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3 Things to Never Ask a Military Veteran in the Workplace




According to the U.S. Department of Labor, in August 2019 the 3.4 percent veteran unemployment rate represented the 12th consecutive month this metric was lower than the non-veteran unemployment rate (at 3.6 percent)—an indication that the hiring of veterans is going strong. Considering estimates that there are 18.8 million veterans living in America today, representing 7.6 percent of the country’s population, this is a robust, trained and skilled employee pool that can make a significant impact on U.S. industry and, in turn, the global economy at large.

However, while the copious benefits of hiring military vets has been well-reported and it appears U.S. employers are taking heed, there are a number of critical considerations business owners and managers must keep top-of mind—and impart to their staffers—relative to what’s considered inappropriate dialogue with a person who has served in the military.  There are also legal landmines to avoid when interviewing a veteran for any kind of employment opportunity, whether full or part time, contract, freelance or any other.

According to retired Army Lieutenant Colonel John Berry of Berry Law Firm, you can improve your veteran hiring and retention by making small changes to your interview process.  Berry, whose law firm became the first to ever receive the Department of Labor’s HIREVets Platinum Medallion, has filled his staff with veterans by following a few simple rules.  Among them are a list of questions to NEVER ask, including:

  • Do you have PTSD? – First, in an interview situation, it’s illegal to ask this mental health question before a job offer has been made under the Americans With Disabilities Act, and even after unless certain conditions are met. So, avoid this line of questioning (even after a hiring decision has been made) or risk exposing the company to legal repercussions. Second, it’s just disrespectful.  The veteran will likely think they’re being stigmatized and labeled as “damaged goods” in some way or regarded as a stereotypical “unstable veteran,” which will make it difficult to establish trust, a healthy rapport and a sustainable professional relationship ongoing.
  • Have you ever killed anyone? – Most veterans who served in combat don’t want to discuss the details of their military service with a civilian, whether it be a boss or workplace counterpart. This question can be offensive, disconcerting or generally uncomfortable to the veteran who did, in fact, have to take a life in the defense of his or her country—and can be equally objectionable for veterans who made many sacrifices, but did not have to take the life of another. The notion of taking another human being’s life in the line of duty is a highly sensitive and emotion-evoking topic that demands the utmost courtesy of privacy.
  • Have you ever been shot? – While the veteran may not have a current disability from an injury, you don’t want to take the chance of touching on what could be deep-seated emotional wounds and traumatic memories of physical distress that may have been difficult to come to terms with. Furthermore, the veteran who was not in combat is likely proud of his or her accomplishments in the military, and, whether or not they’ve engaged in gunfire and/or been hit, may perceive the comment as belittling.

There are also a few key concerns owners and managers should bear in mind when managing veterans who are already on the payroll as formal hires. According to Berry, here are top-line things to avoid:

  • Don’t make combat references or analogies. It’s bad form to tell a veteran that dealing with a competitor or other professional foe is like “hand-to-hand combat” or that you’re taking “friendly fire.” Relating these kinds of serious phrases in the mind and heart of a veteran to civilian experiences can be distasteful at best and even deemed utterly reprehensible.
  • Don’t make fun of any military branch if you didn’t serve. It’s generally accepted for veterans to lightheartedly make fun of the other branches of service with and among fellow veterans. You might hear a vet refer to Marines as “crayon eaters,” joke about the Air Force “not really being military,” and other such tongue-in-cheek remarks. However, veterans greatly frown upon a person who has never served making fun of their branch of service or any other.
  • Don’t bad-mouth military conflicts. You may think you are showing empathy by talking about “unnecessary” wars and deployments and that our veterans should not have had to make sacrifices. Political views aside, you may be speaking to a veteran who is proud to have served in that conflict and, irrespective of all, respects the governmental decisions made to go that route. Don’t risk degrading the veteran’s actual service—and choice to throw themselves into the fray—because you disagree with the nature of the conflict.

