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What is Diamond Painting? Introduction, Tips & Tricks for Beginners



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Diamond Painting is a new hobby that combines Cross Stitch with Paint By Numbers.

Diamond Painting was developed in 2015 as a smoother, quicker and therapeutic alternative to Cross Stitch.

You add tiny resin “diamonds” to a DMC coded adhesive canvas with Diamond Painting to make colorful mosaic paintings.

Step-by-step Diamond Paint directions

  • Remove all products from the box
  • Spread the canvas on a clean, flat surface
  • Choose one color diamond to begin with
  • Place the diamonds in the included rainbow tray for an easy choice.
  • This helps you to collect the diamonds.

Note: some wax kits are available. Other tweezers come with you–your choice!

Place the tip of the application device on the rounded side of the diamond Remove the plastic film back and place carefully the diamond on its symbol.

What is the difference between the square and round drills?

You often come across’ Square Drill’ and’ Round Drill’ in Diamond Painting. In Diamond Painting, a’ drill’ is just another word for’ diamond,’ but when we talk about Round versus Square Drill we refer to the physical shape of the diamonds.

It is important to know in choosing between square and round boxes that there are no correct answers. Your purpose should be to choose which type you think is most beautiful:).


Creates A Fuller, More Total Looking Painting.
Square boilers look a little “cleaner” than round boilers. They can be more easily aligned and create a “full” mosaic look from far away.

Square Diamonds “Snap” Into the square with satisfaction.
It’s the little things that matter really! When you advance on painting and start to fill up holes, you get a “snap” and a feeling of accomplishment when dormant as that sounds!

How to Diamond Paint?

You finally completed that stunning diamond drawing. Now. Each diamond is finally filled and you love your creation and the next thing that comes into your mind is how to sift it.

Your research is not yet finished given your long hours of work. Now, you have to refine your masterpiece more. This is the last step in the process of diamond painting: sealing.

Some diamond beads will slip off the canvas over time. The only way to prevent this is by using a testing material. The sealant can also reinforce your painting and give it a structure. This can make mounting and storing it easier without damaging the painting.

In this article we explain some techniques to help you with your diamond painting’s final sealing process.

If you are still not in the final step, then check out some of these handy diamond painting techniques or find out more in our Diamond Painting blog –all that you need to get started. Check the video How to Diamond Paint.


Here are some of the materials you need to wear the sealant: Sealer Glue / Finish (or Sealer Spray, Gloss Modge Podge), Paint Brush Toothbrush (or cloth,) Tweezers. We strongly recommend looking at Diamond Painting Wizard Full kits If you’re confused about where to use these important tools. They provide you with the supplies you will need from the set-up to the refinement of your sealer, at every point of your diamond painting process.

You have the kind of sealant. However, when dried, we recommend a glue that remains clear because the type of glue you use could reduce the shining of your diamonds. Feel free to try various glues!


Air bubbles are separated between the diamonds. Press firmly but gently on all parts of the diamond painting with your roller.
Remove the additional wax and dust particles from the diamond perforations. You can do this by scrubbing a toothbrush first or by using a soft cloth to float through the cracks.
Alternatively, refine the information with a pair of tweezers.


Various types of sealants and techniques are available and you can choose whatever you want!
Stick paste. Dip your paintbrush in the glue and paint your paint with a generous coating–but not too much to reduce the intensity of your painting.
Colt remains. Apply this style carefully and cover the paint entirely, adding layers to your satisfaction.
Spray glue. Spray glue. Just use fast bursts and spray 2-3 times in separate areas of your painting.


Most glues will be active for a certain time only, so this cycle needs to be repeated every three years.

Make sure that you often dust your painting, because dust can still penetrate between the cracks of your beads when shown over a long time.

In the world of art and design, diamond painting is relatively new. When you read it, you too ride this latest wave of popularity around a diamond painting. Don’t be afraid to become creative and make sure you have fun!

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