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How Is Biometric Authentication Better Than Passwords?



Previously, we’ve observed that biometrics such as fingerprinting were most famous on smartphones while now about 1⁄4th of organizations are using fingerprint scanning laptops followed by tablets and other innovative inventions. It is a fact that in today’s age, more than half of the organizations are using fingerprinting scanning in one way or the other.

Customers are increasingly and wholeheartedly accepting and trusting biometrics authentication methods, all thanks to Apple’s fingerprint recognition system which is quite easy to use. Now, instead of remembering complex passwords, customers use a thumbprint, their face, and even voice to open accounts and process transactions.

Biometrics authentications are not just convenient to use but are also perceived to be a much secure way to access accounts. A survey found that 46% of the respondents believe biometrics are safer than the traditional passwords and pin codes. But whether biometrics have altogether out warded passwords is still a point of argument.

Before we get into the debate of how biometrics authentication is better than passwords, let’s have a brief rundown of how biometrics increases online security with multiple benefits it offers to the users.

How Biometric Authentication Increases Online Security?

The main reason why biometrics identifiers have much significance is that they’re unique to people. When compared with various token-based systems or knowledge-based identifiers such as passwords, biometric identifiers can more confidently confirm your identity.

According to a Spiceworks survey, about 62% of the organizations in North America use biometric authentication technologies. And it is also predicted that by 2020, an additional 24% are planning to adopt this technology.

Most people use an alternative of the same password for all of the sites they visit. Individuals usually change a number or add a unique character to their original passwords, while some people are so sluggish that they use the most obvious passwords. listed the top most hacked passwords of 2017. Some of the most hacked passwords include; 12345, football, iloveyou, qwerty, admin, welcome, monkey, and abc123. These are just examples of how simple it is to break into anyone’s devices. If many people adopt this culture, then without any doubt, biometric authentication is much stronger than passwords.

Reasons How Is Biometrics Authentication IS Better Than Passwords

The following mentioned below are some other reasons which prove how biometrics offer greater security to the users.

  • Difficult To Replicate

When it comes to biometric voiceprints- they are sets of mathematical algorithms and not the customer’s original voice. Thus even a hacker hacks a system and gets voiceprints, the algorithm is useless to the fraudster. The hacker might try to replicate the voice, but most biometric technologies have fraud detection systems that can identify recorded and synthesized voices.

The attackers might also try to use some high-resolution photographs to fool the facial-recognition software. But, the software is one step ahead, needing the customer to perform some movements like blinking to show that they are who they claim to be and not just a printed facsimile.

  • Uses Unique Data

Uniqueness and specificity are completely absent from most of the passwords. However, this is essential in keeping a high level of security, mainly when four out of five data breaches take place because of weak passwords.

People can quickly generate alphanumeric passwords that appear challenging to decrypt and difficult to copy. The fact that traditional passwords are artificially produced and exist outside also means that they can be easily replicated.

However, the case is different for biometric data because the patterns that signify a unique identity occur naturally. Biological attributes have become a vital part of a person’s digital identity and are confirmed right from the location where the person is physically present.

Unlike PIN codes that might be forgotten with time, biometric data remains inherent in a person, as this involves both physical and behavioral characteristics.

  • Support Multi-Factor Authentication

Users also prefer key passwords or even draw lock patterns on their device, but still, are looking for an extra layer of security. In this scenario, biometric authentication can be used in conjunction with other modes of verification.

Most of the security systems can accommodate any combination of physical and behavioral cues along with nominal codes to act. For example, an individual can enter a password, then proceed with an iris scan, combine facial recognition along with voice recognition scans, or even swipe an access card, and then proceed with a fingerprint scan.

  • Safe and Secure From Cyber-Attacks

The most common and prevalent cybersecurity threats come in the shape of phishing attacks and identity theft through spoofing or impersonation.

Phishing attacks are the ones that deceive users in providing their confidential data or influences them into clicking or downloading a file that gives attackers easy access to their systems. An integral part of the phishing attack is how it is made to look like a legal request so that the target can give their security details into a fake login portal.

Phishing attacks occur less when biometric data is being used through multi-factor authentication. It is when the system needs not just the passwords but also the actual scan of an individual’s physical or behavioral feature while launching an app or confirming a transaction.

