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How Tech Trends Can Reshape the Educational Process

The schools and colleges are becoming tech-reliant and the students are widely employing the technological devices and gadgets in their educational workshops to foster their understanding and concentration skills.  The schooling regularities in the conventional era were not making use of the technol


The schools and colleges are becoming tech-reliant and the students are widely employing the technological devices and gadgets in their educational workshops to foster their understanding and concentration skills.

The schooling regularities in the conventional era were not making use of the technological inventions as the innovations were not subsequently developed so far in those times, therefore the teachers and the schools were not aware of the educational technologies those days.

But as the revolution and developments took place in this era, the teachers and educational authorities felt the need for implying the technical inventions into the educational processes. So, nowadays technology is used at different school levels.

The school’s levels can broadly be categorized into three parts:

  1. Primary level
  2. Middle level
  3. College or university level

Primary school level –

There is a wide range of technology that is used in educational processes at a primary level such as laptops, computers, mobile learning, interactive whiteboards, Bluetooth speakers, teacher lanyard microphone, student handheld microphones, iPad carts, headphones, wireless routers, projectors, laptop-projector combo.

These technologies are really helpful to students as well as teachers to smoothen the process of teaching and nowadays without these technological blessings, the teachers feel like they are stuck in between when they have to teach something good to students.

Let’s see how these technologies have benefited the students as well as teachers –

  • The student’s interest and engagement fosters when they make use of these technological devices in the classrooms. For example, with the help of mobile learning, apps, and gamification, the students with even no aptitude in studies could be engaged in the studies.
  • The students tend to retain more of what they have learned from these modern educational innovations.
  • It burgeons the possibility of personalized education and also encourages individual learning abilities. The students can learn at their own preferential hours and conveniences.
  • It has also provided a number of educational benefits to struggling and disabled students.
  • There are parental control apps which the parents can make use of to monitor the activities their young children perform on the smartphones. These parental control apps are the formation of technology.
  • The students at the primary level get to know about the technological devices and gadgets, in this way the solid foundation of a young student establishes at a very young age and the student will easily adapt the specialized ways of education.

Let’s see what are the main technologies that are used in the primary classrooms –

# Screen casting methodology in the classrooms –  This technology is greatly prevalent nowadays in modern primary classrooms. When the students are made to watch the latest educational animation series or when the students are taught about phonetic sounds etc. screen casting is used.

# Flash notes – The students in the previous academic classrooms use to write down notes for reference purposes. Flash notes are a technique that is used nowadays in modern classrooms so that the students can easily upload their notes in this tool and also the students can sell and share these notes to other students too.

# Dictation programming – This is the technique to interpret the speeches in the classrooms. The speeches can be of students and it can be of teachers as well. Dictation programs in the classrooms can be used by the teachers to help students with impairing motor skills and how to use pens and typewriters. The teachers also make use of dictation programs to interpret the lessons to the students in a better manner. When the students have to complete a chunk of essay writing and assignment writing tasks, this programming helps a lot.

# Virtual learning – Virtual learning can be described as making use of the internet to foster the process of learning. The students can get connected to teachers over distant places only with the help of Virtual learning.

# Mobile learning – Mobile learning is also a specialized technique that is used in modern classrooms. There are various educational apps used by the teachers and the students to learn tough and complicated educational concepts.

At middle level –

Teachers integrate technology in the classrooms at the middle level in various ways.

Let’s see the most efficient technologies used at the middle level by the educational authorities –

# Students Response Systems – There are a variety of student’s response systems available in the market which allows teachers and mentors to produce student’s reports with the help of hardware. It also serves as an interactive tool for teachers.

# Infrared Classroom Audio system – The infrared classroom audio systems are used in modern classrooms. These audio systems are used in the middle-level classrooms and these are installed in the classrooms to increase the level of aptitude of students in the academic activities. The students stay involved and learn more.

# Interactive Flat Panels – It has replaced the traditional blackboard systems and also the interactive whiteboards largely. It is a wonderful technological device to burgeon the attention of students to study more.

# Charging cabinets and carts – A vast variety of technology is used in the classrooms, so there is a need to store those technological equipment. For this, nowadays people use charging cabinets and carts to store up these devices.

College and University level

# Mondopad and Microsoft surface hubs – This technological device helps in collaboration and is a video conferencing solution. So, educators, as well as students, can have easy access to educational content from anywhere in the world. Videoconferencing helps indirect access to higher education.

# Mobile learning – Mobile learning is used at all academic levels. It fosters personalized learning.

So, these are some of the best learning technologies every educational institution is using in their educational practices nowadays. There is abundance of technological devices prevalent nowadays in the current educational scenario that helps the teachers and students to a large extent to deliver the quality education to the students at all academic levels.