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Boon or Bane- Artificial Intelligence



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Since the last decade, we have seen numerous advancements in the field of technology. Be it science & research, electronics, computation, arms & ammunitions, or transportation. Each sector has seen how artificial intelligence is taking over human intelligence. No doubt that it’s human who is the creator of artificial intelligence but it won’t be wrong if we say that it’s only human who is becoming a slave to it. Everything has a positive & negative side of it and it is good to have both for improvement. This article will cover some of the key benefits and risks of artificial intelligence.

In this fast-paced world, every single second is important for us and we want to utilize every bit of it. Here comes the importance of artificial intelligence in saving our time. If you are driving on an unknown road GPS got you covered, getting bored speak to the smart home-theater system with a personal assistant to play some music for you, and many more. Biometrics has also played a key role in saving precious time for maintaining an attendance record of employees with every detail. While AI is still under research in many sectors, it could be devastating as well. Let us put some light on the positives & negatives of Artificial Intelligence.

How AI can be helpful

Most of us must have come across digital assistants like Alexa & Siri. This is the best example of artificial intelligence. You just have to say out the assistant what task you want it to perform, and you are done. There are many more examples of AI in the industrial sector as well. Here are some points about what effect it does:

  • Improved working efficiency

As compared to manual work, machines with AI technology show a working efficiency of more than double. This is one of the reasons why AI is being preferred. The speed of artificial intelligence in repetitive tasks is just unmatchable.

  • Reduced errors and high accuracy

The use of AI technology has almost eliminated the chances of human errors from tasks. This results is the utmost work precision and improved productivity. If due to some technical issues any error occurs, AI also has the power to detect it.

  • Better HMI

Artificial intelligence is so good that it offers a great human-machine interface which is easy to learn. It reduces the cost of employee training and the time one needs to get acquainted with the process.

  • Good facilities for people

If we talk concerning the healthcare industry, AI has done a lot in better disease diagnosis & treatment. It is also under extensive research to serve people better, especially those who are suffering from deadly diseases.

How AI can be devastating

A lot of positives are accompanied by some negatives as well and those can be dangerous too. AI is also being used for illegal activities that are a threat to people. It is also stated by some AI experts that artificial intelligence could be the biggest threat in the future for human civilization. Let us see some key threats of AI:

  • Unsustainability

This technology is unsustainable, the reason being the use of some materials that directly affect our environment. The more we use this technology the more pressure the environment has to bear, which is not good for the long-term.

  • Autonomous weapons

Those who don’t know, autonomous weapons are designed using artificial intelligence for wars. They need to be handled carefully and should be in the right hands. Even a single mistake in this can be destructible.

  • Responsibility is the key

The better the technology more responsibly a person should be using it. It won’t be wrong if we say that artificial intelligence could be harmful to kids if not used responsibly. New gadgets, smartphones, and many other AI-based things are taking some kids on the wrong path, which is also a risk of this technology.

  • Unethical use

For their good, some people are making wrong use of artificial intelligence that is painful for sufferers. One of the most common examples of this is cybercrime. Day by day cybercrime is increasing and affecting the lives of many. This is well supported by the AI.

Responsibility is the key to everything. Doesn’t matter what we are doing, we must be responsible for our work. Same goes with AI, if we use it responsibly it will become better if we not it’ll be more than worst. In this section, you have read about some of the positives and negatives of artificial intelligence those are common ones. We hope it would have given you some idea why AI is good and why it is bad.

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