Over time, the popularity of mobile banking apps has encouraged banks to switch towards biometric authentication as a more redefined and advanced method for users to transact through the app. Organizations are also boosting security against hackers who uses the victim’s selfies to spoof them during a facial recognition scan.

The more hi-tech biometric authentication systems include a spoof detection tool to examine whether the sample being presented before the sensors is of a living human being or a spoof. Security protocols are also containing instructions for the user to blink and respond to questions that would be challenging to perform with a spoof.

Since more device manufacturers such as Apple are building sensors and scanners into their systems, more organizations are finding it useful to incorporate biometric authentication to boost their security features.

  • Easy To Use

Memorizing passwords can be a headache at times. Rather than remembering passwords, most people prefer to use the same code across multiple platforms. In the US, for instance, the average user links up to 130 online services to a single email account. This ultimately increases the risk of losing access to different accounts once that unique password has been stolen.

Biometric authentication removes the need for users to input various passwords on any platform, or to be at risk of getting hacked across apps when they recycle the same universal password.

Is There Any Risk Of Biometric Authentication?

Every system has some risks and limitations, and a biometric password system is no exception at all. There are multiple attack risks within this type of system, as well. The first one is the use of fake fingerprints. A 3D-printed mold of a fingerprint can be used as a fake fingerprint. This experiment was performed at Clarkson University by the Center for Identification Technology Research (CITER) – the experts produced a fake print and used it to fool a fingerprint scanner successfully.

However, one can get the fingerprints without using a 3D scanner and printer. There was a case of someone faking a print and ends up hacking a phone with the most accessible tools. This example made it look like the easiest phone hacking incident that anyone can do. Such things are not only happening with criminals, but certain Federal agencies are also buying fingerprints to benefit themselves. In 2015, the USA Office of Personnel Management was hacked and resulted in 5.6 million Americans’ fingerprints being compromised. This means that security can be compromised in several different ways.

Moreover, biometric facial recognition systems can also get hacked. The older and traditional versions of facial recognition get easily bypassed with a regular picture of the individual’s face. Organizations then evolved the system and asked for a blink test to assure it wasn’t only a picture of the individual. But, it was found that the new version is also fairly bypassed, but merely using a short video of some other person’s face.

Final Words

When it comes to technology, so, there are always ups and downs. The reason why we have technology is to push ourselves to get better every day. People are ready to find inadequacies and vulnerabilities in systems daily, and with this flow, the methods and technology get better and better.

Hackers will be pushing each system to become smarter and superior to the one before. They will consistently find a way to beat even the best biometric system in the same way they can sidestep a system of passwords. When this happens, people will ultimately find another new system that is better than biometric authentication. But till then, biometric authentications are the best available option for keeping your information protected and secure.

Author Bio:

Rebecca James: Enthusiastic Cybersecurity Journalist, A creative team leader, editor of PrivacyCrypts.


Wayde N. Thabalanz is a 2016-17 New York Foundation for the Arts Fellow in Fiction and a 2015 NYFA Fellow in Poetry. His work has appeared in Best New Poets 2015, The Los Angeles Review.

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Carl Nassib made queer NFL history. Now he’s stepping away from the game



When Carl Nassib came out as gay, he made history as the first active NFL player to do so. He’s currently on the subsequent chapter.

He is who? In the NFL, Nassib played defensive end.

He played for the Cleveland Browns, Las Vegas Raiders, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers over the course of seven seasons.
Why all the fuss? Nassib announced his big news—retiring from the NFL—via Instagram.

Nassib also came out as gay on Instagram in 2021, posting a video saying, “I just want to take a little moment to declare that I’m gay. This is something I’ve been meaning to accomplish for a while. But now that I’m secure enough, I can say it.
Nassib declares that he will now devote himself to Rayze, his business that aims to improve internet connections between nonprofits and people.
Promoter Message

What is being said?

Nassib wrote the following in his Instagram post:

It seems like yesterday when I first joined Penn State as a walk-on. More than I ever could have anticipated, football has given me. Knowing that I gave it my all, I can honestly put my helmet away for the last time.

Football was always so much fun when I was a kid. I enjoyed seeking perfection. Every athlete has a brief window in which to pursue their goals, and I enjoyed that. If you do, it makes the experience much more thrilling. Even as a walk-on, playing in the NFL was always my goal, so I truly feel like the luckiest man alive.

