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10 Ways to have your Car Maintained in Winters

You can keep your car on the road for longer, reduce your repairs bill and stay safer, with some basic car maintenance. Keep your car healthy and you’ll not only save on garage costs but will help retain the value of your vehicle too. Winter months proves to be quite harsh not only to you […]

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You can keep your car on the road for longer, reduce your repairs bill and stay safer, with some basic car maintenance. Keep your car healthy and you’ll not only save on garage costs but will help retain the value of your vehicle too.

Winter months proves to be quite harsh not only to you but also to your vehicle. To make sure that your vehicle is functioning in a proper manner while you drive safe, you need to follow some car maintenance tune-ups. You can also take the help of the professional services of who can assure that your car is working in the most proper manner. Today we are going to share some effective tips that would help your car to be safe during the winter months. Best way to import high-quality parts from Tooley Imports Australia.

Check tire pressure

The pressure of your tires keeps you safe on the roads. If tires are under-inflated the car uses more fuel and is less able to handle well, and if tires are over-inflated the grip on the road surface suffers. It is advisable to check tire pressure regularly, ideally once a week and once a month as a minimum. You should also check the pressure of your spare tire too. The correct tire pressure will be shown in your car’s manual, and it is worth doing as you will save up to 10% on fuel when your tires are at the right level.

Service regularly

A service checks all those unseen parts that are so important to your driving well-being, including brake pads and engine. Make sure you service your car annually to keep it running well. Servicing your car will also ensure it operates efficiently and keeping your car’s service history up-to-date will help you to sell it for the right price.

Stay topped up

Your car’s fluids all play a key role so regularly check the windscreen wash, oil, and engine coolant. Without the ability to clean your windscreen, driving can become hazardous very quickly so ensure there is always wash available. You can check the oil levels in your car by cleaning the oil from the dipstick and replacing it again to see what level the oil appears at, topping it up if it is low. The engine coolant stops the car from overheating so make sure there are sufficient levels of this liquid. Here is the best Dixie Auto Glass – Windshield Repair which is perfect for your car.

Check tire tread depth

In addition to pressure levels, the depth of the tread on your car’s tires needs to be maintained. Legally, there should be 1.6mm of tread on each tire to be safe on the roads. If your tires look worn, make sure you have them replaced as worn tires may slip.

Investigate dashboard signals

Your car will tell you if there are any possible problems such as lack of oil or fuel, or an issue with the brakes system. If these warning lights appear on your dashboard, make sure you investigate further and resolve them as soon as possible.

Check Your Car’s Battery

Unless and until the vehicle stops to turn on a day there are car owner who do not think much about the battery of the car. The dead batteries are one of the greater threats that happen to the vehicle that is running in the colder weathers. Once the car is started the heat within generally rises. High amount of the batter energy is rising with the use of the cars. In the winter months, the battery of the cars hardly gets charged.

Once your car battery is older than three years, have your local mechanic check your battery’s charge at least once a year. Make sure the battery ports are clean. Battery connections that are covered in rust and dirt further impede the battery’s ability to charge.

Replace Windshield Wipers

When it comes to the pair of overused, as well as the rusted windshield wipers, nothing can stop an accident from happening. One of the most crucial parts in driving in the winter months is the visibility.  Specifically designed for taking care of the heavy precipitations, one of the best options is to purchase a winter windshield wiper with a thick rubber coating. You can make sure that you are commuting in a safe way by providing a clear view of the road with the basic car maintenance in winters.

Service Your Coolant System

You need not get the wrong misdirected idea about your coolant as it is meant for your car. To make sure that your vehicle stays warm even in the extreme of the cold temperatures outside, the cooling system ensures the same. Always make sure that in the winter months if recommended by your manufacturer and the model of your car to schedule a radiator flush annually. You also need to be aware of the leaks making sure that the antifreeze is surely filled up in its appropriate levels and this is something that can be done on your own. Also make sure that you are not mixing the anti-freeze with water. It can bring up some expensive damage to your car while the reservoir freezes and breaks off when you are using only water.

Be Aware of Tire Traction

When it comes to your tires, make sure that you are up to date. You would surely not be involved in setting yourself a set of bald tires out there in this snowy season. This will make your car slides over. You also need to make sure to get hold a new set of tires that are adaptable to every season. You need to take yourself to some extra miles in maintaining the correct pressure over your tires; the tires would be performing in the best way when they are filled with the right pressure also helping a lot in saving gas.

You also need to make sure that you are contacting your local collision repair shop immediately if you ever come across an accident. You need to build up your confidence while you are taking out your cars on road this winter so, you need to follow the maintenance guidelines of your car this season.

If someone your car starts to malfunction, you need not feel edgy about it.


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