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How are Online Discounts a Winner For e-commerce Sites?



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Lately, in Daraz’s 11 11 Sale, there’s one thing that became very evident; virtual stores are replacing physical stores. The extensive use of Daraz coupons and massive orders of discount deals confirmed that as supermarkets and outlets offering 70 percent discounts remained deserted.

Hence, one cannot deny that e-commerce sites have become a consumer’s favorite. And why wouldn’t it be, when it brings all the amazing discounts to your home? And saves you the trouble of getting up from your bed?

Just as the discounts offered by e-commerce sites benefit the buyers on the front-end, they’re of benefit to the owners on the back-end as well. The entire team of the e-commerce site impatiently awaits the day when the thoughtfully planned deals and discounts finally go live (such as 11 11). And that’s because it’s the day when their hard work yields 100x better results. How? Continue reading to get your answer about how exactly do online discounts become a winner for the e-commerce sites.

Types of Online Discounts

When talking about online discounts, it necessarily does not mean the giving away of free items upon purchases. An e-commerce website can offer online discounts in a thousand different ways! Here is an articulation of some commonly

  • Free Shipping

This particular type of discount castes a sense of specialty upon the customer and allures him/her towards more online shopping. Certainly, an e-commerce platform doesn’t need to free-ship all products. You can place a limit on purchase for free-shipping, for example, shop for Rs. 5,000 to get free shipping. Thus, it not merely encourages the customer to shop more but also covers the shipping expense for you. A few e-commerce sites also offer seasonal or promotional free-shipping discounts.

  • Clearance Items

Often, e-commerce sites mark the items down if they have lesser sales. Hence, lower prices encourage shoppers and results in quicker sales. These items are always a plus considering the range of stuff it brings to a certain audience. So, while we are at it. Let’s consider some factors to buy clearance items. First and foremost, always be a little sharp while checking the product quality.

  • Bulk Purchases

In this type of discount, the e-commerce platform offers the customers a specific percentage discount on bulk purchases, for example, the Daraz coupons of 15% off the total purchase of 10-items. Hence, the platform attains a good profit in the long-run.

Increased Traffic

One of the obvious benefits of offering online discounts to e-commerce stores is the increment in traffic. To speak the truth, at the slight mention of the term discount, shopaholics, as well as moderate-shoppers, make a run for it. Even if people do not need clothes right now, but you put up an advertisement saying, Flat 40% off on all items, three out of four people will at least check out the sale. Nobody wants to miss out on the spend less-avail more opportunity.

Consequently, the website receives more traffic. By rule of thumb, the greater the number of visitors, the greater the opportunities for you to establish your name, increase and expand clientele, give a good impression, and whatnot. Along with an increased audience for Sale, it also means increased awareness about your services or products. For example, the current sale might not be of use to your visitor, but he might come back again later, seeking other things.

Customer Love & Increased Revenue

Perhaps, the biggest benefit of online discounts is customer love. The continuous availability of valuable online discounts encourages buyers to try out newer products. The presence of discount coupons improves the status of the site in front of the customers. Finding favorite products at a cheaper rate makes the customers enjoy shopping more. Even if they are not buying anything at the moment, they will fill in the cart to come back later and purchase. Hence, converting newbie buyers into loyal and regular ones. It also increases the popularity of e-commerce sites and helps create a positive impression. Moreover, this increased purchasing and traffic helps the e-commerce site generate higher revenues. Indeed, customer love is the true driving force of the platform, which helps it attain prosperity.

Timeless Reach

What gives an e-commerce website advantage over a physical store is the fact that you need not be present all the time on your store to cater to your visitors. No matter you’re sleeping or out on your 9 to 5 job, your visitors will come to your site, do their business, and leave. And so, you will make money while you’re away.

Another way in which online discounts act as a tool for timeless reach for e-commerce sites is the fact that they bring an opportunity to capture customer’s data. You can collect their email address, location, and other vital information like shopping preferences. Using it, you can later approach them with more relevant offers.

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