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Top SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design



Now a day’s competitive digital world,  responsive web design is not a big deal, it’s an essential part of the web.. Smart Phone has emerged as a fragile factor for web browsing and online world, with over 63% of enquiry within search engines coming from mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. Some website owner without optimized website they want to get higher ranking in search engine. If you want to get higher ranking in search engine result page (SERP), optimize your web design mobile friendly. Keep follow these steps for SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design:

Mobile First Indexing

Responsive design has become a first priority as SEO, and unique content. As of Google algorithm update, It has apply the use of mobile and tablets as a ranking factor and has been coming with their step to a mobile first index. That means if your website is not design mobile friendly, it will work properly, but your website wouldn’t get high ranking in Search engine result page.


One of the main factor why audience don’t stay more time on your website, because they unable to navigate all web pages properly. Therefore, the time audience stay on your web pages is used by Search Engine to determine a website or web pages quality or value.  If you have developed a responsive website, then audience can easily navigate your website. This necessitate that if your visitor experience is good, visitor will visit again and again on your website.

Evict Duplicate Content

When discus about web designing, remove duplicate content is a main benefit for getting high rank. one of the important things we can express gratitude to responsive website design for is that it will stop you from creating various websites for different device.

Not only that, various websites for desktop and smart phone devices will make search engine algorithm look then as they are it means duplicate website with the copy content. This will create to rigorous Google penalization.  If all your website content is on one domain search engine can easily find, crawl, index and manage your content efficiently.

Lower Bounce Rate

Whenever a client exits your website after only stay couple of seconds or they exit instantly after open your web page is called bounce rate. It is based to time on website, and Search engine review the visit and exit time of user whenever they are ranking sites.

If search engine notices that your website is not able to get high number of bounce rate, then it will genuinely impact your rankings because search engine consider that website is not related to any user’s subject and not able to provide answer the user’s query

If you will create mobile responsive design, it will not only help you have a attractive design, but it will also help you provide your content in managed way, easy to understand, and completely fair page.

Page Load Time

Do you know that one factor, search engine evaluate when ranking websites are your web page load time- the faster it is the best it will best for your ranking. If you know about SEO(Search Engine Optimization), it is your task to build the site load as fast a  possible to assist your website be ranked top position.

Websites that are too responsive will basically load faster rather than those website unresponsive. This will provide very effective visitor experience and a increase in rankings. Google show the first priority which website have fast page load times, so it would not be deleterious for you to develop it for faster page load time.

Wayde N. Thabalanz is a 2016-17 New York Foundation for the Arts Fellow in Fiction and a 2015 NYFA Fellow in Poetry. His work has appeared in Best New Poets 2015, The Los Angeles Review.

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How to

How to use the Google Voice Recorder App on Android



Nowadays, the common features of any android device to capture you (Pixel matters the most). But not everyone knows the concept of Google Voice Recorder. There are lots of reasons to include this important feature in our life, it makes our life easy. Google Recorder records audio and converts it in searchable text and it is not a necessity to require an online connection to perform transcriptions.

So what you think! How to use Google Voice Recorder

Google has made the Latest trend to voice processing and also introduces a brand new speech recognition system that operates in offline mode and works instantly whenever you need it.

One of the great challenges here is, you don’t need to go and buy a Google voice recorder from someplace like Amazon or Walmart anymore. Google Voice Recorder Provides advanced functionality, where you can search for voice, phrases or words.

Nowadays, it is a must for all. Even you can do multitask, you can record without the internet as well, and you can upload the data to Google Drive also can share the audio over the email.

How to use Google Voice Recorder App

Google Voice is an internet-based service; you can see all the calls, recording data whenever you need it later. Firstly you need to get a Google voice number, when you’ve got a Google Voice number, then you’ll be able to set up and confirm the number.

How do I record with Google Voice

At times, recording phone calls isn’t that simple and straightforward. Google Voice makes it quite simple both to capture the calls and to access them later.

Here are the ideal voice recorder apps for Android!

You should consider some steps while record with Google Voice-

Firstly you need to log into a Google Voice account online

Look for Call Options, though telephone recording is currently enabled, your calls won’t automatically be recorded. So accordingly, this is depending on the customer choices. The part of the conversations will be automatically saved on the Google server.

Now the question is, how to access the record file

Firstly you have to log on to your accounts, then you will be able to select the recorded items and show a list of your recorded calls, each of these identified by the date and time of recording. You can play it or choose to email it to someone, can download it on your device

Call Recording

For the information, all data stored on Google’s server and it is so easy to transfer these files with someone. If you call on Google Voice number can record your conversation without informing you.

