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Simple & Ultimate Guide for Guest Blogging



guest blogging

Guest posting means writing and publishing an article on a website or blog for anyone else. I give it on my own page (sometimes) and do it on other sites with audiences to which I would like to talk. It’s a great way to connect and get your name from new readers.

Guest blogging is regularly listed as one of the best ways of creating and producing high-quality connections.

Do you want a targeted increase in traffic to your website, a better ranking of search engines and a better reputation in your niche… free?

It may sound like a dream pipe (especially if you just started your blog recently), but that’s not it. All of these things can be done surprisingly quickly and without paying a small fee — by guest blogging. Let’s discuss how to post guests.

What is guest blogging?

Guest blog, also known as guest blogging, is written for another blog in order to grow your brand, to reach a specific audience, to generate traffic and to create backlinks for your own site.

Although some exceptions exist, a guest post is usually a unique piece of material that is not posted in your blog or elsewhere— and almost always for a blog with a bigger audience than your own (which is one of the major benefits of guest blogging).

Nor do you pay to be a guest blogger. It’s a sponsored post, not a guest post when you’re asked to pay. Actually, some blogs will even pay you for your guest blogs.

So what’s the deal with blogging guests? Well, there’s no one — and it still benefits everyone.

More than 70 million blog posts are written each month today. It is becoming increasingly competitive for a broad blog audience to attract (and retain).

Therefore, guest blogging is a win for your guest blog as they receive a free piece of content that they don’t either have to compose themselves or pay a writer to compile.

How to find opportunities for guest bloggers

First thing you want to do is find opportunities for guest blogs. If you are searching for guest post locations, your main objective is to find sites that are important to your niche or industry. You are searching for blogs that meet the following requirements: The content is concentrated in your niche/industry.

  • The blog’s audience is interested in your business.
  • The blog involved readership (posts were socially shared and commented on).
  • The proprietor of the blog is active in social media (so you know they can promote your work on their site).
  • If you sell seeds, you’ll consider gardening forums with a dedicated gardener audience. The following should help you to find the right kind of guest posts.

Facebook Searches Google is a great place to start searching for guest postings. You can search for blogs that welcome guest posts by using any of the keywords below. Just replace your keyword with your industry keywords.

Keyword “submit a guest post” Keyword “Guest post” Keyword “accept guest post posts” Keyword “guest post guides” This search should lead you to a guest post book page, guest post books page or other authors ‘ guest postings actual.

If you (or your online marketing agency) have ever made a backlink analysis of a competitor while working on your SEO campaign, it is possible that one or more of your competitors have backlinks from their guest posts. If you have access to tools such as Open Web Explorer, you can look at your rivals ‘ backlinks and find any site they’ve written for. If you do not, a “good post” (replacing the domain to the domain of your competitor) can be done by Google for link: to expose sites for which a competitor has posted.

A lot of bloggers and guest posters will share their new social networking guest posts. Because Twitter is the simplest to search, you can consider using Twitter to search for the “guest post” keyword so that you get the latest tweets about your industry guest posts. Follow the links to find out which blogs accept the guest posts. There is a website where you can get Guest Post Service at accessily you can Submit a guest post.

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How To Become An Efficient Content Writer In 2020



Content writing comes with a lot of advantages. You can do an activity you love and see your work generate value for yourself. We’re going to give you ways on how you can be an efficient content writer. From writing about a topic at a particular word count that you can check using word counter for free, always be passionate about the topics you write!

A content writer writes content on a wide variety of topics for certain clients. These clients may ask for you to write about their particular needs. It is your job as a content writer to tell the story that your client needs to their targeted audience.

Identify An Area Of Expertise

You must determine an area of expertise. You’ll indeed gain skill as you write more articles. But, you must identify a few topics or genres that you are familiar with. Writing about a topic that you are familiar with is always more comfortable because you have an idea of what to write. You’ll be able to relay it with ease.

The positive side of writing about a familiar topic is it’s much more comfortable. You have a broader perspective on the topic at hand. You’ll be able to articulate the thoughts you want to write with ease. Whereas, writing about an unfamiliar topic can bring a complicated process. It can derail you and turn your writing experience into an unpleasant experience.

There is a high possibility that you won’t be able to write about familiar topics. With the pattern of the client’s needs trends these days, the topics would vary in a lot of ways. The topic areas would range between the client’s area of interest to the things that are in demand.

An efficient content writer always finds ways to deliver a product of high quality. The result should always yield value to you and your client.