This kind of moment calls for thankfulness. I want to express gratitude to God, my family, and my friends for being there for me at all times, even when I wasn’t aware of it. Brian Ayrault, my agent, is to be thanked. One of my best choices ever was sticking with you to WME. I came out to Brian in the football industry first, and he didn’t bat an eye. He pushed and motivated me to make the biggest effect I could by going through with my announcement. I also want to thank John Spytek and Jason Licht. These two not once, but twice revived my career. They hired me both times after they fired me. Without those two football giants, I would not have had the opportunity to play my greatest football in Tampa.

Want to learn more about the NFL? Consider the Consideration This episode discusses the lack of diversity in the NFL (still).

And here’s Jim Buzinski, co-founder of, on the significance of the moment with NPR in 2021 after Nassib came forward:

The first player you’ll be able to recognize as gay while watching a game on television is Carl.

And whether they play football or another sport, every young LGBTQ athlete can now confidently assert, “I can do this; if he can do it, I can do it.”

Sports allow for more tolerance. We’ve come a long way, but there are undoubtedly still many issues with homophobia in athletics. And the response to Carl’s appearance sort of proves that. There isn’t much more to say about it, so in many ways, it will be a one- or two-day tale. What are you going to do about the fact that he is gay other than celebrate him?

Carl Nassib will devote all of his time to his charitable app.
Getty Images/Ethan Miller
Then what?

Nassib said he is eager to collaborate with the NFL in the future on philanthropic initiatives as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.
And he offers the following guidance to everybody who aspires to be the best: Never let anyone tell you that something is impossible. In whatever you do, strive to be your best. Work hard, make wise decisions, and show others kindness.

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Duke Spotlight: Corporate Payroll Services Processes $3.4 Billion in Annual Payroll Get to know the colleagues who keep Duke staff and faculty paid during National Payroll Week Image



Jack Frederick, Writer at Duke
Benefits and Discounts Unit: Corporate Payroll Services in Financial Services TAGS HR Staff Faculty

Years at Duke: The payroll department at Duke has been in operation for many years, but in 1998 it changed its name to Duke Corporate Payroll Services.

There are 18 employees.

What are the team’s main duties in terms of Corporate Payroll Services?

The unit’s main duty is to make sure that Duke’s $3.4 billion in direct annual payroll, which is its greatest expense, is appropriately and promptly distributed to staff, faculty, and student workers.

Staff members guarantee that the master payroll data used to assure the accuracy of payroll procedures for Duke University and Duke University Health System is accurate and complete.

I am Kassaundra Hester. Jack Frederick took the picture.
The section, which is a part of Financial Services, produces checks for three payroll categories: academics and staff who are exempt from overtime pay, non-exempt workers who are paid every two weeks, and students who get non-compensatory benefits including fellowships, internships, and scholarships.

Each pay period, transactions and timecard approvals are collected through the self-service Duke@Work portal by about 400 payroll professionals from Duke University and the Duke University Health System.

Using an advanced data management platform that processes master payroll data, payroll personnel then compiles and carefully reviews that data, which includes monthly and biweekly payroll hours worked and deductions for things like health and dental insurance.

According to Kassaundra Hester, head of Corporate Payroll Services, “this is the one job that affects each and every employee.” Everyone’s livelihood depends on it.

The week of September 4–8 is designated as National Payroll Week to honor and highlight the vital role that payroll professionals play in the smooth operation of the nation’s finances.

Duke Corporate Payroll is in charge of producing W-2, 1099, and 1042-S tax documents in addition to processing payroll.

Printers played a significant role in the Duke Corporate Payroll procedures in 2007. File image from Working@Duke.
A little background:

For many years, printing hundreds of paychecks and sending them via campus mail to payroll representatives in each department, who subsequently distributed them to employees and teachers, was how Corporate Payroll Services defined the period before payday.

In 1994, Duke implemented direct deposit, which brought about a change. Online direct deposit statements were made available to employees as a means of receiving their pay electronically in 2008.

By outsourcing internal check printing to Wells Fargo in 2022, Duke Corporate Payroll allowed Wells Fargo to create and ship about 1,200 paychecks each month.

