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There isn’t any industry today that is not familiar with the power of Blockchain and is not eager to explore it. A technology that initially gained prominence as a supportive tool for removing the issue of double-spending from cryptocurrency is now grabbing attention from everywhere.

Bitcoin leveraged Blockchain to eliminate the need for a central authority to confirm all transactions. But, this was just the first success for this technology as there was much more that was left to achieve. Within a few years after its establishment, Blockchain began to attract the attention of a plethora of sectors that realized the countless benefits it had to offer.

Finance was one of the pioneers to adopt Blockchain, but it did not much time for it to transcend this field and move into various other, such as business, transportation, gaming, infrastructure security and so on. If you read about this technology over the internet, you will get to witness how organizations are developing as well as implementing blockchain applications. From banking to real estate to supply chain management, there is a wide array of spheres experiencing this Blockchain fever.

Blockchain effect over banking is something worth witnessing. It has not only reduced transactional time but has also succeeded in minimizing administrative costs and infusing efficiency into all the procedures. So, it goes without saying that there is a wide career scope for people with blockchain skills. In simple terms, if you have the knowledge of this unconventional technology today, you shall be considered within the most prestigious league in the tech zone.

And, the good news for all the aspirants for a Blockchain job is that there are many sources are mushrooming up every day to help individuals grasp the know-how of this unmatchable creation. If you also have a dream of building a career in this dominion, here is a list of some Blockchain Certifications that will help you in this endeavor.

  1. Blockchain for Business 2019 -Udemy

If you are yearning for blockchain knowledge, turn to this course to calm your curiosities about how this innovative technology works, related theories and frameworks and how its implementation can transform disparate industries. This encyclopedic course can enable you to get into the depth of the subject and make well-informed decisions concerning Blockchain projects.

This communicative guide will help you spot critical business opportunities and empower you to work upon unique ideas.

  1. Global Blockchain Leader

Global Blockchain Leader is one of the leading blockchain certifications in the market that has been designed to validate your skills and knowledge of this utilitarian invention. The coursework fabricated by the Central Blockchain Council of America aims to assist individuals in earning a profound understanding of the conceptions, applications, and methodologies that will authorize you to give sensible advice to stakeholders.

The eccentric quality about GBL is that it bestows you with the knowledge of choosing the right framework for enterprise adoption and also makes you capable of facing governance and societal challenges connected with this technology.

  1. Blockchain Certification from State University of New York

This comprehensive program on the blockchain will strengthen your skills for performing programming on Ethereum. You will have to pass through four layers of knowledge to complete this course. Each layer will encompass critical concepts, techniques, and principles related to decentralized applications and cryptographic underpinnings. Acquiring this certification is the best pathway to becoming an expert in developing and executing smart contracts. This course will also steer you in constructing a multitude of frameworks associated with this domain.

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