“Veterans are some of the hardest working, dedicated and loyal employees you could ever hope to hire … I know, because I have hired dozens of them on my team,” Berry notes. “In fact, they are the most important asset in my company. If you get the chance to hire a veteran, don’t mess up what can be a hugely fruitful and rewarding engagement by saying something distasteful—or downright stupid. As a hiring manager or a colleague, you can establish camaraderie with veteran coworkers by being mindful and respectful person, and the vet will undoubtedly ‘cover your six’ no matter what challenges come your way.”



Learn About the Importance of Home Electrical Distribution Box



Electrical Distribution Box

Electrical power is foremost as it is comparatively much cooler to communicate and allocate than other forms of energy such as mechanical. Imagine transmitting mechanical energy to just 30 feet of distance. Everybody have noticed that the electrical energy is produced in creating places and how it is spread at longer distances from transmission systems. Now, let’s see how electrical power is dispersed to the customers. A distribution board, which is even called as breaker panel as well as electric panel or panel board, is a constituent of an electricity supply system that splits an electrical power feed into lesser circuits, while offering a protective circuit and fuse breaker for each circuit in a mutual enclosure.

A lot of individuals are not aware that power outpours occurs normally each day when the electrical network goes away where the home electrical distribution is attached. Many a times these fleeting power points are invisible and not a danger, though there are times when such power and spikes surges are much for a household electrical system to endure and huge damage takes place to appliances, electronics as well as even heating and air conditioning methods.

The simplest method to defend in contradiction of these terribly monetary blow is to connect or get a qualified electrician a whole house surge suppression unit. This unit is installed at the service load center at the entrance of the home and essentially either it takes the controls surge or readdresses it to ground therefore stopping any additional injury.

The mainstream of persons believe that a point of use surge strip is adequate to protect electronics, computers, and home entertainment midpoints and so on. However in realism it is not enough for few of the power surges. Installing a whole house surge suppression unit in conjunction with point of use surge strips is good for peace of mind in knowing your home and everything within is protected. . For optimal performance with this board, you will have to get a professional electrical distribution box India that brings good quality electrical work on a regular basis.

Let’s know the significance of Electrical Distribution Board in a Building

An electrical distribution board is a vital part of an electrical installation in any part of the building. Its determination is to allocate the power supply consistently all over the structure by the method of various circuits. The power that comes in has to be measured in this method to stop any overloads from happening. Specialists connect the distribution board at the point where the foremost power feed comes inside the building and feed lines off the numerous circuits to offer electricity to many feasting points inside the building.

  • Basic Formation of an Electrical Distribution Board

The standard configuration for this kind of board is one main breaker to show off the whole electrical offer with multiple mini-circuit breakers that management specific areas of the building. The most feeds the opposite breakers their specific voltage of electricity to send to their assigned places, machinery or appliances. Intensive cabling is important for all the circuits to hold out their tasks.

  • Other Relevant Mechanisms in Electrical Distribution Boards

Electrical distribution boards has got an unusual circuit breaker, which is the major part of such board panels. It has the chief function that contains splitting the entire quantity of electrical power whether it is single or may be three phase and allocating it to a guaranteed amount of less circuit breakers. Every mini breakers are associated to a precise cable that gives a person power outlet, light circuit and machine point. Such cables are even implanted in the delivery board, nonetheless they are situated on the conflicting side of the chief feeding cable.

  • Electrical Distribution Boards Are Customizable

Each electrical distribution board is customizable to suit the needs of the commercial property owner. The technical and structural characteristics of the electrical distribution boards might differ each building has contradictory electrical load necessities to perform their day-to-day operations. Often, they are even local regulations as to how these boards are arranged and connected.

  • Electrical Distribution Board Delivers Electricity in the Right Voltage

The significance of safeguarding that your electrical distribution board is arranged and connected appropriately must not be undervalued. Its major role is to allocate the electricity in the correct portions to every place of the building that needs to be safe, well-organized method. When there is no board, you might have continuous shorts and overloads that could give electrically caused fires and blackouts in simple cases. For best performance and high level of competence and safety in your commercial or residential building, assure yourself to consult a dependable and best specialized installer of any company for connecting any electrical methods.