What modern technology improves the effectiveness and convenience of the payroll function?

Corporate Payroll Services debuted “The Work Number” by Equifax last year. Current and past employees can easily generate a report of their employment and income information using the digital verification service without using payroll services.

Everyone benefits from it being more effective, Hester added.

a noteworthy accomplishment

Hester’s major priorities when she arrived at Duke in 2021 were to boost the department’s productivity and cut down on paper use. In the upcoming years, we’ll continue to concentrate on that objective.

After the unit worked on-site throughout the pandemic, a considerable reduction in paper use, along with new tools and technology, now enables payroll services workers to work a hybrid schedule.

During a staff retreat in August 2023, employees Christine Katz, left, and Jordan Clayton of Duke Corporate Payroll Services joined in on the game show theme. Thanks to Kassaundra Hester for the photo.
They now have the work-life balance they were lacking, according to Hester.

A fun fact

The workforce of Duke Corporate Payroll Services presents their yearly presentation reports and dresses for the event based on themes picked by the unit during annual retreats to discuss successes, difficulties, and goals for the coming year.

The previous year’s theme was sports, and many groups dressed as football, basketball, and golf players. Employees dressed as participants and hosts from game shows for this year’s unit vacation.

My main goal is to make work enjoyable, Hester stated. “I’m going above and beyond to think of anything I can do to boost morale, make it more relaxing, and help them stay motivated.”

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Durand Cup final, East Bengal vs Mohun Bagan Highlights: MBSG wins 17th Durand title, beats EBFC 1-0 to win Kolkata derby



The 132nd Durand Cup was won by the Mohun Bagan Super Giants on September 3, 2023, at the Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan (VYBK) in Kolkata. In the championship, Mohun Bagan SG defeated East Bengal FC 1-0. Swapan Mahapatra is credited with taking the photo (PTI09_03_2023_000205B).

Welcome to Sportstar’s coverage of the Durand Cup final, which was played at the Yuva Bharati Krirangan in Kolkata between East Bengal and Mohun Bagan Super Giant. Neeladri Bhattacharjee was the one bringing you minute-by-minute updates on this famous fight.

Major Updates
Golden Ball winner Nandhakumar Sekar
Golden Boot winner David Lalhlansanga!
Golden glove winner Vishal Kaith!
Total time! Mohun Bagan wins the 2023 Durand Cup!
90+3′ Dimas Delgado is dismissed
71′ Goal! Score for Petratos! MBSG 0–1 EBFC
62′ Mohun Bagan has only 10 men left! Anirudh Thapa was dismissed.
56 pages into the book.
the second half starts!
Half-Time! Mohun Bagan Super Giant lose to East Bengal 1-0.
Mohun Bagan nearly scores at 45+5′!
tiff in the middle of the field!
Chance for East Bengal at 44′!
35′ East Bengal is substituted for by force!
Let’s go!
East Bengal’s opening lineup
lineup for Mohun Bagan to begin!
22:15 on SEPTEMBER 3rd, 2023
folks, that’s all!
That concludes this thrilling Kolkata derby in the Durand Cup championship. Mohun Bagan Super Giant begins the season with a trophy after winning its 17th Durand championship.

We appreciate your interest in this. Soon, we’ll return with more football coverage.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 18:40
Mohun Bagan, the Durand Cup victor, takes the stage at last
As East Bengal presents a guard of honor to Mohun Bagan Super Giant, the Mariners enter the arena. The squad unexpectedly lost to its arch-rival in the group stage, but they got their just desserts in the championship game, giving Mohun Bagan its 17th championship, making them the most successful team in the competition.

They receive 60 lakh rupees in prize money.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 18:36
East Bengal receives silver medals!
Players from East Bengal, led by Harmanjot Khabra, are called up to receive their runners-up medals on stage. East Bengal should be quite happy with its performance in the competition, despite falling to Mohun Bagan in the tournament’s final.

The ISL champion was forced to work hard, and was even defeated in the group stage, by a squad that finished third from last in the ISL last season.

