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Shea’s Performing Arts Center: Full Details, Ticket Costs etc..



The season 2018-19 at sheas performing arts center is over weeks in the history of the Broadway series of theatre. It means more options for ticket seekers who want good seats.

When it comes to tickets for the most popular shows in the season–in particular, “Hamilton”-season subscriptions can give you the best chance. Those who hold subscriptions already take precedence and can renew them by 13 March.

New subscribers will be required to purchase season tickets until May (an exact date has still not been set). And if you want to take your chance at a show-by-show, single tickets will be on sale about six to 8 weeks before each show. These usually range from about $30 to $80, depending on your seats.


According to Shea’s, tickets to “Hamilton” will be free for those capable of obtaining season tickets from March to May; but Shea’s PR strategist Jennifer Orr warns that “subscriptions may be restricted.” Subscriptions vary between $263 and $652, which depend on level. Shea’s subscriptions are divided into four groups, depending on how close to the stage the seats are to the nosebleeds in D (balcony lines P-V), from prime seats in A (middle orchestra rows A-K and right, and balcony lines AA to CC). The retention of subscribers will be a priority for better seats.

What time does sheas box office open?

sheas performing arts center box office Hours: Monday through Thursday: 10:00AM-5:00PM Friday: 10:00AM-2:00PM Saturday: CLOSED FALL/WINTER/SPRING HOURS: Monday through Friday: 10:00AM-5:00PM Saturday: 10:00AM-2:00PM Open two hours prior to performances through intermission.

How many seats are in Sheas Performing Arts Center?


How long is the performance of rent?

The movie was rented two hours and 15 minutes, but the version was condensed to use the film’s magic to clean up parts that usually run longer. Many modifications to the stage take up to 30 minutes longer. Theater productions usually take place within 2 hours and 45 minutes on the basis of Puccini’s La Bohème.

Ticket Prices:

They usually cost between $30 to $80, depending on your seats. According to Shea’s, tickets to “Hamilton” are available to those who can pick up seasonal tickets between March and May. Though Shea’s PR-strategist Jennifer Orr warns that “subscriptions may be restricted.”

Here are two color-coded seating charts for you to consider the options:sheas-balcony

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Pros of seeking short courses in Singapore



short courses in Singapore

A short course has always been popular. And what better than doing the course abroad. Singapore has now become a popular destination among the students who are looking for brighter opportunities abroad. There are several short courses in Singapore among which students can select any. There are several benefits of doing the course here which have been discussed below.

Low cost    

The foremost thing that comes to mind the cost incurred while pursuing the course if your choice. As compared to Canada, USA, and UK, Singapore is easy on the pocket and allows a student to do the course at affordable rates.  Singapore has great infrastructure and the standard of education imparted is at par with international universities.

Get the required skills and certificate

When you have selected the course of your choice, you will be able to get the required skills and knowledge which is necessary for better opportunities.

Numerous Short Courses

Colleges and Institutes in Singapore render various kinds of short courses which are quite lucrative and opens up various kinds of avenues as well. It also gives you the chance to explore the area of study which you have not done earlier and always wanted to do it. Some of the top colleges offering the short-term courses are Singapore Management University, National University of Singapore, Singapore Polytechnic and many more. In order to get more details about the course like duration, fees, placement and more it is suggested to visit the website and read more about the information online.

Provide Idea About the Courses

There are instances when a student is not sure about the course or the field which he or she wants to pursue in the future, in this case, it is suggested that the student first undertake a short-term course and later decide if he or she is interested in the same or not. This will help in saving time and money both.

Getting in Touch with Learning

Even after complete a bachelor and Master’s degree, a student might feel doing more study, in this case he or she can take a short-term course in Singapore and further add to their knowledge and continue the process of learning as per their desire.

Short Duration

The plus of the short-term course is the duration of the course. It is generally varying from 6 months to I e year. After the completion of the course, a student is rewarded with the Diploma or the Certificate depending upon the type, of course, they had done.

Enhance Your Career

Even those who are working in assorted companies are required to do the short-term course in enhancing their career growth. With more certificates and diploma in hand, there is an increase in the chances of salary hike and promotion as well.