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5 Huge Advantages of Choosing a Large Courier Service Company for Your Business




With the onslaught on inbound information targeting every customer, it takes 21 reinforcements. With no geographic boundaries and overnight shipping, every company that does what your business delivers is a competitor.

A brand separates your company from its competitors. It is what your prospects and customers think and feel when they come in contact with your business. Most prospects will turn this off if they do not have the need the service right now. What the potential customer wants is value to solve problems they face every day.

Before the Internet, experts said that a potential customer needed 7 reinforcements of a brand until they remembered that company. Now, with the onslaught on inbound information targeting every customer, it takes 21 reinforcements.Your company can highlight its brand by sending or mailing something of value to the prospect every month.

For example –

  • Congratulate them on something or follow up on a significant event that you know about what they just experienced. This will show that the prospect you are interested in them.
  • Are they moving to a specific trade conference? This will help connect in person.
  • Point out a recent article, tool, or book that was valuable to you. This will show you are knowledgeable, and they can count on you for expert information.
  • Identify a resource or make a connection for them. This will show that you want to help their business beyond just selling your products.

Just hearing the names of big courier service companies often erases the doubts that you may have when it comes to the delivery of a very important document or product. If you have a business that requires frequent inbound and outbound shipments, you would most likely choose a large company over one that has no proven track record yet. I’m listing out some of the primary profits that you can get when working with a large and established courier service company.

They have established a reputation.

A business that has grown in size simply means one thing – customers are happy with their services. Satisfied customers will normally keep coming back for more. So if a courier service company is large with branches across the globe, it only goes to show that people trust them. Most likely, dealing with these large companies will also give you the same satisfaction that the other customers experienced.

Tracking the status of your shipment is easier.

Generally speaking, big shipping companies can afford to pay talented IT personnel who can develop programs and systems that will allow fast and easy tracking of items they are handling. So if you want to be able to track each and every order and delivery, this can be possible if you hire the services of a big company with a reliable tracking system that is accessible even through the internet.

Large companies have flexible systems and procedures to cater to the different needs of their clients.

With ample years of experience, large providers in this kind of service niche have formed a rule that is flexible enough to feed to the specific needs of their clients. Working with a new or smaller company would be another story since they are still in the process of developing their systems. Chances are some of the needs of your business that may not be answered satisfactorily.

Big companies have access to a wider network.

The majority of big companies have branches in many different countries all over the globe. With a wider network, you can easily get your products or important business papers to where you want them to be. This will give your business an appended position because your business transactions will have a minor chance of confronting delays.

Large courier services generally have a competitive pricing scheme.

Marketing departments of these large companies are responsible for developing a strategic pricing plan that will encourage more clients to choose them over their rivals. You can observe that most, if not, all of their services are offered at reasonable prices and with a high level of quality. Customer satisfaction and retention are always the primary concerns of a large organization. One, they have a name to uphold, and second, they want to run a profitable business. This will only happen if they have a steady stream of customers coming in their doors.

Courier services have become more and more important in the life of businesses, whether big or small, online or traditional. Your business also has a better chance to flourish with the help of a reliable courier service. For this reason and a lot more, you need to choose wisely when looking for a company to handle your business transactions. If you choose large courier service companies like Goodales Pallet Couriers with a good reputation in the industry, there is no doubt that you will face lesser worries and have more stress-free business operations.

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How Leaders and Managers Can Reduce Stress in the Workplace




Stress causes US businesses to suffer losses of $300 billion annually.

It is not any surprise that workplace stress is a leading cause of emotional and physical health issues.

A healthy employee, fit in mind and body, is a better employee, which translates to a more profitable outcome in every way.

The reasons are usual and have existed for decades.

  • Performance and anxiety about targets
  • Long commutes
  • The boredom that comes with underemployment of skills
  • Harassment and bullying
  • Downsizing and fear of layoffs
  • Lack of promotion
  • Lack of rapport with colleagues
  • Real or perceived lack of recognition coupled with low pay

However, very little is usually done to accept that there is indeed a problem and that the issue of workplace stress has to be addressed.

