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7 Amazing Last-Minute Party Decoration Ideas

Regardless of whether you have weeks, days or a few hours to organize your party, it should wow your guests. Of course, it is much easier when you have plenty of time to prepare, but nevertheless, even if you have just a few hours to throw an amazing party it is perfectly manageable if you […]

Party Decoration

Regardless of whether you have weeks, days or a few hours to organize your party, it should wow your guests. Of course, it is much easier when you have plenty of time to prepare, but nevertheless, even if you have just a few hours to throw an amazing party it is perfectly manageable if you follow these 15-minute DIY party ideas. Decorations are an important part of every party and they add a touch of creativity, elegance and festivity.

Festive garlands

Garlands are a very popular last-minute party decoration that adds a touch of festivity to every party. Garlands can be customized to fit any kind of party and there are many ways we can make them. If you have more time on your hands, you can make garlands with a sewing machine and some supplies. However, if you need a garland for your last-minute party, you can make these no-sew recycled paper garlands in no time. To make these, you’ll need string or thread, recycled catalogues or magazines, a glue stick, scissors and a circle hole punch can come in handy. You’ll start by cutting out some colourful or interesting pages from the magazines, in different shapes and then you’ll glue these shapes to the thread you prepared.

Creative party cups

Cups are an absolute necessity when it comes to any party. For hosting a large party, the best option is to use paper cups, which are easily customizable. You can decorate all the cups yourself to match the overall theme of your party or you can make cup decorating a more interactive activity by setting up a decorating station for the guests to be creative and decorate their own cups. This can be a perfect activity for the guests to show off their talents and mingle at your party. Even though paper cups are the most economical drinkware for every party, that doesn’t mean they have to be all plain and boring.

Flower decorations

Flowers are an inevitable decoration of every party and they make every party more colourful and lively. We can use flowers in so many different ways, as well as paper and fresh ones.

Paper flowers

There are so many YouTube videos on making all kinds of paper flower decorations. One of the most popular and effective ones are oversized wallflowers, which you can make with scrapbook paper, cardboard circles, scissors and double-sided tape. You can personalize the colours, shapes and sizes and hang them on your walls. Another quite popular decoration features a tissue paper pom-pom. They are inexpensive but quite impressive when you hang them on your chandelier.

Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers are always a good choice for any party. All kinds of flowers and plants can be useful, even fruits and veggies. You can decorate your table with tiny and diverse succulents displayed in different vases, pots, tins and glasses. Another simple way is to go to your backyard or garden, pick a few flowers with stems, place them one by one in those single-stem vases and arrange them proportionally over the table. These will look stylish, lively and fresh, while at the same time adding a lovely scent. However, if you don’t have a garden full of flowers and you live in a big city such as Melbourne, you can order same day flower delivery, and these flowers will be at your address in no time, so you can start being creative.  You can also use these flowers to make floral confetti and sprinkle the petals all over the table for a unique and elegant decoration.

The magnificent washi tape

The magnificent and multifaceted washi tape comes in many sizes, patterns and colours. It can be used to decorate many things at your party. For example, you can update and personalize the plain glass vases with this tape to make them more festive. You can also use washi tape to decorate a wall or a serving tray. The biggest advantage of using washi tape is that it can be easily removed and replaced with a different one when needed.

The power of centrepieces

Centrepieces are a quite popular party decoration and rarely you can see a party without some amusing centrepiece. You can create an effective centrepiece from so many different materials. For example, you can mix the flowers we previously mentioned with seasonal fruits and veggies to make unique centrepieces that will definitely wow your guests. These add farmhouse or rustic vibe to your party. You can also use candles and lights to make interesting centrepieces as well as somethings found in nature such as rocks and plants.

Artsy drinks

And what is a party without some interesting drinks? You can easily create a bar spot, where you’ll be serving all kinds of crazy cocktails, decorated with amusing straws, toppers, napkins and recipes. You can customize your bar with a chalkboard bar mat, where you can share a cocktail recipe. You can also decorate your glass stems with balloons filled with confetti and a note or a recipe inside. And don’t forget to make some colourful coasters!

DIY photo booth

A thing that’ll make your party memorable is definitely a DIY photo booth you can make easily. These booths are perfect for any kind of party and they make it even more interesting. All you need is an effective backdrop, which can be made of flowers, good lighting, a camera and all kinds of crazy props. This is a perfect way for your guests to enjoy your party and make some fun memories.

Throwing a party, especially a last-minute one, is something that’s fun and creative but it’s also something that can create stress for the host. By following these simple party tips and tricks, you can make sure that your party is a blast in a few simple steps, without fuss and stress.


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