Khabra, the captain, and Carles Cuadrat, the coach, accept the team’s 30 lakh rupee check.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 18:34
Golden Ball winner Nandhakumar Sekar
Nandhakumar Sekar of East Bengal is the recipient of the Durand Cup’s Golden Ball. In addition to scoring the game-winning goal in the previous Kolkata derby, he received three Player of the Match accolades.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 18:33
Golden Boot winner David Lalhlansanga!
David Lalhlansanga of Mohammedan Sporting receives the Golden Boot. He was only unfortunate that his team lost by one goal and didn’t advance to the knockout rounds.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 18:32
Golden glove winner Vishal Kaith!
Vishal Kaith, a Mohun Bagan Super Giant, won the Golden Glove in this competition after earning it in the ISL the previous year. Additionally, he receives a check for three lakh rupees.

03 SEPTEMBER 2023, 17:30
Updates on the awards ceremony following the game
The post-game ceremony begins with gifts being given to the match officials. What a tournament it has been, with Mohun Bagan Super Giant winning the summit match.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 18:22
presentation event following the game
Noah Sadaoui, David Lalhlansanga, and Jorge Pereyra Diaz are the Golden Boot nominees.

Hugo Boumous, Nandhakumar Sekar, and Seriton Fernandes are the Golden Ball nominees.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 18:12
report about a game

AUGUST 03, 2023, 18:10
Did you realize?
The 2004 Durand Cup final between Mohun Bagan and East Bengal ended in a loss for Mohun Bagan. The victorious squad was once again reduced to 10 men in the second half due to a red card.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 18:04
Total time! Mohun Bagan wins the 2023 Durand Cup!
The Mariners become the most successful side in the tournament’s history as the referee blows the final whistle, to the raucous cheers of the Mohun Bagan Super Giant supporters.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 18:03
Mahesh attempts to strike Nishu Kumar with the free kick, but MBSG has men marked very precisely and attempts to stall the game.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 18:02
Manvir fouls Vanspaul as he tries to cut to the right, giving East Bengal a free kick. the red-and-gold brigade’s last chance?

AUGUST 03, 2023, 18:01
Eat Bengal’s player of the year from the previous campaign, Cleiton Silva, attempts a long-range shot but it misses the mark. And the red-and-gold horde is denied yet another opportunity.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 18:00
With a cautious build-up, East Bengal is working really hard to maintain its composure. But a clever MBSG defense clears every cross that comes into the final third.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 17:57
90+3′ Dimas Delgado is dismissed
Dimas Delgado, an assistant coach for East Bengal, gets into a verbal altercation with Juan Ferrando, the head coach of MBSG, and is sent off as a result.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 17:56
Subhasish Bose, the captain of the Mohun Bagan Super Giants, collapses on the ground while clutching his chest. As East Bengal attempts to resume play in the closing stages of the game, their medical staff cares to him.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 17:55
A square pass from Nandha to Vanspaul, who then passes to Mahesh, whose dink is just too far to put MBSG in jeopardy, is attempted.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 17:53
East Bengal is exerting tremendous pressure on Mohun Bagan, but Juan Ferrando’s side are refusing to yield. They are unwilling to divulge the breakthrough they have obtained from their star striker Petratos.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 17:51
Anwar Ali blocks Vanspaul’s attempt to score from outside the box, preventing East Bengal from scoring what would have been a likely equalizer.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 17:49
East Bengal attempts a counterattack, and Vanspaul whips in a cross. With Cummings racing up the right wing, Mohun Bagan manages to clear it. His attempt is deflected into an MBSG corner. Yeste’s corner kick missed its mark.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 17:47
Gill passes the ball to Mandar, who attempts a lofted shot from the left flank, but the effort is unsuccessful and the goalie is not even slightly tested.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 17:46
Colaco crosses for Cummings in the centre as Mohun Bagan again takes the East Bengal defense off guard, but Khabra makes a timely clearance to prevent Mohun Bagan from doubling its advantage.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 17:45
East Bengal has a chance to tie the score and defeat their arch-rival, which is now leading 1-0 thanks to a goal from Petratos, but time is running out.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 17:43
78′ East Bengal makes a triple change!
Nishu Kumar, Suhair VP, and Edwin Vanspaul are included.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 17:42
Second cooling break at 77′!
For the second break of the last push, the final quarter of the game is remaining, the teams instantly assemble around their coaches.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 17:40
East Bengal attempts yet another set-piece move. Crespo initiates it, crosses it for Siverio, who heads it toward Kaith’s far post, but the MBSG goalie easily intercepts it.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 17:39
East Benal appears to be in serious need of a tiebreaker. Nandha attempts the first thru bal, which MBSG approves. However, Ahesh receives the clearance and attempts a cross for Nandha, who heads it directly into Kaith’s gloves.

