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3 Factors That Make a Clean Room ‘Clean’



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Typically, a clean room is a controlled environment in which there are very minimal pollutants. As a result, the level of contamination remains very low. Clean rooms are mostly used by manufacturing sectors such as pharmaceutical industries. Maintaining a clean room involves all stakeholders from designing, fabrication, finishing, and control. A clean room door, in particular, needs unique design and care since it plays a significant role in preventing contamination. This article will help you understand what makes a clean room a ‘clean room.’ A better way to clean rooms and repair the house with budget services can be good through hvac repair.

  • The internal surface of a clean room

For a clean room to be in total compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices, all its interior surfaces:

  • Should be smooth and impervious
  • Should not generate their contamination like dust, flake or peel
  • Should not provide a proliferation place for microorganisms
  • Should be accessible and easy to clean
  • Should be rigid, unable to crease, dent, crack or shatter easily

The internal surfaces can be of various materials. However, the best materials, which also enhance beauty, is glass. There are other cheaper options like the plaster-boards that have two pot epoxy coating. 

Concrete sealers are applied to concrete to protect it from surface damage, corrosion, and staining. They either block the pores in the concrete to reduce absorption of water and salts or form an impermeable layer which prevents such materials from passing. Here is the best company for Concrete Coating Sealers Australia.

  • The airflow in  a clean room

One very critical characteristic of a clean room is that it requires a lot of air that is at controlled temperature and humidity. It is because of this reason that Air Handling Units (AHU) in most clean rooms use over 60% of all the power used in the site. For a clean room to be clean, it needs more air. Consequently, the cost of maintaining the temperature and humidity in a clean room is quite high.

 To reduce the cost, the AHU is designed in a way to recirculate almost 80% of the air in the room. At the same time, the AHU gets rid of any particulate contamination in the room. A good designed AHU ensures a balanced circulation of both fresh and recirculated filtered air into the clean room.  Here is the best way to check the air purity with clean room at

 As the air goes out of the clean room, filters remove the particles. Where there are harmful vapors or gases, they are not recirculated into the room. In such clean rooms, 100% fresh air is circulated into the room.

Most clean rooms operate at a higher pressure. The volume of the air introduced and that removed is highly controlled. A good clean room should have air moving in and out. The location of where the air is brought out and where it is taken out is also very crucial.

  • The supply and the exhaust system 

One of the most critical factors that should be considered in a clean room is the location of the supply and return air grilles. The two should be on opposite sides of the clean room. This location is key to the ‘plug’ flow effect. 

For those processes that require Grade A air such aseptic, great care should be taken to ensure the air is not contaminated before coming into contact with the product.

In conclusion, parts of a clean room should be kept clean. Pay special attention to a clean room door since it is important in preventing contamination.

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