Will wearables continue to trend?

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Most people would expect that wearable tech items are showy and flashy. However, do notice that as wearable tech gadgets have gained much popularity over time, the coolest looking wearable tech devices look just like ordinary devices (e.g. watches, glasses, or accessories). 

According to Gartner, this trend will continue wherein tech wearables won’t really be noticed by people. They will be very subtle– invisible if you way. 

In the company’s report for 2015, it is forecasted that a total of 30% of the smart wearable devices won’t even be visible to the eyes by the time 2018 rolls around. As stated earlier, they will become somewhat invisible already. 

Steady growth

Wearable has already gotten into this latest trend and is now stepping into the same path. 

In fact, it looks like a small watch that has a bluetooth device in it and also a few sensors as well. They purposely made it that size in order to not attract too much attention since this is what the market seems to want from the wearable tech devices. 

According to the research director of the company Gartner, Annette Zimmermann, there are many interesting developments that have been in the pipeline already. The devices are already in the prototype stage and they are all seen to be almost invisible to the eye making them able to blend in very well with the surroundings of the user which makes it very subtle. 

In fact, there are currently smart contact lenses that are being developed at the moment, something that is rather unique for a wearable tech device. Smart jewellery are also in development along with many other smart accessories. Gartner is aiming to make these accessories have built in communication alerts and emergency alarms that are run by sensors which are good for overall security purposes. 

Gartner also predicts that there will be 25 million displays were sold off in 2018 when software issues are already dealt with. With the presence also of smart glasses, Gartner believes that their two new developments will create the perfect blend among these products. 

Gartner is also hoping for partnerships with other developers of smart tech accessories such as Google which is the company behind Google Glasses or even VR technology producers like Oculus Rift and Gear VR. Partnerships with other companies that would have tech glasses like Google and Intel will definitely be good for the new developments that Gartner would have as of now. 

In fact, Gartner has already jokingly said that they will soon have a device that looks like a really tiny earpiece or a pair of glasses that can actually check emails. No one knows exactly how that will work out, but it looks like Gartner has a lot of future plans when it comes to this line of products. Tech enthusiasts will just have to wait and see what is going to happen in the future.

google news
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