Goal for September 3, 2023
71′ Goal! Score for Petratos! MBSG 0–1 EBFC
Petratos carries the ball into the EBFC half and then into the final third as Mohun Bagan launches a counterattack. He makes a left-handed cut and attempts a left-footed outside-the-box shot that kisses the goal.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 17:35
70 seconds What a save by Kaith!
East Bengal launches a counterattack, and after Nandha makes a run and passes to Cleiton, who shoots from a distance and necessitates a good save from Kaith, Cleiton comes dangerously near to scoring.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 17:33
69′ Mohun Bagan makes a triple change
Leny Rodrigues, Liston Colaco, and Jason Cummings are in, while Armando Sadiku, Hugo Boumous, and Ashique Kuruniyan are out.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 17:31
When Rakip attempted to run up the field, Ashique fouled him with a careless challenge. The referee awards a free kick, but Rakip asks his medical staff to assist him since he has a cramp.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 17:30
Nandha sprints forward, hands the ball to Mahesh on the left, and the latter attempts a long-range goal shot. But Kaith, who took home the ISL’s Golden Glove award last year, catches it without a care in the world.

62′ Mohun Bagan has only 10 men left! Anirudh Thapa was dismissed.
Siverio and Anirudh Thapa attempt to get the bal when the Spaniard is struck on the head by Thapa’s high boot. The forward collapses to the ground in agony. Thapa receives his second yellow and is sent off after the referee examines the play.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 17:26
Mohun Bagan has a 60-foot chance!
Boumous and Petratos are involved in the initial build-up of a Mohun Bagan attack. Manvir receives a pass from Petratos, and he whips in a low cross for Boumous. But Boumous’ touch causes the ball to veer slightly off course.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 17:24
Mohun Bagan makes its first adjustment in 59′
Manvir Singh comes in, Asish Rai leaves.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 17:22
East Bengal changes its staff at 57′!
Borja Herrera is gone, and Cleiton Silva is in

2023-09-03 17:22YELLOW CARD
56 pages into the book.
East Bengal is penalized for a foul after a tackle between Sadiku and Borja. Cuadrat then loses his composure and protests loudly. He opens the book.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 17:20
On the opposing side, a similar run of play occurred. Petratos of Mohun Bagan tries to cross for Sadiku on his left, but the forward is unable to get his boots on the ball.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 17:19
Mahesh Singh gains possession of the ball on the left side and attempts to cross for Siverio, who is standing in the penalty area. He misses it, though, since Kaith grabs it first and snatches it away.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 17:17
As the Mariners move to attack, Harmanjot Khabra appears to have been fouled in the Mohun Bagan box. In the last third, Sadiku receives the ball and misses with his shot. Cuadrat is furious by the refereeing.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 17:16
Saul Crespo receives the ball from Nandha and attempts to cross with his left foot, but the ball sails past the goal and the opportunity is lost.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 17:14
With counterattacks, East Bengal immediately stepped up the ante. This time, Rakip makes another run down the right wing, but the MBSG defense heads his cross away.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 17:12
East Bengal has an early chance at 47′!
Anwar Ali passes the ball back to Kaith, but Siverio almost takes advantage of the opportunity by following the ball. But Kaith shows up just in time to sweep the ball away. Rakip has been making crosses in the meantime from the right, which Kaith easily caught.

  1. SEPTEMBER 2023, 17.09
    the second half starts!
    The next 45 minutes of this top match will feature East Bengal and Mohun Bagan Super Giants competing for the Durand Cup. Both teams have won 16 matches, and a victory here would make either team the most successful in the competition.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 17:04
What happens if the game between East Bengal and Mohun Bagan is tied at the end of regulation?

AUGUST 03, 2023, 16:52HALFTIME
Half-Time! Mohun Bagan Super Giant lose to East Bengal 1-0.
Despite numerous opportunities to do so, neither team was able to get beyond the last line of defense, keeping the score at 0-0 after the first half.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 16:52
Mohun Bagan nearly scores at 45+5′!
At the edge of the box, Sahal receives the ball. He passes it straight to Petratos in front of him because he is surrounded, and the Australian attempts a shot on goal. But EBFC goalie Gill is unable to catch the ball because it merely goes over the goal.

