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Top 5 Reasons to Use Time Tracking and Employee Monitoring Software



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We’re sure you’ve heard other business owners talk about time tracking and employee monitoring software they’re using. At least you’ve read about these practices online. And it’s no wonder you’re familiar with the industry, since the majority of business owners use some kind of employee monitoring.

If you’re still deliberating whether to use such software or not, we’ll help you out with our list of the 5 reasons why you should use employee monitoring software.

1- Improving Employees’ Productivity

Ask whoever you know that monitors their employees’ performance – their productivity definitely improved since the implementation of the task manager with time tracking. 

One of the reasons this happens i shte fact that your employees want to look good in front of you, so they’re staying away from unproductive activities more than usual. On the other hand, you can use the data this software collects to see if your employees are struggling with something, then provide them with additional training, or guidance to help them improve. This is extremely important, since one of the leading causes of unproductivity is actually lack of knowledge.

2- Optimize Time Spent on Projects and Tasks

You can’t improve something you’re not measuring. So, how do you expect to optimize the time you spend on projects and tasks without using one of the online time management tools?

Their main purpose is to measure time spent on assignments, so you can later see what were the fallbacks and how can you prevent them next time. Additionally, the software will help you make accurate predictions and project estimates in the future. You and your employees will be able to set deadlines without overpromising, while still leaving enough time for unexpected events.

3- More Accurate Billings

If you’re charging clients by the hour, you probably had situations in which you ended up getting less money than you were supposed to. Either because you didn’t calculate the time correctly, or because there was a dispute over billable hours.

Those days are long gone thanks to web-based time clock software. As you’ll be tracking time on a per-project basis all your clients will be charged accurately. Additionally, you can even show them the proof of work by giving them gated client access to data related to their own projects. This will also shorten the time your team spends on client updates.

4- Improved Security

Fingerprint time clock software isn’t the only way to protect your company’s data. By using employee monitoring software with security features, you can check which files your employees downloaded/uploaded, and scan USBs they’re using.

Furthermore, most of the security tools have an option to send you alerts in case of suspicious activity. For example, you can set up the alerts to pop out when someone accesses a part of the shared cloud they shouldn’t.

5- Data-Driven Performance Evaluations

This is a benefit your employees will love as well. First of all, the time clock app for web will change how you do evaluations. Instead of quarterly meetings, you can now push for weekly or bi-weekly appraisals. This way, you can point out to your employees any mistakes they’ve been making, they can share their challenges, and it will be much easier to spot them and fix them.

What is more, employees will get an unbiased opinion, based on their results and activities, not based on whether the managers like them or not. However, you shouldn’t only rely on what the software tells you, and you should definitely combine it with other evaluation techniques, like peer reviews.

Wrap Up

You can’t deny that employee monitoring software and time clock apps can make amazing improvements in your company, and we how that we showed you that in these five reasons. Keep in mind, there are others – but we’ve selected those that were our favorite.

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