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The Role of Smart Circuit-Breakers in the Modern Era



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There are several uses and benefits of smart circuit breakers across a range of infrastructures, such as data centres, hospitals, and commercial buildings. While the new-age intelligent devices offer traditional protection functions – similar to the conventional Air Circuit Breakers and Miniature Circuit Breakers, they provide facility teams with much more than the traditional ones. Here are the benefits along with smart services that arise from using smart circuit breakers.


As an integral component of a fully digitised power distribution system, smart circuit breakers aid us by simplifying regular maintenance, mitigating outages, and restoring power quickly in the case of an outage. A bulk of their functions aim to enhance safety and reliability, lower energy and maintenance costs, increase equipment life, and save time. The installed energy metering in the devices also helps in meeting new efficiency standards. The highest-level breakers include a flexible design, which supports adaptation to a demanding environment. 


When selecting smart circuit breakers, it’s critical to look for options that provide responsive support. If a vendor is available to help during the installation and startup phases, you will be able to solve the issues efficiently. Also, make sure that you look out for extended warranty options. Some vendors also provide 24/7 maintenance programs. This form of support allows an organisation or infrastructure to have longer equipment lifespan, enhanced energy availability, and system safety.

To make the most of a smart circuit breaker, individuals must consider the services that are available to support them and the smart services they can enable. The breakers are completely digitised, along with remote data monitoring services. Prepare your building for the future of power management with the smart metering and smart circuit breakers ranges from #SchneiderElectric and make sure your #LifeIsOn. 

These smart circuit breakers are “future-ready” and “services-ready,” as Schneider Electric offers complete support services for customers. The smart circuit breakers integrate the latest digital technologies and innovations that go on to combine scalability, durability, and connectivity to offer greater power uptime and energy efficiency. These smart circuit breakers come in different sizes, enabling organisations to find the perfect solution for their needs.

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