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Drops of the Presidential Race Kamala Harris



Drops of the Presidential Race Kamala Harris
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Senator Kamala Harris revealed she’s entering the presidential race in 2020.

The California Democrat, who in January announced his nomination for the White House, said they don’t have the money.

RT reports: Harris tweeted a letter to supporters on Tuesday saying that “it’s with great sadness–but also with deep thankfulness–to have me suspend my campaign today.” The change came as a result of her earlier cancelation of a “private matter” fundraising event in New York.

In an email to supporters, Harris wrote to rich candidates Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg, “I am not a milliardaire. I can not fund my own campaign. I can not fund my own campaign. And as the campaign continues, it is increasingly difficult to raise the money that we need to compete with. “Harris launched her campaign in January 2019.

This is the thing here. The only one who thought Kamala Harris was the chosen one was not Nate Silver. The NeverTrump DC circuit, too, favored her.

A lot of people disappointed. — Melissa Mackenzie (@MelissaTweets) December 3, 2019 Several people on social media took this opportunity, claiming that they had never heard about her, to lament Harris’s poor polling numbers.

“This week for the third time: who?”One commentator tweeted, another joked,’ Kamala, we hardly knew Ya.’ Other commentators suggested that Tulsi Gabbard was happy about the turn of events.

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