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Does Smart Security Cameras work on Facial Recognition?

Facial Recognition security cameras are not a future product- verifying the ID of the person is possible now. When any familiar face is captured by the facial recognition smart security cameras, these CCTV cameras realize that the person is either your family member or a friend and won’t trigger ala

Facial Recognition security cameras are not a future product- verifying the ID of the person is possible now. When any familiar face is captured by the facial recognition smart security cameras, these CCTV cameras realize that the person is either your family member or a friend and won’t trigger alarms. The cameras send instant alerts to you when any stranger comes so that you will know who is trying to intrude into your property. What could be the best security option for your home?

Wait, this doesn’t end here, here we got few explanations about the working of facial recognition smart security cameras. You will also get to know about the major benefits of using such security tools for your home safety. Let’s learn the working of smart security cameras on facial recognition first-

The facial recognition security cameras can be the best safeguarding option for your home and even office and the best part is you don’t have to deal with the false alarms. Find the best Commercial Security Cameras

What will bother you here is how these cameras can recognize any human and even pet face.

Here we got a few points to vanish your curiosity-

1- Set up a database of your familiar faces

Your facial recognition security cameras don’t have any brain to memorize familiar faces- duh! It’s still a device made by humans. To make your facial recognition security cameras remember the faces, the first thing you need to do is to set up a database of all your familiar faces. This can be done practically by asking your family members and friends to stand in front of the device and showing their photo towards it.

Usually, the average facial recognition security cameras can remember a minimum 16 and maximum 32 faces and thus, you can use the standard device for home and even small business setup.

2- Smart security cameras with facial recognition detect and match faces

There are multiple methods and technologies that facial recognition CCTV cameras use to detect faces. This may include 3D modeling, comparison of faces in videos or images, analyzing the face or partial features of a face, etc. After recognition of the faces within their range of monitoring, these CCTV security devices with facial recognition will compare the faces with the stored images or videos within the database using advanced software.

3- Instant alarm alert sent to the owner

Alerts are usually sent by these security cameras when there are unknown faces. Even some of the cameras are programmed to call the police automatically if any unknown face encounters. In contrast, if the facial recognition security cameras match the faces successfully in a database, they recognize them as familiar faces and won’t send alerts to the owner.

So, now you know how these perfect smart security cameras work with facial recognition. Let’s learn how these devices benefit their users.

Major benefits of facial recognition CCTV cameras-

Precise Recognition Performance

Facial Recognition security cameras are supported with a strong algorithm that enables them to greatly alleviate false alarms that may get triggered by simply changing the light, wind blowing, or even tree movement.

It is expected that future facial recognition security cameras will be able to detect angled faces, covered faces (with mask or sunglasses), and aged faces. This is something impossible for traditional security cameras used by people.

Facial recognition security cameras also detect pets and other objects

Few leading security camera brands are experimenting with AI and ML to make these cameras able to recognize not just human faces but pets and other common objects used by your friends and family members in daily life.

Right now, these artificial intelligence-based security cameras with facial recognition can just do better than humans!

Better security level

Facial recognition AI-enabled cameras to bring accurate reports when detecting faces of the people, pets, and objects. You can add this security tool at your home or business for a better security level. These machine learning technology based cameras guard you by sending you instant alerts when they notice unknown faces or unwanted visitors in your home or shop.

The areas to apply these cameras are not just limited to homes and stores. These security featured cameras are making their ways to airports, train stations, and places with heavy foot traffic. Police are using these cameras to identify terrorists and criminals once they are under these cameras.

Advanced features

Facial recognition in security cameras is the latest thing in the market; however, the brands are also planning to develop such security feature cameras with advanced technology to automatically track and record unknown faces and cars with unfamiliar license plates nearby your home.

Some facial recognition cameras will have heat map recording mode and analyses feature. This will provide extra security to your area of installation.

How to view and access the security camera with facial recognition?

This works on any device, anywhere, anytime. In simple words, you can install the software of the smart security camera with face recognition on your smartwatch, smartphone, tablet, or even smart TV. You can access the mobile application development even when you are out of your place and still know who came to your place when you were not there.

So, what do you think of these CCTV security cameras with facial recognition? Would you buy them for your place? Or suggest your contacts to get one for their area? Feel free to share your thoughts about this AI-enabled invention.