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Tips for Choosing the Right Jewelry for Your Outfit



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Wearing right jewelry can help boost up the formality of your outfit and make you look elegant. It can also add focus and shine to a plain or neutral outfit. Even if you’re wearing a boring dress, pairing it up with right piece of jewelry can make it look beautiful for sure. However, it’s never easy to strike a perfect balance between an outfit and jewelry, particularly when your accessory collection is not that big. You can easily find a right jewelry for your outfit and create a balanced and elegant look without spending a lot.

Here are some of tips for choosing the right jewelry for your any outfit –

1. Complement your neckline

If your jewelry is not matched up with the neckline, it can disturb the whole look and style instantly. To accentuate your outfit, wear a piece of jewellery, i. e. a necklace, that complements the neckline perfectly. Wear a necklace that hugs the neck tightly if you have worn a tube top. Thick necklaces are good when you have worn one-sleeved dress or off the shoulder shirts. Similarly, you can pair a collared shirt with a think chain necklace with a big pendant.

2. Match print shapes

Matching print shapes with jewelry can complement your look better and enhance your style drastically. Make sure the shape of your necklace or earrings match with the shape of the design of the outfit. But yes, you should try to match print shapes only in case you’re wearing a dress with a bold print or pattern. The only thing to do in such cases is to wear necklaces and earrings with pendants in the shape of the outfit print. This can complement the look and make you look stylish.

3. Keep it simple for formal events

Your jewelry and outfit should not necessarily strike a harmony when you head for a fancy event in a formal dress. On such occasions, keeping things simple can win the day for you. You can go with small and simple jewelry pieces with fancy gowns or with other formal events and maintain an elegant look altogether. When the jewelry is modest and small and simple, it just does not take the shine and focus of the formal attire. So, dress up accordingly for the occasion and maintain the stylish look you always crave for.

4. Avoid a gaudy and pompous look

Having a big collection of jewelry does not mean you pair them all together in the hope of grabbing eyeballs and hogging attention. It never works like that. Wearing all the large and bold jewelry together can leave you with a gaudy and gawky look. You can wear a few of them, like long earrings or chunky necklace and avoid others in order to maintain simplicity and elegance. Sometimes choosing to skip jewelleries works in your favour and also complements your outfit more perfectly than you could imagine.

5. Try a long necklace to balance your look

You can try out a long necklace to balance out a look that on different occasions make you appear shapeless. You can pair loose clothing with a long necklace and avoid appearing shorter or wider than you actually are. With loose dress, pair it with a necklace with large pendant to maintain the desired level of harmony. Loose outfit can make you appear boxy but pairing them with right jewelry can help balance out the look and look elegant all the time.

6. Pair bold with basic

When you have worn a bold outfit, you can think of pairing with basic and simple jewellery and this will help avoid a gaudy appearance. But why not experiment a bit and pair a bold outfit with a bold jewelry. If you’re are ready to do different things, who knows you might find something better to look forward to next time or for next event. It’s true that pairing a bold outfit with a bold jewelry many not always work but then unless you break free from the norm, you just can’t know what suits you best.

Plus, you can try out handcrafted jewellery online and find the best possible collection for any outfit and for any occasion easily.

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