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Fall and Winter Hair Trends You’ll Fall in Love With

There’s never a bad time to consider a new hairdo, but the best time to do so would probably be in the changes of seasons, and particulary, as the mercury drops in Autumn. This allows you time to grow out your hair before winter if you so desire, and nothing looks better in the Fall […]

Hair Replacement Systems
Hair Replacement Systems

There’s never a bad time to consider a new hairdo, but the best time to do so would probably be in the changes of seasons, and particulary, as the mercury drops in Autumn. This allows you time to grow out your hair before winter if you so desire, and nothing looks better in the Fall than a new look! But it’s so hard to choose a style you like for the season when there are just so many to choose from.

How can you make sure you’ve gotten the perfect ‘do’ for you? While we firmly believe that a person’s choice of hair style is up to them, we’d like to help you with your research by listing off some of our personal favourite styles of hair for the fall and winter season and why they may be a good fit for you!

For Short Hair Styles

Many people prefer longer hair during the colder months, and that’s perfectly fine! But for those who have short hair year-round – it’s sometimes hard to find a style that can show off your personality and to change up your look. That’s why we have a few suggestions for people with short hair.

– Dye it!

There’s no better way to get into the spirit of fall than having hair that is reflective of everything we love about fall. Think the changing hues of fall leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and any color in between. It’s the perfect time to spice up your ombre and balayage look with hints of reds, amber and golden shades. And if you aren’t 100 percent sure about your color, you can always get a dye that washes out easily the first time. If you like it, switch to permanent or semi-permanent dye later.

– Extend it!

Those of you with short hair who wish they had longer hair to enjoy during the cooler months, do not despair! Thanks to modern hair technology, a simple set of clip-in hair extensions can solve that problem instantly. You can then switch up between long and short as your heart desires.

– Curl it!

Other options for short hair ladies to change up their look for fall and winter is to curl it! A curling iron and some time in front of a mirror can do wonders for your style. We’re not saying you need to pull off a Shirley Temple-esque curly head of hair, but a few voluminous curls looks great on anyone.

– Gets Some Bangs

It’s the perfect time of year to experiment with a set of bangs if you’ve been dreaming of them during the summer months. The challenge with bangs in summer is how they can often sit limp and lifeless due to the humidity and heat. Not to forget to mention the pain of having them annoyingly in your face when you’re hot and sweaty. During fall and winter, you’re more likely to tolerate bangs and they’ll naturally cooperate better with the change in climate.

If bangs are a little too adventurous for you, you can simply change the way you brush your hair. The rigid middle part can be swept to the side for a more flowing look and to instantly add volume to your hair. If you have a longer fringe that shapes your face, try sweeping it to the side for a more dramatic look to match the fall vibe.

For Long Hair Styles

For longer hair styles, it is much easier to find more specific and popular styles to try out this coming fall and winter season. While this isn’t an exhaustive list of what you can achieve with long hair – it is a reasonable place to start your search for a new hairdo!

Based on the ideas below, we hope you’ll find inspiration for a style that suits you!

– Half Up, Half Down

The half-up, half-down ponytail is trending at the moment. This is a classic that a lot of people with longer hair enjoy. It’s stylish, while also taking little effort to put together, and looks great when done with straight or slightly curly hair. This is a less professional style, however, so you may want to consider it for your days off instead of going to work with it.

– Braided Bun

Speaking of work, in many workplaces it is more than acceptable to do a braided bun! These are fancier than a regular bun and give an almost princess feel to your look. This is a style better done with lighter hair colours, or those with balayage color, as the braiding will stand out better. As a bonus, it keeps your hair up and out of your face as you go about your day! Very good for a professional setting, but maybe a little too much effort to put into your hair on a day you spend at home.

– Loose Plaits

For those that prefer to leave their hair down instead of up, you can try a loose plait style! This style is similar to a braided updo in that you use braiding or plaiting as the primary style choice, but that’s where the similarities end. A loose plait style for long hair looks similar to what the princess Rapunzel’s hair would look like when braided, and is a style that is good for the workplace, for going out on errands, or even if you just want to feel a little special at home! This style is on the rise and very easy to do with any kind of hair, and looks great no matter the colour of your hair


One of the easiest ways to change up your hair look for fall and winter is to switch up your hair color. Here are some gorgeous color ideas to try out this season.

– Icy Blonde Goddess

This next style works for short or long hair, and has more to do with the colour than with the style. A new trend appearing recently is the Icy Blonde Goddess, a coloring style that makes you look like a snow queen coming out of the mountains to greet the villagers of old. You can thank Daenerys Targaryen for this inspiration.

For those that don’t mind a dye job, this winter-themed style may just be the new thing you’re looking for to spice up your hair styling and appearance. The look is more striking for darker or tanned skin tones as it can wash out pale skin if not toned with care, so keep that in mind if this one is eye-catching to you!

– Warmer Hues

On the note of colouring during the colder season, a darker hue may be more up your alley if you’re looking to exude the warm and cosy feeling.  It’s the perfect time to freshen up your balayage and add some more colors to a one tone hair color. For a natural brunette, some golden or amber highlights will add dimension like the crema of a warm pumpkin spice latte. The ombre look can be heightened with tones.

As a blonde, you can add more depth to the roots of your hair using the popular sombre coloring trend which utilizes a soft ombre technique.

Now that we’ve given you all the advice that we can on the newest, hottest hairstyles that have come about recently, it’s time to make your own decision! Take a look at the styles we’ve mentioned, combine ideas from multiple styles, or use this article as a springboard for finding your own unique styles this season!

The sky’s the limit, and there are plenty of fresh ideas to choose from if you’re looking for a new hairdo as either a temporary or a permanent change in your life. There’s no wrong answer, so have fun and discover the style that fits you!