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Hair Transplant Treatments that Actually Work



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Have you ever wondered that what comprises the most essential part of your persona? The answer will undoubtedly be hair. Yes, hair comprises the maximum of our beauty and what if it starts losing its luster and proper growth all of a sudden? You are then quite likely to become unattractive to other people around you. This generates feelings of being inferior to others.

Well, no worries at all. With the best Hair Transplant in Istanbul Turkey, you can now treat hair loss issues that are impeding your true beauty to a great extent. A team of knowledgeable medical professionals will make the best of their endeavors and has a solution to your hair issues. So, what are you waiting for? Come to Turkey and find a perfect solution to any of your hair problems.

Why choose Turkey?

The sole reason that most of the travelers hit this nation is to get the best hair transplant treatments as compared to other where. Apart from its azure beaches and serene natural beauties. Turkey also has to offer us oodles of medical organizations that are built specifically to perform different types of hair transplant treatments. Strange as it may sound, but every year more than 5000 tourists come to Turkey to receive the finest hair transplant treatments.

What’s more? The sector of hair transplant has thrived in Turkey to a great extent that it even outspread to different parts of the globe like Europe and U.S. It is said that it will become widespread even more within the next few years.

So, if you are also one of those who is ailing with some sort of hair loss issue. Then all you need to do is to come to Turkey to get the finest hair transplant treatment ever.

Hair Transplant Procedure

When it comes to restoring your hair in the best possible way, no other treatment can substitute something like hair transplant. A team of highly skilled medical professionals at the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey will use the finest methods and technologies. The entire procedure includes transferring hair follicles from the back of the head also called the donor area. And infusing those healthy follicles in the bald areas like head, beard and eyebrows.

This procedure is conducted by using the modern Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique. It is performed with the aid of a motorized device called the micro motor. The ends of this device are installed with micro punches of different diameters to correspond with the individual hair follicles. Hair follicles are removed one by one using this device and are kept in a solution to protect them from external factors.

Next, punctures are being created in the areas of baldness which needs to be transplanted. And finally, the hair follicles are being placed one at a time into the punctures.

hair treatment

Figure 1 implanting the grafts- Avrupa sac Ekimi clinic in Istanbul

Hair transplant stands out from other hair loss treatments in a way that in other cases, the hair strands have a chance to fall again. Whereas it’s completely the reverse case in hair transplant and not a single strand will fall down for the rest of your life.

Based upon the different needs of clients, some of the hair transplant treatments which are offered can be considered as follows:

  • Beard Transplant
  • FUE for Men
  • Hair Lowering
  • FUE for Women

And you will also get the aforesaid treatments at the expense of affordable price range as well.

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