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6 Tips to Track and nurture your HiPo Employees



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Nurturing High Potential employees or HiPo employees is very critical for an organization. The HiPo employees can have an immeasurable impact on any organization.

Harnessing the power of your HiPo employees can bring potential benefits for the organization.

Who are HiPo employees?

 The organization brand is mainly carried out by HiPo employees. These HiPo employees can turn around things completely with ground-breaking ideas. These employees are the most agile, the most articulate and the most likely to rise to positions of responsibility and power. They are the most motivated talents and decision-makers.

Growing your company and producing efficient future leaders mainly depends on nurturing the HiPo employees of the organization. As your company grows, these HiPo talents may need to take new responsibility and leadership.

Because of their innate skill sets and decision-making capabilities, they can rise to succeed to more senior and responsible positions in the organization.

There are three processes to nurture HiPo employees. The processes include identifying, developing and retaining.

Identifying hidden HiPo talents

 Identifying these HiPo talents is essential and coming up with ways to develop their ability is even more important. Formal assessment should be the first step in discovering the potential employees.

Once the HiPo employees are identified, it is important to work for their development process and render them with more visible responsibilities.

Organizations that successfully identify HiPo employees and help them in their development, will gain a measurable financial advantage over their competition.

How to develop HiPo talent?

 The hiring of HiPo talent will have a huge impact on grooming future leaders. They are effective talent developers. The strength of HiPo talents should be used judiciously. In the same way, their drawbacks should be addressed through training and successive mentoring.

It is important to boost their potential, knowledge, and experience at every step.

How to retain these HiPo talents?

 Retaining the HiPo talent in particular means providing them with an environment where their potentials are acknowledged, they feel valued and connected. Let’s have a quick look at the below 6 successful tips to retain a HiPo talent:

1.       Plan and Identify

Create a plan to identify and nurture high potential employees. After identifying the HiPo employees, provide training opportunities to these HiPo talents whom you can promote, cross-train and draw upon for filling key leadership positions.

2.       Acknowledge the HiPo talent

Employees who truly have the potential should be constantly watched, recognized, motivated and engaged specifically.

3.       Set Real challenges through Assessment Design

Put them into roles that are challenging and provide opportunities to harness their potential to the maximum.

4.       Promote your Organization Branding

HiPo employees contribute to higher efficiency and productivity when they are inspired by the core, mission, and values of the company.

5.       Employee Referral Recognition and Success

Employee Referral Recognition of HiPo employees is cardinal. Highlight their achievements through company communications and reward them well.

6.       Promote HiPo Employees

Measure HiPo employees’ progress frequently and promote them based on performance assessments. Assign Hi Po employees to lead special projects and serve as regular team leaders. Assign them to a different department or overseas office as a substitute for promotion by explaining to them that you are grooming them for expanded responsibilities.

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