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Removing the ‘Dis’ and making them ‘Able’ through mobile technology

Over the past few decades and especially in the 21st century, technology is making serious inroads in making life better for human beings. It has helped in providing equal opportunities to people with disability around the world. Approximately 650 million people around the world suffer with disabili

How to design an app for person with disabilities

Over the past few decades and especially in the 21st century, technology is making serious inroads in making life better for human beings. It has helped in providing equal opportunities to people with disability around the world. Approximately 650 million people around the world suffer with disability which comprises 10% of the total population of the world. Thus, it becomes a moral responsibility for mobile app development companies to design apps for the people with disability. Also, it opens a whole new arena of business opportunities. Designing a mobile app for the people with disability requires certain things that you might overlook in developing a mobile app for people without any disability.

Mobile app for people with disability should focus on eradicating their problems which they face in their day to day life. The issues can range from transport to minding their steps to finding their way.etc. Thus focus your mobile app on eradicating the problems and making it accessible. It will not only increase your user base but will also give new ideas to making simple yet unique and attractive mobile apps.

As technology is playing a significant role in simplifying the life of people with disability, let us look at the future technologies that can help. Along with this, we would dig deep in understanding the features that should be included while designing an app for the people with disability.

Technologies for the Future

Artificial Intelligence

AI technology will make a world of difference in the ability of the differently abled people helping them to participate in all works of life. The advancements in AI in recent times have led to its simple accessibility and has thus increased its penetration power among the people. Artificial Intelligence will supercharge the efforts and will aid in making life simple for people with disabilities. Right from assisting them in their everyday work, AI will also make them self sufficient to complete an assigned task on their own. Artificial Intelligence will help companies to develop all-inclusive apps or device that can cater to people with different kind of disabilities under one umbrella. It will also help in designing flexible tools that can be used in multiple purposes and can be affordable for the people as well. Along with harnessing, all the needs of the people with disability, AI-powered mobile apps or devices can be used by people from all walks of life.

Voice Assistants

Voice assistants can be a boon for people with visual impairments. Voice applications understand the user’s necessity according to their voice patterns and will provide them the necessary aid in the required manner. Whether it is about giving prompt replies or having a complete conversation with the user, voice assistant apps are capable of doing both. Whether it is reading or going through the top news of the day, the user has to give his/her voice command, and the voice assistant app device will do the rest. The voice assistant will pave a new way for the people with visual impairments to see the world in a whole new manner.

Features to be included in the mobile app for people with disability

As discussed before, apart from being a moral responsibility, mobile app development companies can churn out major profits by making apps for the people with disability.

Easy Accessibility

This is the thumb rule of app development that mobile apps should give ease of accessibility to users. It becomes even more critical while developing the app for people with disability. The app developers should consider all types of disabilities such as visual, hearing, cognitive, motor, etc. while developing the app to include an all-inclusive app. Keep the contrast of the mobile app flexible and the fonts big enough so that the users with partial visual impairment can also use the app effectively. Try and keep a clear mobile app with all the tools at their defined location.

Solving problems

Every mobile app is developed with an idea of solving problems of the targeted audience. With apps for people with disability, the aim is no different. The mobile app developers should jot down the issues, for example, a person with hearing impairment would have. Understanding the core needs of the user will help them to device the app in a better manner. A mobile app for people with a hearing problem should have high-quality fonts and visual quality. For example, if the user is watching a movie, with a better quality view, he/she can read the subtitles below and thus can understand the movie in a better manner. It will increase the user experience resulting in better reviews for the app.

It is also essential for a mobile app development company to take the reviews and feedback very seriously when they are planning to introduce an update. Because unnecessary updates will make the mobile app clumsy, and the user would not be able to operate it properly.

Catering needs rather than business

Even though making mobile apps for the people with disability is an untapped market, app developers shouldn’t think this as a profit opportunity. The app developers should refrain themselves from putting unnecessary in-app purchases or asking money for every new step in the mobile app. In addition to this, no unwanted audio or video advertisement should be included in the app as it would hamper the app’s user experience. Catering the needs will empower the customers and will allow them to live a life of absolute normality.


Technology and mobile apps in tandem can work wonders for people with disabilities. An all-inclusive mobile app will take the targeted audience forward and would give them a new perspective of things which they have not experienced. Making an app for the people with disability will also help your mobile app developers to learn the art of providing ease of accessibility. This can also help in building apps for the larger audience & thus expanding the business horizons.