2023 September 3 16:51YELLOW CARD
another infraction!
Anirudh Thapa fouled Siverio again as the game heats up, and this time the referee immediately reached into his pocket for a card.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 16:49
tiff in the middle of the field!
In an effort to thwart Armando Sadiku, Saul Crespo is killed. After standing up, the MBSG forward shoved Crespo in the face. After consulting with the match officials, the referee books Crespo for the foul and Boumous and Borja for dissent.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 16:47
Chance for East Bengal at 44′!
Rakip and Borja team up on the right wing to launch an off-balance onslaught for East Bengal. To get Borja to cross for Siverio in the middle, Rakip makes a cutback. As MBSG clears the ball, Siverio comes up just short of getting on top of it. As a result, the ball falls to Nandha, who attempts a volley shot.

The last shot misses its mark.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 16:45
Naorem Mahesh Singh is fouled on the right side of the midfield, and Mandar attempts to do a drill from the practice field as he takes the free kick. As the ball is sent out for an MBSG goal kick, it is unsuccessful.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 16:43
After being touched by Sahal Abdul Samad, a former KBFC player, Khabra falls to the ground. Thousands of EBFC supporters have pleaded for a foul, but the referee is unwilling to award one.

AUGUST 03, 2023 16:41
Along the right side, Asish Rai receives a through pass for Petratos, but Chungnunga stops the MBSG forward, winning the struggle to keep the ball out of harm’s way but awarding the adversary a corner kick. Mandar clears it, and Petratos grabs it.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 16:40
Mohun Bagan has a chance thanks to three international players from India. Asish Rai tries a cutback for Sahal Abdul Samad after Asish Rai receives a long ball from Thapa. Another opportunity for the Mariners to score goes begging as the former KBFC player is unable to properly touch the ball.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 16:37
35′ East Bengal is substituted for by force!
Jordan Elsey, the center back for the East Bengals, is replaced by José Antonio Pardo due to an injury. It will be interesting to watch whether this develops into a significant discussion point throughout the game. In the quarterfinal matchup with Gokulam Kerala, Elsey had scored the opening goal.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 16:36
With Asish Rai and Anwar Ali effectively marking the two attacking midfielders, Saul Crespo and Borja Herrera, Mohun Bagan appears to have read East Bengal’s assault quite well. The two attempt to overlap, but Asish Rai prevents Borja from proceeding.

AUGUST 03, 2023 16:35
Mohun Bagan defeated the Bangladesh Army 5-0 to begin its Durand Cup campaign. It hasn’t been given nearly enough room to attack here.

AUGUST 03, 2023 16:33
On the other end, East Bengal has a chance. Nandha tries to play a one-two with Javier Siverio to get the ball back and score after Saul Crespo throws it to him after moving the ball up the field. However, Anwar Ali masterfully marks him to ensure that he does not have a shooting window.

AUGUST 03, 2023 16:32
Mohun Bagan is being dragged out of its comfort zone by East Bengal. Ashique nearly intercepts a back ball from Rakip to Gill by running back. The MBSG supporters cheer loudly at that.

AUGUST 03, 2023 16:28
Cooling break at 26′!
Up to the first cooling break, the score is tied. Mahesh had the best chance for East Bengal, while Sadiku had the best chance for Mohun Bagan.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 16:27
Chance for East Bengal in 24′!
In order to ultimately bring it close to the edge of the field, Khabra and Rakip overlap, and the latter crosses to the center. Mahesh receives the approval for Mohun Bagan and nearly fires. MBSG intercepts it right away to get rid of it.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 16:25
East Bengal has a chance for a free kick, as three men wearing red and gold take their places. Borja attempts the free kick but wastes the chance with a sloppy delivery, throwing the ball into the air.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 16:23
Rakip makes sure he gets to the ball first with a powerful challenge as Ashique Kuriniya seeks to gain possession of it along the left flank. The Mariners’ supporters fervently demand a foul, but the referee is unconcerned.