Develop A Wider Perspective Of Writing

Always have an idea of the purpose of your content. You must always keep in mind the audience who will read it. Identifying a goal for your content will help you dictate the correct tone for your article. You must always identify ideal techniques towards a topic and an approach to it. An efficient method is crucial to value-generating content.

The ability to do research is always crucial for content writing. Research always makes the content more credible, thus generating value. It is crucial that you locate credible sources online and extract vital information. Credible sources can vary into experts and educated scholars. Both can be vital in relaying credible content to your audience.

A good content writer must have a broad perspective on topic areas. You must combine excellent research skills with your writing skills. Your perspective about a variety of topics can improve along with your ability to write. Your content will generate value if you can make use of these skills while writing.

Research should bring you a broad perspective. It should also make you write with a unique voice. You must be able to apply that new perspective to shed light on a cliche topic. Being original in your writing approach is crucial in separating you from others. What makes your content unique? How were you able to present a topic?

Make Use Of The Tools Available Around You

Good content writers can make use of tools that come in handy for writing. Examples of these tools can be staying updated on SEO trends. You must have knowledge about different SEO titles.

Content writers must always keep up with the changes in SEO algorithms. Even with the changes, clients always demand high quality. Demand will rise if you can write valuable content from a different perspective.

Vital Skills You May Need

A good content writer can focus on the task at hand. A good content writer must be able to focus on a task while not paying attention to distractions. Developing focus while writing can be a vital skill in getting important work done. It may affect the writer’s output.

Being able to meet deadlines is also a vital skill for a content writer. A content writer must be able to cater to the demands of the client when the client needs the output. Efficiency is the name of the game, and the ability to meet deadlines comes from the ability to focus. Make sure to meet those deadlines!


Content writing is not about creating eye-catching phrases. It is about being able to write about a variety of topics. Being a content writer is not about relaying general information. It is about conveying a message to a target audience.

There is no manual on becoming a successful writer. A content writer must be able to be unique so he can write something unique. The writer must be able to use his originality to capture the reader’s attention.

Understand your client’s demands and the audience, then you will be able to take advantage of your skills as a content writer.

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The Right and the Wrong Reasons to Start a Blog




It seems like everyone has a blog these days. However, very few people have a successful one.

That may be because too many people start a blog without realistic expectations. Simply put, a lot of people start a blog for the wrong reasons.

To make sure that you’re setting yourself up to succeed and setting the right type of expectations, here are some of the right and wrong reasons to start a blog.

The Right Reason: SEO Success

Content is king” has been the mantra in digital marketing for years, but it has never been truer than it is today. If you’re just starting your journey, you might want to read these 10 steps to building a WordPress website the right way.

Google’s algorithm rewards fresh and relevant content and the use of organic SEO tactics. The highest-ranked companies are the ones who take the time to create quality, well-optimized content. And your blog remains the best place to publish this content.

The Wrong Reason: Overnight SEO Success

Despite what we just wrote above, your blog is most likely not going to help you overtake the #1 ranking on Google in a few weeks. Or even a few months or years.

There are always case studies for aggressive SEO growth and companies that skyrocketed up the rankings. However, this is not a realistic place to set your expectations. You also need to know that their growth most likely didn’t just come from their blog. It is almost always aided by a strong off-page SEO strategy, with link building and influencer marketing.

The Right Reason: Thought Leadership

Your blog is also a great home for you’re earned knowledge and industry acumen.

You most likely started your business because you’re an expert in something. Whether that something is pet grooming or auto mechanics, your mind contains invaluable experience and expertise. If you can effectively get it out of your brain and into a blog, you stand a great chance at becoming a thought-leader in your space.


The Wrong Reason: You Want to Go Viral

Becoming a thought-leader or influencer in your market likely won’t happen overnight. And it most likely won’t happen with a single blog that goes viral.

Writing a blog or shooting a video with the hopes of going viral basically holds the same odds as buying a lottery ticket.

Don’t set out hoping to find overnight success after hitting a homerun. Set yourself up to strategically build a following. That is more achievable and something you can work towards. At the same time, the results you will see from taking the long road will last much longer, whereas the fame and success from a single viral piece can be fleeting at best.

You may have noticed the overarching theme here. The right reasons to start a blog all involve working strategically to grow your SEO clout and following, while all of the wrong reasons include looking for overnight success or fame.

Enter the world of blogging with the right expectations and you can steadily work towards success. However, if you enter it with the wrong expectations, you will most likely get frustrated and quit.

