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Seven Sales Presentation Ideas That You Should Explore



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If it comes to business development and sales, a show-stellar sales presentation is essential for you to share with the audience that has the potential to convert into customers. It may even determine a decision-making moment for your customer-to-be will remain loyal or will switch to a competitor. Getting potential clients is becoming a challenge as time passes due to the high competition in the market. According to a survey, 61% of the sales representatives found it harder to meet their quota this year compared to the last one. With this in mind, you need to take the maximum benefits of every opportunity that you come across.

Here are some of the techniques you can use to make your sales presentation appear unique when you go in for a meeting.

1. Send your presentation deck before your call to the buyer:

It is one of the moves which sounds crazy but is winning in reality. There are many sales presentation examples where representatives have been sending their deck in advance and produced great interest in return. If your slides are compelling, you will gain the attention of the prospect, and you can have a meaningful conversation with them if they reviewed it before arriving for your presentation. If they did not, then there is no reason to worry since it will provide you the opportunity to explain to them the details from the beginning and get your point across. The main advantage of this technique is that it saves everyone time and gives your presentation a head start over the others.

2. Invoke self-discovery:

It is easy to play it safe and stick to the traditional style of the sales pitch by talking about benefits, outcomes, and desired results. However, you must first understand the issues you face before talking about possible solutions. Your prospect must understand the situation and accept the problem. Self-discovery is a tool that you can use to achieve this task since it will prove much more effective if your buyers connect with the problem; instead, you tell them about how you will address it.

3. Talk about Point A rather than skipping to Point B:

It is an extension of the tip mentioned above. Point A is the problem, while Point B is the desired solution. Surprisingly, the majority of people focus on the concern rather than addressing the issue. You should switch the focus of your question to point A since it will be much more effective rather than positive results. The possible reason is that people will work twice as hard to avoid loss rather than to receive benefits. It would be smart if you make the buyer feel the pain that occurs from the status quo. You can convince that it will only get tougher without your solution.

4. Insight should be your lead story:

The buyers want your opinion about the company’s circumstances. You will most likely impress them by telling them something new about themselves. Most of them are usually looking at things from their perspective, but your opinion will bring an insight into the discussion. Perception is necessary for the buyers to get the real feel about your products so that they can get in line with your strategy.

5. Do not lead with differentiators; lead to them:

You should know what makes your products stand out from others in the market and make them appear unique. The vital thing you should know is that nothing you say will matter in the end if your buyer does not value that uniqueness. Thus the first step should be to let the buyer know what they are missing if they choose to ignore your products; hence, you should spend the time to educate them about the opportunity they could lose. You should remember that the solution that you present will lead to the uniqueness of your product. Hence it is necessary to introduce the backstory before you go on talking about the possible solutions; otherwise, it will not have the same impact, and your buyer will lose interest soon.

6. Talk like an executive:

This tip will not only help you to get your point across but help you later on in your career. An interesting point to know is that you will meet the person you sound like, so if you act like an executive, you will be talking to people in a similar position and will help your sales strategy that you want to implement. You should bombard the executives with details, so for your ideas to be considered high, they should be short and crisp when expressed but must be practical.

7. Flip your presentation:

The majority of the slides and presentations you come across follow a similar pattern. They connect one point to another and eventually conclude. This step will lead to failure since buyers witness these types of presentations every day. What you can do is that instead of explaining it step by step, you can talk about the outcome and make the slides grow from there. You should set your priority in addressing the most significant issue at first and so on so that you deal with the problems accordingly and come across different to your buyers.

Remember, content is KING. And it doesn’t matter what you say, but how you say it. It’s all about the delivery, when it comes to presentations.

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