So, if you have been looking for a place where you can do a lucrative short-term course, Singapore will not let you down. This cosmopolitan city has a plethora of opportunities and vibrant lifestyles which is loved by all.

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7 Principles Of Effective Time Management



7 Principles Of Effective Time Management

Time management or time management over the past decade has evolved from a certain ephemeral phenomenon into a separate line of business consulting. Optimization of the workflow requires a systematic approach, but at the same time remains an individual element, and far from always ready-made solutions are effective for a particular field of activity.

Moreover, many large companies today are ready to spend quite significant amounts of money on training and time management seminars, hoping that the expenses will pay off in the future. But for medium and small businesses, the costs of their own “optimizer” can sometimes not afford.

And time management has to be taken over by the company owner or entrepreneur. However, time management works effectively not only in the business sphere – the ability to optimize time costs helps to achieve goals in almost all areas of vital interests of a modern person.

The ability to organize your life or work process as rationally as possible is an undeniable sign of a leader. But no one is born with this skill and does not receive the necessary skills from scratch. Leadership always requires development to succeed.

And this means that everyone can master the principles of time management and learn how to apply them. It is only important to know what exactly works most effectively about the achievement of a particular goal.

The basis of time management is analytics. It is important to be able to analyze the efficiency of time costs and have the ability to draw conclusions based on the data obtained.

Ineffective time costs include:

  • Transfer of affairs to the future delayed implementation of plans into life;
  • Inability to stabilize work
  • Lack of clear rules in organizing activities
  • Loss of time frame
  • Susceptibility to emotional breakdowns
  • Inability to organize workflow
  • Organization of meetings for a personal discussion of issues that can be resolved online
  • Point control with a large number of intermediate links in the organization, prolonging the workflow
  • Priority work on urgent tasks to the detriment of core activities
  • Inability to delegate authority to third parties

Of course, in the analysis process, it can be noted that some of the factors listed do not apply to the specific case considered in the course of the analytical studies.

But most often it is precisely these “stoplights” that significantly complicate time management, leading to disruption of plans, failure to meet deadlines and stressful situations.

How to deal with inefficient spending of time?

Time management includes several simple but effective measures that can help to cope with workers and life-related difficulties:

1 Quick Start

This means that any intended business should be started as soon as possible. After all, it is precisely how fast the “start” will be that the speed of achieving the final result depends.

And it is postponed cases that most often become the cause of difficulties and disruption of deadlines set in advance.

2 There is a time for everything

Having allocated certain hours to carry out routine work, you can make planning your daily routine more efficient, creating the most comfortable conditions for work and leisure.

Thanks to proper organization, even boring mechanical work will not be an irritant, and clear planning will not allow you to abandon it, citing “urgent matters” or “lack of desire”.

3 Reach the finals

Work on a project or the beginning of important business, as a rule, causes positive emotions only at the initial stage.

And as you move forward, the enthusiasm fades and the desire to change the type of activity, “switch”, takes precedence over common sense and important work myadpcard, which has already been spent on energy and time, is postponed to “later”.

Time management helps to realize an important fact: when starting a business, it is important to complete it as soon as possible, creating for yourself a comfortable time margin in case of real “force majeure”.

4 Divide and conquer

Global challenges are good. But as they are achieved, it is important to set realistic goals along the way. That is why in the planning process it is worth breaking large-scale projects into smaller ones, creating the opportunity for a gradual and systematic implementation of actions that can accelerate the achievement of the goal.

5 Better Less

Laconicism is always better than verbosity. And the ability to stop in time is an invaluable quality. Getting down to business, it is important to clearly understand at what stage the task will be fully completed.

And stop to achieve perfection exactly at the point that was determined in advance, without spending an incredible amount of effort to eliminate some non-existent “errors”.

6 Cause – time

Time management involves setting clear timelines for each stage in achieving a goal. It is this approach that over time allows you to optimize the workflow, making it as efficient as possible.

