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8 mistakes in digital marketing that your company should avoid



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Your online business needs to stay one step ahead of the competition in order to rank well on Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and gain an edge in acquiring new customers. Hiring the specialist company of a digital marketing company India will help you outrank competition and land on the hallowed 1st page of Google rankings.

If you are looking to run a sustainable and thriving online business then make sure that you don’t make the below mistakes your competitors are making:

1 – Spread yourself thin

Opening multiple social media accounts, blogging without adequate keyword research, not knowing the right mix of SEO and PPC to optimize ad spend – these are some of the rookie mistakes that you need to avoid. Remember the maxim ‘less is more’ when it comes to spreading your campaign reach to multiple channels. This will help you gain better control over your content assets and have customers a singular view per online channel for your brand.

2 – Consistency is the key

Another classic beginner mistake is to start off gung-ho and then fizzle out after a few weeks. Remember, the key to long term success is to work long term towards building your authority perception associated with your brand online. For this you need to put compelling and relevant blog content regularly

You also need to be present on social media on a regular basis to respond to your customers’ queries. Plus, over the long term you need to focus m[wpsm_toplist]ore on SEO and use PPC only for short term gains. This will help maximize the ROI from your ad spend.

3 – Get the right presence on social media

Not all people are prominently present on all social media sites. It will be a mistake to spread your brand presence on those channels which your target market doesn’t visit at all. Target only those channels where a majority of your target market is expected to be present.

So, if you are into professional networking, advertising on LinkedIn will be preferable than on Pinterest or Reddit. Similarly, if you are into the B2C business then Facebook and Instagram will prove to be viable channels to target your intended audience.

4 – Over/under-reliance on SEO

SEO is undoubtedly one of the biggest ROI accelerants in digital marketing. The ad-free promotion technique can land you on top of SERPs with the right mix of keywords, content, and outreach strategies. By optimizing the website, on-page elements, and link building as per Google algorithm mandates, your SEO strategy can be well on track to deliver amazing success.

But many startups prioritize PPC over SEO for short term gains. Any digital marketing company India will concur the fact that digital marketing needs to factor in ajudicious mix of both, PPC and SEO. You don’t even have to do all this on your own. Enlist the expertise of an experienced digital marketing company like NSquare IT and devise targeted SEO strategies geared to yield long term benefits for your brand online.

To sign off

This was a comprehensive list of potential digital marketing mistake that you need to stay away from. Doing so with the help of a digital marketing company India will help you conform to Google search algorithms and guidelines and hence be rewarded with higher search rankings for better business prospects.


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