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Prevent Aging spots and Wrinkles by Applying Ciel Sunscreen SPF 50



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Every woman dreams about shining and glowing skin but it is a fact that certain factor like sun’s exposure makes it dull and unattractive. The harmful effects of sun’s rays lead to age spots, wrinkles and many other facial skin related problems including skin cancer. There are two ways to avoid sun damage: either stay indoors when the sun’s rays are the strongest or applying sunscreen before stepping outside. Applying Ciel Sunscreen SPF 30 or Ciel Sunscreen SPF 50 is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to avoid exposure to harmful rays of the sun. Before moving on to the advantages of applying facial sunscreen, let’s understand the basics of sunscreen along with the SPF factor.

The Science behind SPF in Sunscreen

Sunscreen is used for protecting the skin from harmful sun’s rays.  It works by absorbing and preventing the harmful ultraviolet sun’s rays from reaching the deeper layers of the skin. Wearing sunscreen does not give freedom to remain out in the sun as it does not provide complete protection against the sun’s radiation. Cream, gel, stick, lip balm, spray, etc., are certain forms in which it is available in the market.

SPF is an acronym for Sun Protection Factor. The SPF number actually indicates how effectively the product will provide protection against the burning sun’s rays. Higher the SPF number better would be the degree of protection. The dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30. Ciel Sunscreen SPF 30 is the best to choose as it is a hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic product containing powerful antioxidants that protect skin from the sun’s burning rays.

Benefits of Using Facial Sunscreen

  1. The continuous depletion in the ozone layer increased the risk of getting affected by the UV rays of the sun. The application of sunscreen helps in shielding the skin from harmful UV rays of the sun.
  2. The continuous and right usage of sunscreen helps in postponing the aging symptoms like fine lines and wrinkles.
  3. Wearing sunscreen daily, whether a person remains indoors or steps outdoors, protects the skin from developing various kinds of skin cancer and other disorders. Skin cancer is a common kind of cancer amongst women and it is life-threatening in nature.
  4. People with sensitive skin often complaint about an eruption of red veins and irritating blotchiness on the facial skin even in the case of a few minutes of the sun’s exposure. So, save yourself from such problems by using facial Ciel sunscreen with SPF 30 or 50.
  5. The continuous exposure to the sun’s rays often causes redness, hives, peeling and itching problems in the facial skin. This leads to bruises also. So, get respite from sunburn and suntan issues by applying sunscreen all day long.
  6.  Last but not least, keratin, collagen and elastic are some of the essential skin proteins that keep skin healthy and smooth. These essential skin proteins are protected by using sunscreen on a regular basis.

Thus, it is important a person should use sunscreen regularly whether it is a cloudy rain or a shiny day, and whether he remains indoors or outdoors.

Who can Use Ciel Sunscreen?

Any male, female and children who spend most of the time outdoors should use sunscreen. Regardless of the skin type, Ciel Sunscreen SPF 50 works in a magical way by protecting skin from dangerous UV rays of the sun and eliminate the chances of developing skin cancer in the later stages of life.

How to Apply Ciel Sunscreen SPF 50?

Sunscreens show the desired results only when applied properly. It is because it contains certain chemicals that take time to bind with the skin and show their effectiveness. Follow these guidelines while applying the sunscreen:

  • Apply it minimum of 30 minutes before going outdoors.
  • Re-applying it after 2-3 hours is mandatory if a person is spending most of the time outdoors.
  • Sunscreen needs to apply on all exposed areas of the facial skin including neck, ears, lips, back of the hands, face, etc.
  • Apply a thick layer of the sunscreen and gently rub it on the facial parts.
  • All make-up products need to apply over sunscreen.

Why Purchase Ciel Sunscreen?

You might ponder over the fact that there is no dearth of beauty products especially sunscreen in the market, then why to purchase Ciel Sunscreen SPF 30 or 50. So, here are the reasons for the same:

  • It provides superior quality of protection against a number of skin issues ranging from suntan, sunburn, age spots, etc.
  • Ciel sunscreen contains natural ingredients like sunflower oil, aloe vera, green tea extract, jojoba oil, and cucumber extract. These extracts not only protect the sun against harmful UV rays but provide a cooling effect on the skin as well.
  • It is sweat and water-resistant sunscreen, which is suitable for all skin types.
  • It is a fragrance and oil-free product with the quick-absorbing feature
  • It is a paraben-free product suitable for males, children, and females.

So, make it a skincare regimen to apply Ciel sunscreen with SPF 30 or 50 on a regular basis regardless of the weather condition and indoor or outdoor activity of a person.

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