If you are considering recording a call, it is important to inform the other party of this before the call. In most countries, it is illegal to record private conversations without the prior consent of all parties concerned.

What is the best free voice recording app

If you are a reporter creating an interview, or you are listening to an important lecture or even record yourself while making some funny noises and share it with the general public, then this voice recorder will help you a lot in many ways.

There are many android voice recorder apps, but these 5 are the best voice recording apps in the market-

Audio Recorder

The audio recorder is free and in this, you have the choice to record your voice. Apart from that, the Android audio recorder software allows you to earn a pause in the record and continue to record to the same file Also you can get the previous records from the database. One of the big advantages of Audio recorder, there’s an engine that helps to improve the sound built-in. Hence it is a great Recording app and you can easily use it by installing this app.

Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder app available for both free and Paid, The free version provides high-quality formats, desktop recording while the professional version can even capture phone calls recording as well. It records your audio from high quality 16-bit PCM format and allows you to export and save in a variety of different. It also supports Bluetooth microphones, applications input, and stereo recording from anyplace, and a lot more.

Titanium Recorder

The best quality of this app, it is free. In this, you have the opportunity of recording HD music using 8-bit and 16t-bit configurations, and if you would like to save a bit of space, you can choose a number of the concise formats accessible MP3/ACC/3GP. Another awesome feature is the option of recording in the background.

Smart Voice Recorder

It is famous for longer records and one of its most important concepts automatically detects the time of silence. It’s quite easy to use but you can find individuals that will encourage this approach.

RecForge ||

RecForge ||is famous for those are into music, as they can record their group rehearsals music learning. You can track the recording life, even you can convert and edit your audio files for commentary or ringtones and other purposes also which is extremely user-friendly. The whole program is free to use.

Is there any voice recorder on my phone?

There are many free recording apps available that can offer more features. It is possible to use these recording apps to record your ideas, class lectures, meetings, concerts, and much more.

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The official response is just one, Pixel 4. However, it also depends upon your APK file and seems to operate on Android devices such as the OnePlus 5T. Finally, Google Recorder will make a way to other Android phones also. The system needs Android Pie as a minimum.

Author Bio

Shikha Sharma received a Master’s degree in Computer science and now she is working as SEO Executive, leading eCommerce website Development Company. Her professional Interest is focused on grabbing Knowledge. She is very passionate about her profession.

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How to

How To Become An Efficient Content Writer In 2020



Content writing comes with a lot of advantages. You can do an activity you love and see your work generate value for yourself. We’re going to give you ways on how you can be an efficient content writer. From writing about a topic at a particular word count that you can check using word counter for free, always be passionate about the topics you write!

A content writer writes content on a wide variety of topics for certain clients. These clients may ask for you to write about their particular needs. It is your job as a content writer to tell the story that your client needs to their targeted audience.

Identify An Area Of Expertise

You must determine an area of expertise. You’ll indeed gain skill as you write more articles. But, you must identify a few topics or genres that you are familiar with. Writing about a topic that you are familiar with is always more comfortable because you have an idea of what to write. You’ll be able to relay it with ease.

The positive side of writing about a familiar topic is it’s much more comfortable. You have a broader perspective on the topic at hand. You’ll be able to articulate the thoughts you want to write with ease. Whereas, writing about an unfamiliar topic can bring a complicated process. It can derail you and turn your writing experience into an unpleasant experience.

There is a high possibility that you won’t be able to write about familiar topics. With the pattern of the client’s needs trends these days, the topics would vary in a lot of ways. The topic areas would range between the client’s area of interest to the things that are in demand.

An efficient content writer always finds ways to deliver a product of high quality. The result should always yield value to you and your client.

Develop A Wider Perspective Of Writing

Always have an idea of the purpose of your content. You must always keep in mind the audience who will read it. Identifying a goal for your content will help you dictate the correct tone for your article. You must always identify ideal techniques towards a topic and an approach to it. An efficient method is crucial to value-generating content.

The ability to do research is always crucial for content writing. Research always makes the content more credible, thus generating value. It is crucial that you locate credible sources online and extract vital information. Credible sources can vary into experts and educated scholars. Both can be vital in relaying credible content to your audience.

