Effective Ways To Consider While Transfering Data to New iPhone 11

Smartphones have radically changed our lifestyle. With amazing features, smartphones help manage our lives in a better way. With the inclusion of new and improvised features, people tend to shift from their current device/operating system in search of something better.

If you are acquainted with the features and specifications of the new iPhone11, you would know why the phone is hyped in its popularity. When it comes to switching from Android to iPhone, there are several things that you need to consider. Such as the operating system, Sim slots, connectivity, etc. Data transfer is one of the crucial aspects of shifting to a new phone.

While buying iPhone and replacing Android, People often forget the pain of data transfer to new iPhone until they face reality. If you want to transfer files from iPhone to iPhone, you can get it done using any of the data transfer apps powered by Apple. But when it comes to transferring files from Android phone to iPhone, you would have to find some effective ways. From photos to documents, you would need to copy everything along with everything you also need to transfer text messages from Android to iPhone.

If you are fed up looking for reliable ways to transfer your data from Android to your brand new iPhone, don’t worry and take a look at the below applications that can ease your hassle:-

Dr.fone – Switch

Enabling one click and high-speed transfer, dr.fone – Switch is your ideal ally for data transfer to new iPhone from old Android. It is one of the effective ways to complete data transfer within a single click. You don’t need to follow a series of steps to complete your transfer. Dr.fone is easily compatible with all the devices and helps in transferring all sorts of data.

To be precise, dr.fone supports 15 types of files at a single transfer. The transfer sped of dr.fone is yet another remarkable feature of dr.fone. It allows USB transfer ensuring that your connectivity is not interrupted between the transfer. With USB transfer, you don’t have to worry about establishing internet connectivity to share your files.


Transferring a wide range of data across cross-operating system devices, Shareit is yet another reliable data transfer app. With Shareit you can ensure that your data is transferred safely and quickly. Shareit is a widely popular sharing app that lets users share a variety of data seamlessly. Transfer speed of Shareit is one of its impressive features that make users choose this app over any other top-rated apps in the market.

Offering a speed of 20 Mbps, Shareit can transfer your data at lightning-fast speed. Not just extending it’s transferring services, Shareit is known for its powerful media player where you can effectively manage your music files and enjoy it on the go. Another great advantage of Shareit is that it allows offline transfer. So you don’t need to be connected with the internet to accelerate your transfer.

Samsung Smart Switch

If you are looking for reliable wireless apps that offer faster data transfer to new iPhone, Samsung Smart Switch is the name for you. It is a free data transfer app that is available on the Google Play Store. It is a cross-platform data sharing app that helps you transfer all the relevant data across different platforms, including iOS, Android Mac, and Windows. As mentioned earlier, Samsung Switch offers wireless transfer, you would need a USB cable to connect your Android device with your new iPhone 11.

With Samsung Switch you can easily transfer contacts, messages, images, app data, music, photos, videos, documents, and everything that is stored in your Android device. If you think that Samsung will only support Samsung smartphone, then this data transfer app might surprise as it is compatible with a majority of leading smartphone brands that include HTC, Motorola, Sony, etc. With Samsung Smart Switch, transfer your data in the smartest way. Just a USB cable and a few clicks, and you can get access to all your Android data on your new iPhone 11.

While shifting to the new and improvised features and specifications, you would not want to lose your important data. Hence data transfer to new iPhone becomes a necessary process to make sure you have access to all your essential data.

The above mentioned were three of the best applications in the market that are known to best serve your purpose of data transfer. Make sure to pick your ideal option that best suits your requirements and make your data transferring process easier.

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