7 Creative plans

The main base of time management is planning. Plans are built both for the global perspective and for the shortest possible time. To facilitate the process, it is worth using the whole arsenal of available means – from diaries to alarms – “reminders”.

Time management is an effective way to implement plans that allows you to optimize not only work processes but also any other type of activity that requires systematization.

Applying the basics of time management, you can succeed in almost any field without spending an excessive amount of effort and without wasting time in vain.

It is only important to realize the need for change and make time management a part of your plans for the near future.

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You generally find out about the differentiation among sightseers and hikers, however even among explorers, we want to amass each other into classes by who is the “better” voyager. Look into any lodging, and you will discover an assortment of explorers wearing their particular innate rigging and individuals going “Definitely, that person over yonder? Unquestionably the partier.”

So who are the hikers? What sort of sorts have I recognized in the inn wilderness? Following quite a while of research, many!

Being a Travel Blogger I have sorted Here is some typical types of hikers that can be found in a lodging’s wilderness:

The Hippie

Not having any desire to be held somewhere near the man, the radical can be discovered wearing angler jeans, dreadlocks, and heaps of pieces of jewelry, and has a particular “I haven’t showered in two days” smell. This type of voyager is frequently thumbing a well-worn book on social equity.

Flower child explorers utilize neighborhood transportation, eat nearby nourishment, and discussion about social colonialism while viewing the most recent Hollywood films on their Macbook and asking for cash to get to the following spot. They more often than not stay away from most traveler goals since “they’re excessively business, man.”

For the most part, found in India or other creating nations (since they can’t manage the cost of anyplace else).

The Gap Yearer

Voyager hole yearius is normally school matured, English, Kiwi, or Aussie. This hiking species will, in general, be going for precisely one year directly previously or after college. They pursue the primary round-the-world ticket course, investing the majority of their energy in Southeast Asia, New Zealand, and Australia.

Hole year voyagers like to party a great deal, see the principle attractions, rest in residences, and will, in general, adhere to the most common way to go. They are out to have a decent time, meet different explorers, and return home with a couple of good stories before they begin their vocation.

They can be found any place a round-the-world ticket will take them.

The Partier

Wearing shades, shorts, flip-flops, and a Lao lager T-shirt, voyagers partyoholic invest the vast majority of their energy getting alcoholic in every nation. The vast majority of their day is spent nursing the aftereffect from the previous evening while at the same time maintaining a strategic distance from boisterous and sufficiently bright zones. You’ll likely observe them still in bed when you check-in at 2 pm. Yet, they’re the first at the bar every night. Loud, these nighttime animals ricochet from one gathering goal to the next.

Generally found in “party goals” like Amsterdam, Thailand, Barcelona, and Prague.

The Couple

The exploring couple invests the greater part of their energy touring, visiting, and doing exercises. They keep away from the greater part of the hiker ghettos and gatherings and will in general incline toward different couples or more seasoned explorers. The more youthful form frequently goes the contrary course and will in general gathering a ton while separating around multiple times out and about.

They are discovered around the world.

The Better Traveler

While tasting on a beverage in a lodging, this explorer will disclose to you how tricky and dishonest every other voyager are and how they truly are simply sightseers and doing whatever it takes not to locate the “nearby culture.” He will talk about his experience taking neighborhood transportation, and that one time he spent living in a town for one day. He waxes on about the demise of nearby societies, globalization, and how he’s truly out there making a trip to be a piece of the world and not constrain his way of life down other individuals’ throats.

This species is found being dishonest in lodgings everywhere throughout the world.

The “Recall When” Backpacker

Voyager living-in-the-pastus has been voyaging quite a while (and more often than not to similar goals). He’ll reveal to all of you about how he recollects when the Full Moon Party used to be great and how Laos is too found at this point.

He’ll discuss how Ios used to be tranquil and nobody had known about Queenstown. He’ll depict when he was the main individual in Costa Rica or cruising the Amazon. At the point when inquired as to what he’s as yet doing here on the off chance that he detests it so much, he’ll rapidly change the subject.

This discouraging species can be found in similar goals he says are destroyed at this point.

Life in an inn on the hiker trail sure is intriguing. There is a great deal of assorted variety out there in the lodging wilderness!

