look like from a first-person perspective.

Paired with AI solutions, VR can present an excellent way for students to learn and hone their skills.

The Bottom Line

A combination of AI and LMS software can bring countless benefits to educators and learners alike. Regardless of whether they’re used in schools or corporations, they can assist in almost all learning processes.

The main benefits of artificial intelligence include:

  • Universal access to learners around the globe 
  • Improved (smart) learning content
  • Personalized learning opportunities
  • Immediate feedback for both educators and learners
  • Automation of basic activities and tedious tasks

AI enables educators and learners to keep track of the progress made, and this helps them optimize the content and focus on the most important things.

While there’s great concern that AI will take over the educators’ jobs, this is highly unlikely. The role of AI is to assist, not to overtake.

In classrooms and offices, the best path is that of cooperation. It’s the human touch that makes learning possible, AI is simply there to make the educators’ job easier.

Author Bio:

Kamy Anderson is an ed-tech enthusiast with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of corporate training and education. He is an expert in learning management system & eLearning authoring tools – currently associated with ProProfs Training Maker.

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How Magento Mobile App is a smart choice for online retailers in 2020?



Magento Mobile App

Did you know nearly 250,000 online retailers running their eCommerce store on Magento platform? The stats are enough to show the potential and popularity of this platform. Magento is an open-source and PHP based eCommerce platform. Highly flexible and customizable nature makes this platform even more special.

The increasing number of mobile users encourage online retailers to shift their Magento store into a mobile app. The evolution of technology made everything kind of possible and provides a better way to connect with the world.

Why Magento Mobile App Is An Essential Choice?

It’s quite hard to stay alive in this cut-throat competition without having a mobile app for an online store and that’s why the mobile app becomes the primary choice for every online retailer these days. Here, the question arises why Magento mobile app? Well, the evolvement in this platform allows you to create the most advanced and feature-rich eCommerce shopping app. Magento is a platform which allows you to offer the number of advanced features & functionalities to online shoppers and make their shopping experience flawless.

No matter how responsive an online website is but users prefer mobile apps for online shopping. These eCommerce shopping apps remove the need for going to a web browser. The mobile world is a better medium to understand the needs and requirements of people and this is one of the biggest reasons that why having a mobile for any eCommerce website becomes an essential step to make.

How Magento Mobile App Will Help You To Expand Your Business?

1. Better User Engagement:

When users feel ease and comfort in online shopping then it will automatically create their interest to visit your shopping app. The eCommerce shopping app provides a better chance to users connect with the brand and this will allow users to interact.

2. Increase Sales & Conversions:

When it comes to increasing sales & revenue nothing is better than mobile apps. Every second there is an online transaction happen and the online shopping apps are playing a major role to boost the sales & conversion of the store. As the audience is using mobile platforms in a massive amount so it will easy to sell your products on the app.

3. Seamless Shopping:

Online shopping becomes completely fun when everything is available at users fingertips. By creating a Magento eCommerce mobile app you can allow online shoppers to access the store from their fingertips. The response and performance of these apps are completely unmatchable. With some advanced features, Magento mobile app makes the online shopping experience seamless for app users.

4. Better Promotion & Marketing:

Mobile app offers a lot better chances of promotion and marketing than online websites. Push notifications with a catchy subject can lure user’s attention leading to more chances of purchases. There is a massive amount of people using smartphones these days which means store admin doesn’t need to find their potential audience anywhere, just need to target them better.

5. More Audience:

Magento is already a popular eCommerce platform and if you are planning to create a mobile app then it will connect you with the massive number of users. The smartphone users are growing exponentially and this allows online retailers to understand better what people are actually demanding or how they feel about your products or services. Through this, the admin can put extra efforts in improving them.

Wrapping Up

Nowadays, everyone has smartphones in their hands and this is why mobile app development becomes the most trending topic for all online businesses. Every industry is going for mobile apps to accomplish their goals. If you are also in this queue, then developing a Magento mobile app can help your store to reach in every customer’s pocket.

