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All You Need To Know About T10 League

If you live in a sub-continent or South Asia, you must be a cricket fan. Being a staunch cricket enthusiast, have you ever tried to use your game intellect to bet on cricket online? If no, this is your chance of getting the most out of your cricket encyclopedia.  Well, the game of cricket has […]


If you live in a sub-continent or South Asia, you must be a cricket fan. Being a staunch cricket enthusiast, have you ever tried to use your game intellect to bet on cricket online? If no, this is your chance of getting the most out of your cricket encyclopedia.

Well, the game of cricket has evolved drastically over the years, which has made betting a little trickier than in the past. It all started with the arrival of Test cricket in the 19th century. Afterward, smaller formats like ODI (One Day International) and T20 (Twenty20 International) came to the fore and created their very own fan base. The T20 cricket gained rapid popularity because it consumed less time. In about three hours, the audience experiences everything – wickets, fours, sixes, brutal hitting, and amazing death bowling skills.

However, the game is going through another change. A new cricket sensation has taken the world by storm. Namely, the T10 League. Since it is a relatively fresh format and many people don’t have any clue about it, we are spelling out everything you need to know regarding T10 League:

  • Background

The idea of T10 League was coined by Shaji-ul-Mulk and he is now regarded as the founder of this league. This tournament has the official approval of Emirates Cricket Board. Initially, this tournament was called T10 Cricket League but then term “cricket” was left out due to sponsorship reasons.

  • The Past and Coming Season in a Nutshell

So far, two seasons of T10 League have been played in 2017 and 2018, respectively. A total of six teams participated in the first edition comprising Kerala Kings, Maratha Arabians, Pakhtoons, Punjabi Legends, Team Sri Lanka, and Bengal Tigers. The tournament lasted for four days from 14 to 17 December 2017. As it turned out, Kerala Kings triumphed the tournament with Punjabi Legends occupying the runners-up slot.

Luke Ronchi scored the most number of runs (197) while Sohail Tanvir, Hassan Ali and Rayad Emrit all were the highest wicket-takers with five wickets each.

As many as eight teams took part in the second season of T10 League. Team Sri Lanka was excluded and three new teams – Sindhis, Rajputs, and Northers Worriers – made their way to make the tournament even more competitive.

Of course, as the teams increased, the number of matches raised from 13 to 29 in the second edition. Northern Warriors championed this time around while Pakhtoons had to content with the runners-up title.

The third season of the T10 League is all set to kickstart from November 15 this year. Albiet with some replacements, again eight teams will be battling for the title and 29 matches will be played. The tournament will last for 10 days. The player draft for the third season is all set to begin on the 16th of October.

If you want to get the best out of the details mentioned above, you should bet on cricket online and become an active part of the festivities besides making some quick bucks.

  • Rules

As the name signifies, each team will bowl and bat for 10 overs. No bowler will be allowed to bowl more than two overs in a single inning. It will take only 90 minutes to finish the game which somehow equals half of a T20 match’s time.

However, much like all the formats, there are penalities for slow over-rate. Bowlers and captains can be fined if they take more than allowed time to bowl their complete quota of overs.

Two points for the winner, one point each in case of draw and, needless to say, no point will be given in the losing cause.

What if it rains? Well, again the same rule of Duckworth-Lewis will come into play. After the rain, if playing conditions don’t allow five overs each for the both sides, then the match will be considered a washout.

In case of a tie, the ever-exciting super over will be bowled to cherrypick the winner.

  • Who plays T10?

Don’t assume that only low-key players will show their talent in T10 League. Not only the current players are participating in this exciting tournament but also the players who retired in the recent past will be making their appearance.

It is going to be, like its previous two seasons, a star-studded tournament. Andre Russel, Darren Sami, Eoin Morgan, Shane Watson, Shahid Afridi, Mohammad Nabi, and many other star cricketers are part of T10 League.

Final Thoughts

All the formats of cricket are different from each other. So making a comparison would not be a wise thing to do. But as far as T10 format goes, you are sure to get action-packed 90 minutes. Since our lifestyle has picked up the pace, T10 will gain more fame in the coming years. Apart from audience, sponsors are likely to rate it as their best choice to get the maximum return of investment. To top if off, many cricketers even share that T10 is probably going to earn cricket a place in the Olympics, finally.


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