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How Much Time is Needed to Learn SQL?



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Learning comes at different paces to different people. It is usually marked by interest and reason. SQL is not like learning a new language that anyone picks for leisure. There are always sound reasons why people learn SQL. So before you take the step into the ocean called SQL, let me tell you it is amazing and has limitless learning avenues. You can rise in your life directly as matched by your effort. It is often said that once you start to learn SQL, there is no end to learning. Hence an obvious question that haunts the aspirants is how long does iy take to learn SQL?

This question is best answered by having basic knowledge about SQL. 

A Brief Outline of SQL

SQL is a complete language that is capable of handling high-end data and other linked operations. It is hu,ge and th, s learning it complete, y and in-depth may take a long time. It rose to populari, y and in the 1970s and the very fact that it is still in use today, states to underline its significance in the world today. It is also considered as the bridge between learning languages like Python or JavaScript. However, the best part about SQL is that it has in coding language and hence you do not need to have prior knowledge about any other language to learn SQL. 

The question about how will it take will be better answered if you can address the why of it.

Advantages of Learning SQL

With the constant growth several of programming languages, it is reasonable to ask why should you focus on SQL when there are so many other options. Just like the question, the answer is also simple that the significance of SQL has not been undermined despite the presence and prevalence of so many other languages and other technological advances. Let us highlight some areas where SQL is still in high demand.

  • Data Mining: Knowledge of SQL is essential for data mining. The language is endowed with different queries that are instrumental in the identification of data. Viewing and monitoring of various tables also become possible. SQL is still preferred by the developers, data scientists, and even the admins.
  • Growing Demand: Various surveys have stated that there is an increasing demand for SQL professionals across the world. The demand for SQL is going to stay on for times to come. The constant expansion of the online world is not hidden. This has also led to a data explo, ion so the significance of data mining stands tall in times to come. Hence, there will a great demand for SQL professionals in the coming years. Many employers across the world have already listed SQL as the desired skill. Even presently a large majority of the developer jobs are of the SQL alone.
  • Data Manipulation: The data manipulation skills of SQL are truly unmatched. SQL allows you to gauge the data that can be put to use. As the data in SQL is highly versatile and can be easily manipulated or modified, data testing becomes very easy. 
  • Management of Large Data: Huge pools of data can be easily handled by SQL. It is said that SQL can manage nearly 1000 million records at a time. 
  • Servers: This one is for those who have an intense interest in the servers and are also interested to create one. SQL Server is commonly used by businesses to manage and store data. Huge sets of data can also be navigated by making use of SQL.

Now that you know the basic advantages of learning SQL, it is now prudent to know how can you learn it?

How Can you Learn SQL?

There are many options available but the best way forward is to start simple and take small steps. This can usually be done by starting to read about various queries and commands. Remember, do not try to jump to complex queries. Take it slow. As you begin to read, you can alternately also watch some online tutorials on YouTube. Even Microsoft’s free Database Fundamentals gives a complete picture of database phrasing, abili, ties, and ideas. The practice is important and this can be done on a free open source database. All these will help you get a free hand with the basics of SQL. This provides an ideal opportunity for someone to get the certification. The best way is to get enrolled online certification that is affordable, flexible and are intensive. 

How Long Does it Thus Take to Learn SQL?

As you must have realized that it will be fuelled by your interest and curiosity. It also rests on the prior knowledge of the basics that you have and how much more you want to learn. If you come from the programming field, then knowing SQL will only take you 3-4 weeks. Alternatively, if you have to undertake a preparation computer course, then, of course, the learning will take time. In case you want to balance your work and learning simultaneously where you will learn at your own pace, then it is a different case. However, in case of learning of highly advanced skills, it takes a few months to get a proper hang of it for you to begin coding yourself. 


SQL is a complete programming language, that is in high demand. The demand is here to stay for times to come. It has been predicted that in the coming years many jobs will have SQL as a baseline requirement. Also, as it can be used by different professionals, like product managers, data scientists, product development, mobile app development, etc. the demand for SQL professionals will see a new high in the coming days. 

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