An entrepreneur has the responsibility of mitigating the causes of workplace stress as far as possible. It is not an easy task, but it is not impossible either.

What is primarily needed is a change in mindset and to view the business as not only a profit-generating entity but one that cares for the wellness of its employees and the society at large also. Of course, this view goes entirely against the top and bottom line-driven business model that has come to exist.

But entrepreneurs can bring massive disruption and change the system as no one else in modern society can.

So what can you as an entrepreneur do to lessen the stress your employees feel? We take a look.

Make wellness a priority –

Physical activity leads to the release of endorphins. Endorphins are feel-good neurotransmitters that cause the well-known “runner’s high.”

As little as 10 minutes of physical activity can have beneficial effects.

How to make your employees get more physical activity?

  1. Encourage them to go on a walk or jog at lunchtime. If possible, sponsor their gym memberships.
  2. Buy them fitness trackers and have them upload the data. Those employees who walk 10000 steps a day can be given gifts to recognize their effort. A power bank or portable smoothie blender with an inspirational motto printed by a customized label design partner such iCustomLabel as is perfect. You can create a personalized label or stickers with some text for your employees.
  3. Remove sugary snacks from the office and substitute it with fresh fruits and oatmeal bars.
  4. Encourage your employees to limit their intake of caffeine to no more than 2-3 times daily.
  5. Have a yoga and meditation teacher train those who want to learn once weekly at the office. Meditation is a proven stress-buster, but there is an initial skepticism that is hard to overcome.

Have flexible working hours –

This might seem to be more challenging to implement, but with the enormous advances in technology, there is no reason why employees cannot, at times, work from home.

Cisco Webex and GoToMeeting have been around for well over a decade.

Google Duo and Facetime provide perfect multi-party video calling.

Most of the work that employees do is done on cloud-based software like Zoho, Google Docs, and Office 365.

Also, it is a good idea to have a “no-meeting” day. With everyone always collaborating through email, Skype, WhatsApp, the traditional meeting has become slightly irrelevant.

Worrying about getting through the remaining workload by the end of the day while a colleague rambles on about some arcane point adds to stress.

Show your gratefulness –

There are a couple of ways to do it – with your checkbook and your demeanor.

As the boss, your behavior and bearing are of far more important than you think. Are you stressed? Is it showing? Then have no doubt that your employees are stressed too. After all, their existence from rent to savings is linked to you.

To reduce their stress, you have to work at reducing your stress. Yes, there have been famed entrepreneurs who were incredibly boorish. We are talking of Jobs and his famed temper.

But that was accompanied by his brilliance and charisma, which to no small degree, drove Apple to become a household name.

Be kind to your employees. Be grateful to them.

Kind words and celebratory plaques work up to a point, but it is essential to have a transparent monetary reward system in place.

The difficulty is not so much in awarding a pecuniary benefit but making the process transparent beyond all doubt. That, someone, received a bonus, and others did not should never lead to rancor and more stress!

One of the ways to approach this is to make broad performance metrics available le to all employees once every six months.

Provide counseling –

Too many companies provide psychotherapy for more motivation and productivity and not for stress.

However, recent advancements in Cognitive Behavior Therapy have shown that it is possible to relieve stress at the workplace through dialogue.

Originally designed to help suicidal people cope, it has now evolved into a technique of teaching non-judgemental acceptance and observation of the world around us.

Needless to say, being able to accept the flow is one of the best ways to cope with the constant change at startups.

Focus on teams –

An easy way to lower stress is to put the blame on a team (if such guilt has to be allotted) rather than upon an individual.

For centuries this is how armies have coped. Success and failure are shared from a platoon to a division. That is how soldiers have been able to survive unimaginable stress – shared blame and shame.

You could also do the same and ensure that no one individual ever gets to be blamed.


Workplace stress is real. Those who are sitting in the corner office often forget what it is like to be down in the trenches.