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How will Artificial Intelligence Impact the Future of B2B Market Business?



Artificial Intelligence

In the last few years, Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising the aspect of human lives and has become a significant aspect of human lives. AI is delivering, cutting down costs and enhancing several businesses using AI tools. In today’ s techno world, there is no doubt artificial intelligence is not going to slow down in the near future. 

AI can be used to great benefit for B2B Business, empowering industries to reduce costs. By automating processes and generating revenue and enhancing the customer experience, It also leads to economic growth by encouraging new markets and by improving existing markets with the help of Artificial intelligence solutions.

According to a survey conducted by Brightedge, 25.69% of respondents believed that after consumer personalisation, AI would impact businesses in a huge way. It doesn’t come as a surprise, since from home appliances to children’s toys, AI has already successfully made its way in our day to day lives.

Major Sector of Artificial Intelligence

Here are significant sectors where Business Intelligence impacts Business Industries. With the help of BI solutions, developers deliver a wide range of information to authorized users to managed data with future intelligence services. Let’s have a quick glimpse of these sectors.

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Finance
  3. Health care 
  4. Telecommunication
  5. Transportation
  6. Media and Journalism 
  7. Education 

Uppermost Trends: How Artificial Intelligence Impacted the Business World

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the business in enormous ways, be it managing their data, or reducing their turnaround time. Certain functions are likely to enhance the overall objective of the organisation. 

The B2B market is significantly impacted by artificial intelligence. Leading companies actively notice these businesses as artificial intelligence is crafting a smarter campaign. As long as the technology expands, numerous digital processes are leveraging the power of AI.

  • Better Handling of Data

The B2B industry has grown tremendously, which results in the scale of operation is massive and complex. For optimum utilisation of resources, companies are using traditional methods, which are not that quick. Using artificial intelligence in the business outputs, somewhere helps the business to move a little bit stronger and more compatible using the latest AI technology.


  • A Return on Investment

If we are talking about the business, they have already started expanding the AI automate that enhances their regular daily processes. Using Artificial Intelligence business is effectively optimising the advancement process that delivers high-level quality which results in overall business improvements. AI developers are providing the best AI solutions for commercial, which are aggressively used by the significant business.


  •  Boost E-commerce Accuracy

Artificial Intelligence is widening the limits in technology and knowledge. Through changing their lifestyle, most of the leading companies use an innovative approach to improve their user experience. Companies may gather accurate information in a more organised way with the aid of artificial intelligence algorithms. Through improving technological progress, Artificial Intelligence is widening its innovation and information boundaries. Many significant businesses use an innovative approach to enhance their user experience by enhancing their consumer lifestyle and overall skills.


  • Tracking the Versatility

One of the essential hoops for B2B marketers is building successful strategies that can help users in analysing, gathering and other collects the customer data. These accuracy and precision are providing users with precise detail. This AI simplifies the analysis process and also helps users to update the real data in real-time. AI is useful for business to track the record and maintain transparency in business. These changes are impacting significant areas as AI takes dynamic statistics, which improves score and personalisation.


  • Improves Marketing Channels

AI is somewhere the best choice for business as it becomes the choice for marketing channels. Now with the help of AI tools, companies can choose the best marketing channel for their respective industry. AI keeps a track on the past performance and also gathers information from multiple data sources. This is the best way to reach out to detailed information.

The artificial intelligence (AI) industry is growing at a rapid pace, with an expected value approaching $60 billion in 2025. Additionally, Gartner predicts that AI will be in almost every software product by 2020. 

Major Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in B2B

  • Predict Potential Customer
  • Identify particular Trends and Customer
  • Improve Lead Generation
  • Smart Decision Making 
  • Increased Efficiency

Final Thoughts

AI has changed in nearly every area of business; these businesses are impacting the future of the industry. Many leading companies and their marketing leaders have conducted AI experiments and are already witnessing ground-breaking results. In B2B sales and marketing, artificial intelligence changed the whole perspective, how people interact with products, data and services.

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