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Guide to Picking the Best Islands in Thailand for Island Hopping



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Thailand is, without a doubt, one of the best tourist destinations. Be it your honeymoon, planning a serene and romantic trip with your partner or a sporty, adventurous picnic with friends, Thailand provides you with just about everything!

The beautiful temples, the mesmerising beaches, the modern and urban communities of Bangkok! All of it is spellbinding, and you will never miss out on anything while you are in Thailand!

The drawback? The only troublesome thing you’ll face is jotting down the places you want to see as a tourist there. 

We can assure you that Thailand is full of amazing places that you do not want to miss, and the hardest thing is deciding which sites you can go.

So, let’s start with the most beautiful destinations!

Take a visit to the Grand Palace

A hundred and fifty years old, this palace is a must-visit and should be on your bucket list. This palace is famous for the king whose whole government was set up here. His court was established within the walls of this palace. 

It covers an area of about 218,400 sq. Meters and every step has something new to show! The massive walls and the breath-taking offices are the main attraction of this palace. 

Getting Thai Massages

Yea, you heard us right. Thai massages are a must! Whosoever it is you are on a visit to Thailand with, be it your friends or your other half, you cannot miss out on these relaxing massages!

If you want to stretch your body and you need some working on the pressure points, get your well-deserved Thai massage! 

Their style is unique and will give you something to remember for a lifetime. Plus, the massage parlours are entirely inexpensive. The best thing is you can get this fun and relaxing experience anywhere in Thailand since they’re available in all small towns and big cities!

Shopping at the Floating Market

Thailand has a bunch of floating markets; however, a visit to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is a must!

This market is situated about 100 kilometres outside of Bangkok and is enormous. These extremely famous boats sell fruits and vegetables. People who love capturing memories with their camera will have tons of opportunities to get incredible pictures. The canals and the small wooden houses there are a treat for them!

Sathorn Unique – the Skyscraper

For those who love adventure, you do not want to miss out on visiting this considerable skyscraper! This building is well-known because of its 49 stories that go up into the clouds. However, because of the lack of finances this project was abandoned. 

This skyscraper is said to be haunted; however, it is yet to be proven. For this reason, it is also known as the Ghost tower.

It is not an official tourist site, but if you enjoy gazing at the most enthralling views and like hearing folk stories, then you should add this on your must-visit list! 

Travel local via scooter

Many tourists roam around Thailand on bikes. It is a fast means of travelling and is a fun way to explore new places. Plus, you don’t have to depend on a group or guide to explore places with. You are on your own and moving in and out of traffic is enjoyable as well!

These are some of the most entertaining activities that you can do while spending time in Thailand. If you are looking for something new and fun to do, then keep this list of fascinating places in your mind!

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