To further research the propensities for these fantastically intriguing animals, I will keep on venturing to the far corners of the planet and remain in lodgings.

Ya know, for science!

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big devices

Apple Has Lost $450 Billion of Revenue Since October 2018!



Apple Has Lost $450 Billion of Revenue Since October 2018!

Just about three months ago, the California tech-giant was enjoying a smooth ride with profits coming in, constantly; considering the fact that it was also the most valued company on the planet, last year. But since October 2018, the freefall of its revenues has generated a lot of ‘negative buzz’ among the analysts, the investors, the consumers, and also those who are the admirers of Apple Inc. in one or the other ways.

Apple has so far lost $450 billion of revenue since October, which is more than even the ‘overall value of social networking giant Facebook’. The total value of Facebook is about $383.76 billion. Well, FB’s total worth is also more than the total GDP of some countries like Iran, Norway, and Austria!

Now, you can imagine how big the loss is for Apple, even taking into account that it’s still got a lot of money and will probably make up for the losses very soon.

On Thursday, the iPhone maker’s stocks fell by 9.96%.

Way back, three months ago, on October 3rd, 2018, when Apple hit a peak of $232.07 per share, it gained a market cap of $1.16 trillion. But now, it just dropped to a low of about $142.19 per share (new results may vary from the article’s figures), clearing out a massive amount of $450 billion from its revenue. And on Thursday, January 3rd, Apple’s market cap was standing at $710.97 billion, as per the reports of Macrotrends.

And now Apple has also lost its position as world’s third most valuable company to Google’s Alphabet.

Apple has been struggling to maintain its aura for a while now and many experts are saying that to boost the revenues further and by a large number, Apple should also try to enter the budget-flagship or budget range of smartphones, as per the current trend. But that, for now, seems unlikely since Apple is a luxury phone making brand and always keeps the priority very high for the value of its products.

But it needs to understand the changing scenario in the markets currently, across the globe. If it keeps going like this then brands like OnePlus and Xiaomi will eventually end up becoming the true ‘smartphone profit makers’.

It looks like a state of a ‘slight’ emergency for Tim Cook and his team to sustain the company’s growth, just like it was moving three months ago.

Even the famous tech YouTube channel Unbox Therapy also came up with a video recently, discussing how Apple should move ahead if it has to live up to the fast-growing trends. Lewis Hilsenteger, who runs the channel, also talked about Apple’s recent decision to make the iPhones in India, in 2019.
Source: Business Insider

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Egyptian woman jailed for sexually harassing a monkey



Egyptian woman jailed for sexually harassing a monkey

An Egyptian woman has been jailed for three years in prison, in an unusual and shocking incident, for harassing a monkey. The woman whose name is Basma Ahmed has been charged with ‘inciting debauchery’ and ‘committing an obscene act in public’ by the city court.

In a 90-second video which went viral, the woman can be seen laughing, while also touching the genitals of a monkey, at a pet shop in the city. Also, she was making sexual innuendos, as the people around her also laughed.

The woman was detained for four days, previously in October, but the period was then extended to 15 days by the public prosecutors.

In her statement, the woman has said that she didn’t mean to abuse the animal, and was rather surprised by its actions. About the video of herself that went viral, she told that it was posted on the Internet even without her knowledge.

Well, as per the officials, it wasn’t the first time this woman was found to be an offender. She was also previously charged in two other ‘public moral’ cases.

Her video, which has now become infamous, had received very heavy backlash in the conservative Muslim country.

This new case has again raised the question of the safety of the innocent animals too and their protection from abusive actions by some humans.

It’s really an unbelievably weird and ghastly incident showing the increasing immorality of humans towards the animals. It also shows that the modern world has become mostly insensitive towards the other creatures.

These incidents have also upped the concern for the non-speaking living creatures and it seems they are not safe anywhere. Cases of violence have been reported against animals, but incidents, like these, related to ‘sexual harassment’ are really very haunting to even think of.

There’s a dire need for something relevant to be done for them or else situations like these will be seen as common happenings.

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