Empathy can play a significant role in alleviating stress. You have to be creative about how you tailor and adapt the advice above into your organization.

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8 Best Business Intelligence(BI) Trends to follow in 2020



8 Best Business Intelligence(BI) Trends to follow in 2020

Over the past decade, technology has transformed our lives in many ways. One prominent factor in this transformation has been the increased adoption of business intelligence (BI). From analyzing mobile usage patterns, shopping trends, and market dynamics, to the further development of e-commerce, the insights generated by BI have indeed opened new pathways for businesses.

With constant innovation of new technologies, 2019 was disruptive for BI. Evolutions in data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) have become synergized with BI to produce more powerful analytics, insights, and predictions than ever.

As a new decade dawns upon us, let’s take a look at how these BI technologies will continue to trend in 2020, and for what we should be prepared to see.

Trend #1: Data Quality Management

Data quality management (commonly abbreviated as (DQM) is a strategy and structure designed to improve data quality to achieve business outcomes.

How is it trending?

DQM is all about how a business acquires & manages high-quality data to implement towards business health and growth. More and more data quality applications are shifting from back-office functions like database cleanup to more strategic, revenue-generating practices.

Findings from a survey conducted by the Business Application Research Center indicate that the focus on data quality management will be the leading BI trend in 2020.

Trend #2: Data Visualization

Data visualization is a way to help make sense of data and information through visual representation in relevant charts, graphs, maps, plots, etc.

How is it trending?

Scrambling to glean insights from their data to prepare for business growth has long been a struggle for many organizations.

Data visualization makes it easier for business decision-makers to grasp difficult concepts or decipher new patterns from their data. The use of circle visualizations, steam graphs, and bar graphs are on the rise, and this trend is expected to continue in 2020.

Trend #3: Data-Driven Culture

Data driven culture means enabling users at all levels of operations with insights that empower them to make informed decisions. Organizations are taking up digital transformation initiatives to bring analytics to the core of their everyday operations.

How is it trending?

Companies will continue to reinforce data-driven operations. They will focus on

about adopting technologies and mechanisms to collate data, analyze it, and make the insights available at all levels of operations.

Trend #4: Data Governance

Data governance means managing the availability, usability, integrity, and security of enterprise data. With the growing need of becoming data-driven, organizations will also continue to invest in data governance.

How is it trending?

As the volume of enterprise data grows, data professionals are moving towards the utilization of automated agents to help aggregate and curate so much information. In some cases, robotic process automation (RPA) is proving to be a valuable tool for enhancing and improving data governance.

Businesses are finding value in incorporating autonomous master data management (MDM) solutions, which can now be implemented far more quickly and efficiently than in years past.

Trend #5: Self-Service BI

Self-service BI is about taking advantage of a data analytics application that enables even non-technical users to access and break down corporate data.

How is it trending?

Self-service BI has been trending for some time, and we’re now at a tipping point where the analytics output of business users with self-service capabilities is surpassing the output of “professional” data scientists.

Self-service BI will continue to help businesses become more agile in 2020. It will open up more possibilities for analytics that are driven by individuals who hold a more comprehensive range of non-technical roles within their organizations.

Trend #6: Real-Time Analytics

Real-time analytics is the instantaneous analysis of data as soon as it becomes available. Users can gain insights or conclude data almost immediately.

How is it trending?

Advent of IOT, omni channel sales and newer technologies requires enterprises to be able to analyze data as soon as it gets created. Real-time analytics will continue to be in string demand, especially in the manufacturing, data center and security surveillance domains.

Trend #7: Machine Learning Driven Analytics

Machine learning is based on systems being taught to learn and adapt on their own, correlate patterns in data to bring out deeper insights.

How is it trending?

Machine learning is will play a vital role in analytics by enabling users to analyze vast, unstructured data, identify patterns and bring out insights and predictions. The focus will be on making machine learning driven analytics a part of everyday operations so that business users can get real time predictions on their everyday tasks.

Trend #8: Embedded BI and Analytics

Embedded BI is about integrating the power of business intelligence for data analytics within native applications that businesses are already using.

