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Hobart Cup 2019 | Facts, Field, Form & Tips



Hobart Cup 2019 | Facts, Field, Form & Tips
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Hobart cup day marks as one in the list of the three big races in Tasmania’s entire races. It has been a group 2 handicap race previously before holding a group 3 for more than one decade now. This race will take place two weeks before the Launceston cup. The two races run at the same distance of 2400 meters and have the same racing conditions. Therefore, Hobart cup could be the best race to base your predictions over the Launceston cup. Hobart Cup is normally held on the first or second Mondays of the month of February. In 2019, the race took place on Sunday the 10th of February. The race’s prize money is $250,000 in total spread through the first to the eighth positions. The race used to be held on Australian Day (Holiday) in the past years. The winner of Hobart cup in 1972 – Piping Lane, won in Melbourne cup later in that same year.

Hobart cup is one of the main social events held in Tasmania. Hobart cup has been enjoyed since the year 1875.

Hobart Cup Facts

To predict the horse that wins the race, you will need to consider the form, put into account the weight that the horse will carry, assess if there are any barriers among other factors.

The important additional factors that you need to consider include:

  • Analyze in the handicap thinking way and consider how much weight the horse could carry and bear it.
  • Make sure you know how the shape of the track is. Remember, it’s a long track and with turns here and there. It is important to note that a bad starting position or poor barrier does not mean that the horse will lose. There are rooms and opportunities for it to catch up along the race.
  • Endurance is everything in the race. Horses that run out of breath in the last track of the race are not the best choices.
  • Choosing the favourite horse as Hobart cup winner can disappoint sometimes. The favorites are not always the best.

Always take note of the unlucky barriers when placing your bet.

Hobart Cup Field

The field limit of this competition was 16. The table includes the top 16 horses that are expected to reach the end of the race. In this table, the horse’s age, sex, trainer, and previous winnings are indicated. Analyzing this table will give you more reliable betting tips. Remember that many horses are nominated for this race but only a few get to compete. The selected horses are the ones that previously won in the group races in a 2400 meters distance or more. This is where many runners are eliminated from the competition since they do not meet the requirements.

Hobart Cup Form

Hobart form guide includes the long-form, short, predictor, and speed. The data in the form involves the factors you need to consider when selecting the best runner. It clearly indicates each horse’s barrier numbers 16 being the worst. The smaller the number shows you how close the horse is to the inner rail. The horse that is closer to the rail has a higher chance of winning the race.

Betting Tips

International races betting are one of the hardest things to do as you clearly do not know what to expect. You need to be very careful with the selection you make. Let us look at a few betting tips for Hobart cup 2019.

  • The horse La Dernier Fille has won 4 of the races she took part in. She runs over the same distance not long ago so there are chances that your bet will be safe with her.
  • Century Arrow with his speed did so well at Launceston under Darmanin. Even though the horse does not do so well in Hobart like in Launceston, it is hard to beat this horse all the same.
  • The horse with quality and class on his sides, Gallow Gate, has good records at both Hobart cup day and Launceston horse races. Not a bad idea to place a winning bet on him.
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