Can your blog make you rich? Maybe. But you’re going to have to put a lot into it before it starts giving back.

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7 Digital Marketing, In-Demand Jobs That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago



Well, I don’t think there is anyone out there reading today’s article is unaware of the word “Digital marketing.” I hope of many hands down in back!

Well, do you remember the days when you were a fresh college graduate and didn’t have to see any job relating to today’s scenario? This is the difference today!

There has been seen and discussed how the ongoing surge in technology is causing the replacement of jobs. But we cannot deny the fact that technology has created a number of jobs even.

Today, we are going to discuss;

7 Digital Marketing Jobs That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago

But, before getting into the main topic of the day, it’s high time to look over to the overview of today’ article. Have a look:

1). Digital Marketing Specialist:

Digital Marketing Specialist

Today, everything is online and digital. Gone are the days when you were used to marketing your product and services through traditional methods, as a business owner. Those traditional methods were: advertisement in magazines, newspapers, distributing pamphlets on roads and so on.  But now the time has changed and so the techniques of advertisement as well. Now, no matter if it’s a big, medium or small business, people are focusing on online ads, YouTube ads and email to outreach audience. Digital marketing specialists are now concentrating on effective online marketing campaigns and digital messaging for consumers and you know the best part of all? The salary is damn pretty good though! Digital Marketing Specialist Avg. Salary: $51,984

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2). Vlogger:



Next, on the list Vlogger (Videomakers), in layman language is a super cool job available for today’s youth! Wondering how? Well, there is a difference between blogger and vlogger. Although bloggers have been around since the early 90s, as we know YouTube wasn’t released until 2005 starting the age of online cat videos. But after that tables got turned and a number of successful vloggers, also called “influencers” use their platform to make money. They make money through various ways such as product sponsorship, reviews and advertising on their videos. They market products and their brand on social media. Don’t drop your jaw down if I say today’s biggest YouTube Vlogger is estimated to be worth around 15.5 million. Vlogger Avg. Salary: $40,000 

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3). Social Media Manager: 

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

Do you know? There are total of 2.46 billion people present on social media in the world. And the thing is it is even growing more. So, obviously with such a rise, there is a need of social media manager continuously and this is not even outdated. They make sure that they are brand consistent and that the feedback from customers gets addressed. Their main job responsibility is to strategize, manage and maintain all of a company’s social networks. Social Media Manager Avg. Salary: $48,614 

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4). Chief Listening Officer: 

Chief Listening Officer

Chief Listening Officer

the chief listening officer is an important one, relatively a new to the digital community. It is somewhat a step above social media manager and is more of an overall approach to social. With the assistance of the social media manager, the chief listening officer tries to get a better understanding of what clients like or dislike about the brand and create strategies to remedy or maintain those opinions by monitoring both the external and internal communications. They even also work on things like complaints, new product ideas, and tips from consumers and general feedback from social listening. Chief Listening Officer Avg. Salary: $181,210 

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5). SEO Analyst:

SEO Analyst

SEO Analyst

A number of people out there must be aware of the term Search engine optimization (SEO) analysts. Their main functioning involves to let the potential customers can find their company easier. They do so by helping a company optimizes website and content to have better visibility in online searches. With such emerging smartphones and stiff competition, it’s easy to get lost in the results page if you don’t have the right tools to get you found. Thus, to give your company an online presence, SEO analyst, keeping up with Google’s newest rules and trends, analyze the website, develop and execute strategies and improve search rankings. SEO Analyst Avg. Salary: $46,466 

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6). Data Scientist:

Data Scientist

Data Scientist

The term “data science” is not a new thing in business but yes if we fit it with digital changes in the business; it is certainly a new job responsibility. How do they function? Well, they get to have a voluminous amount of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. They need to be able to collect, interpret and utilize large data sets into data strategies for organizations. Well, it’s not as easy as it looks. It may result in a curse even. An expert data scientist knows your market is the key to a successful business and thus utilize the data accordingly. Data Scientist Avg. Salary: $118,709 

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7). UX Designer:

UX Designer

UX Designer

experience of the user, this is what defines the UX Designer the most appropriately. They use A/B testing to explore different options and approaches and thus determine the best types of landing pages, call to actions, customer journeys, and so forth across the site and its products, like apps. It not only improves customer experience but also the overall satisfaction of consumers. UX Designer Avg. Salary: $107,880

Summing up:

I hope you enjoyed reading it. Which one out of all did you love the most? Let us know your suggestions, questions in the comment section below Now.

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