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How to Buy Perfume in Canada for Women



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Perfumes often times can be a women’s best friend. That is why picking the right perfume for a woman will be challenging especially if it will be given for a gift. A lot of men would buy perfume for their women because giving a perfume for a girl is a sign of affection, it  shows that you have put a lot of thought into who the recipient is and what they might like. With beautiful packaging and lovely scents perfumes signal that the recipient is worth the expense. It should have a balance of complementary scents, longevity, and one that matches the personality of your woman. So how do you know which perfume to choose for a woman?

A- Choosing the scent

1- Floral perfumes

These perfumes are for the feminine and romantic type of girls. They are the most popular group of perfumes.  They are for a quietly confident woman with casual style and the personality is relaxed who doesn’t like drama. 

2- Citrus Perfumes

This is for young and energetic women who loves the fragrance of fresh fruits. It is the sweet, romantic and aromatic fragrance that is so fresh and clean. 

3- Woody Perfumes

Woody perfumes smells rich, classy and mysterious. They are suited to a spiritual sweetheart and nature lover women as they smell warm and earthy. 

4- Oriental Perfumes

This is for exotic women who enjoy being bold. Women of this scent want to create a lasting impression – and aren’t afraid to show their sensuality. 

Go to Fragrance 365 to get a better idea of which one will suit your taste.

B- Choosing the Concentration

Different perfumes have different concentrations. Concentration refers to the strength that a fragrance has. The higher the concentration the longer the scent will last. The following are the different concentration of perfumes:

1- Parfum

It has the highest concentration. And among all kinds of perfume Parfum last the longest and has the highest price due to high concentration of fragrance.

2- Eau de Parfum

This is the next highest concentration after Parfum. It is also less expensive than Parfum and the most common type of fragrance and suitable for everyday wear.

3- Eau de Toilette

Another popular type of perfume is the Eau de Toilette. It has less concentration than Eau de parfum. It is preferable for night wear.

4- Eau de Cologne

It has the lowest concentration. It is less expensive than all of the above types of perfume. And has a high content of alcohol.

5- Eau Fraiche

It has a very low perfume oil concentration. It has low fragrance concentration and high water concentration.

Testing the perfume for your woman

It is important to choose the perfume for your woman in detail. After having knowledge of the different scents suited for her personality and knowing the different concentrations, start sniffing the perfumes you have in mind. After sniffing, try to spray it on you. Spray it to your pulse points area like your ears, wrists, or neck. Aside from spraying on you you can also spray them on blotter sheets. You can label them if you like it and take them home with you and again smell them later. And then you decide which is the best perfume for your woman. 

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