How is it trending?

Enterprises are now focusing on unifying the technology experience for their users. Instead of switching between multiple applications, the preference is to have everything in one screen, and this is where embedded analytics will play a crucial role. With embedded BI, business users will be able to access insights on their data within their applications. They would neither need to shift data or switch applications. This will not only expedite the speed of operations, but also improve efficiency and accuracy of operations.


2020 will be an exciting year for BI. Innovations that started seeding in 2019, will become a part of real-world operations and will render more power to the business users.

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Fast Selling Products Online – 4 Tips for Success



fast selling products

Who says that you have to leave your home to start a business? Days when that was necessary are ancient history. Today you can just wake up, have a cup of coffee, and start immediately. The best thing is that you can do it while still being in your pajamas. All you need are access to the Internet and strong will to do something. 

Be careful, though, this won’t be enough for your business to bloom. Follow these steps to make sure that you start a lucrative business, and you can begin with your first online sale in just a few hours.

Choose your product

What is the best place to start if not the beginning? It’s really important to pay attention to what kind of product you want to sell. You won’t be able to sell it if you don’t know enough about it to advertise it. The safest strategy is to start with something you have an interest in. That way you can save time you would otherwise spend learning about the product, and get into other steps of this process.  

What else is important is to check whether your product is going to sell or not. Don’t forget to research the market. There are sites on which you can find listings of daily or monthly number of sold units. This will help you put a price on your product. It will also provide you with a perspective on the competition. Choose something that will bring you income for the whole year. Seasonal products, for instance, Christmas related can make great profit during winter, but they aren’t that useful for the rest of the year. 

Use various selling methods

To master your eCommerce game, don’t use the self-same selling methods. Step up the game with various methods. For example, you can include coupons. Always remember that customers like is to have a deal. Make sure they see that your priority is not only to earn but to also take their financial situation into account. This way, the chances that they will buy something are increased. Another way would be creating some deals and putting deadlines on them or making a limited edition. With a sense of urgency, buyers will make purchases faster.

The methods that proved most useful are upselling and cross-selling. Upselling is persuading your customer to buy a more advanced, more expensive product rather than the one he or she is looking for. This means that if the searched item is a closet, you can propose one that is more upgraded next to the simpler one. On the other hand, cross-selling means that you want the buyers to consider related products too. In this case, next to the closets, you would suggest coat hangers.

Befriend your customers

When you have chosen the product and decided on ways to sell it, it is the time for the third stage. This one may seem irrelevant, but it isn’t. On the contrary, it’s very important if you want your customers to come back. Of course, if you’re selling quality products, people will want to buy from you more. To make sure they will be coming back for more, you want to gain their trust. Start building your relationship with them by advertising. Post articles, videos, or include some fun posts to attract attention to your brand. 

Don’t forget to include other people in this process of earning trust. Potential customers may not always believe you since you are the one selling the product. Because of this, it helps to provide them with other people’s experiences. Include customer reviews or video testimonials. You will see that a positive remark makes you feel as good as a sale, and other potential buyers will know that you are thrust-worthy.

Start selling

Finally, start selling your product. After you’ve decided on your product, means of selling, and means of connecting with the purchasers, this is the only thing that remains. Don’t jump to this stage. Even if it is the most important, you shouldn’t underestimate the previous ones. They all serve to enable this one to be successful. Before you actually start selling, everything is pretty abstract, but this is where it gets real.

Besides ensuring that all of these steps are done correctly, you also want to avoid possible shipping complications. Don’t let the size of the product discourage you. Even if the product is robust, it won’t be a problem to ship it. Hire some good, high-quality cargo charters that allow you to ship your product everywhere in the world without any problem. Now you can sit back, read positive reviews, sell more and try to expand the business.


The Internet is a platform that provides many possible options for earning money. With these easy to follow steps, you will be able to start your own business. If you’ve read them carefully and understood them, you won’t have any major problems or obstacles in your business. The most important piece of information is that you want your customers to come back and recommend you. 


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