A good content writer must have a broad perspective on topic areas. You must combine excellent research skills with your writing skills. Your perspective about a variety of topics can improve along with your ability to write. Your content will generate value if you can make use of these skills while writing.

Research should bring you a broad perspective. It should also make you write with a unique voice. You must be able to apply that new perspective to shed light on a cliche topic. Being original in your writing approach is crucial in separating you from others. What makes your content unique? How were you able to present a topic?

Make Use Of The Tools Available Around You

Good content writers can make use of tools that come in handy for writing. Examples of these tools can be staying updated on SEO trends. You must have knowledge about different SEO titles.

Content writers must always keep up with the changes in SEO algorithms. Even with the changes, clients always demand high quality. Demand will rise if you can write valuable content from a different perspective.

Vital Skills You May Need

A good content writer can focus on the task at hand. A good content writer must be able to focus on a task while not paying attention to distractions. Developing focus while writing can be a vital skill in getting important work done. It may affect the writer’s output.

Being able to meet deadlines is also a vital skill for a content writer. A content writer must be able to cater to the demands of the client when the client needs the output. Efficiency is the name of the game, and the ability to meet deadlines comes from the ability to focus. Make sure to meet those deadlines!


Content writing is not about creating eye-catching phrases. It is about being able to write about a variety of topics. Being a content writer is not about relaying general information. It is about conveying a message to a target audience.

There is no manual on becoming a successful writer. A content writer must be able to be unique so he can write something unique. The writer must be able to use his originality to capture the reader’s attention.

Understand your client’s demands and the audience, then you will be able to take advantage of your skills as a content writer.

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How to

Why Do eCommerce SEO Experts Use Image Alt Tags?



What is the image alt tag?

An alt attribute is used in HTML and XHTML documents, which is text rendered to an image when an image is unable to load on the website. It is used to enhance the user’s experience.

How to use an alt tag?

Alt tags are added to images in the HTML code. Just insert the image on the page and then add the alt tag to it. A unique alt tag is given to all images present on the website. The text describes what you will see in the image correctly. If there are multiple images present on the site, then each should have a unique image alt tag.

Why do we need an alt image tag?

Yes, the graphic image will load correctly even when there is no image alt tag is attached to it. But what if it does not load on the website, then what is the alternative to it? Spend some time in creating an alternative description for the image so that nothing can ruin the user’s experience.

How do eCommerce SEO experts use image alt tags?

In order to generate higher leads, it is essential to provide the best user experience to all your users. For alt and title, descriptions need to be prepared using key phrases that include keywords as well. Ecommerce SEO experts need to add the text in the Adjective plus key phrase form. It will enhance the user’s experience towards your website.

Best practices by Alt tag

  • Be specific while describing the image

Make sure you specify the image point to point. Depict the image and be explicit to it. It would be best if you also used the subject of the picture. The text you are going to write should be less than 125 characters, so make sure you are explicit enough in a limited number of words.

  • Don’t use additional words like “image of..”, “picture of…”, with text

Jump directly on the description rather than writing words such as an image or picture. Because the screen reading tool does not consider it as text even if it is considered as an image. It is recommended that you use natural language to describe an image.

  • Refrain from keyword stuffing

Refrain the text from keyword stuffing because of most of the reputed search engines, including Google disfavor such strategies. Make sure you use keywords effectively and efficiently. Besides, you should think about semantic keywords with other main keywords.

If a web page contains multiple images, make sure you are using different keywords on it. The image and its description of both should be relevant to the article written on the web page.

  • Translated alt text

In case if the website is running in multiple languages, then it is an excellent option to add translated alt text. So, a user can get the content in his/her preferred language.

The title tag should not be the same as that of the alt text of the image. These should be different with the different keywords according to the content or article present on the website.

  • The importance of image alt tag!!!

Google search engine is quite good at determining the value and relevance of the content. But here, it should be considered that Google is just a search engine or a machine; it needs humans to run so humans can control it. Right? In the same way, Google is using the alt tag text that is used to understand the content if an image does not load on the webpage of the user to enhance their web surfing experience.

The images with the optimized alt text are more likely to populate in the image searches of an object. It also provides contextual relevance about the page. The image alt tag is widely used by all the eCommerce SEO experts to improve user experience and accessibility. Optimizing all the images present on the web page provides greater relevance to a search engine, which helps increase the ranking of a website.

So, make sure you add the image alt text to all the images while uploading these to your website. This text helps visually impaired individuals to get engaged in your website. And it will bring good traffic to your site.

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