AUGUST 03, 2023 16:22
After Borja Herrera crosses the ball, Naorem Mahesh tries to cut into the area, but Anwar Ali collides with his teammate to win the ball back for a throw-in. Mohun Bagan ultimately clears the throw-in.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 16:19
East Bengal’s Mandar Desai receives a pass from Borja Herrera on his left, but Vishal Kaith, the ISL’s Golden Glove winner the previous season, comfortably controls Desai’s cross.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 16:18
In the opening period of the game, Mohun Bagan appeared to be the more aggressive team. Despite some strong runs in the final third, the breakthrough has not yet materialized.

AUGUST 03, 2023 16:16
With Ashique on his left, Sadiku passes the ball up the field as Mohun Bagan attempts to attack. Rakip eventually clears a low cross that Ashique threads in.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 16:15
From the set-piece, East Bengal has an opportunity to score, but Mohun Bagan’s defense is ready to head the ball away. The EBFC goalie Gill receives the ball back and restarts play for the red and gold brigade.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 16:12
During a scuffle between East Bengal forward Siverio and Subhasish Bose, the referee calls a foul in Mohun Bagan’s favor. Although the referee did not show either player a card, the Spaniard is incensed.

AUGUST 03, 2023 16:10
Ashique Kuruniyan fouled Harmanjot Khabra while attempting to get the ball off of him. While this is going on, Mohun Bagan attempts another attack with Boumous, Sahal, and Sadiku forming a triangle, but East Bengal ends that attempt by intercepting Sahal’s pass.

AUGUST 03, 2023 16:08
Mohun Bagan is awarded a corner kick, and the Mariners’ supporters are ecstatic about the opportunity. The corner kick is taken by Dimitri Petratos and is overhit because Ashique Kuruniyan cannot reach it before it exits play.

AUGUST 03, 2023 16:06
With short passes, East Bengal begins to build from the back but loses possession of the ball in the middle of the field. Nandha tries to restart the ball when EBFC eventually obtains possession of it. As the Mariners clear the ball, he beats his defender on the left flank but is unable to connect with a man with his cross.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 16:04
Early in the game, Mohun Bagan is in control and attempts an attack on the right side. Cuadrat’s men ultimately block a cross from Boumous for Sadiku to avert an early opportunity.

AUGUST 03, 2023 16:02
Let’s go!
Start of the East Bengal vs. Mohun Bagan Super Giant Durand Cup 2023 final. East Bengal begins from the other side while MBSG, also in a 4-2-3-1 system, begins from the left.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 15:59
Time for the start!
The official opening has concluded. The formalities are also. We are getting close to kickoff time as the players scatter to take their positions.

Harmajot Khabra, Subhasish Bose, and the other team captains shake hands before the referee picks up the ball to signal the start of play.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 15:55
Out of the tunnel, players!
As tens of thousands of supporters applaud the entrance of the two Kolkata clubs, the players emerge from the tunnel. This is as huge as it can get. To compete for the 2023 Durand Cup championship, East Bengal and Mohun Bagan, two legacy clubs and two famous clubs, will stand shoulder to shoulder.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 15:50
Prepared spectators for the summit clash!
As more spectators arrive at the stadium, it appears like the Kolkata derby between East Bengal and Mohun Bagan will be a sold-out event.

AUGUST 03, 2023 15:41
The Durand Cup final between East Bengal and Mohun Bagan was last played when?
The last time East Bengal and Mohun Bagan faced off in the Durand Cup final was on November 10, 2004, in New Delhi’s Ambedkar Stadium. In that contest, East Bengal defeated its opponent 2-1 to claim its 16th Durand Cup victory.

Discover more below.

AUGUST 03, 2023 15:29
Head-to-head history between Mohun Bagan and East Bengal:
Currently, East Bengal has a 138–127 victory advantage over the Mariners in their head-to-head series.

Continue reading about the same below:

AUGUST 03, 2023, 15:25
Update on suspensions and injuries:
Souvik Chakraborty, a midfielder for East Bengal, will not play because he was given a suspension for receiving a second yellow card against NorthEast United in the previous game.

Brendan Hamill, a center back for Mohun Bagan, is out with a minor injury, however.

AUGUST 03, 2023, 15:21
East Bengal’s opening lineup
Borja Herrera, Mohamad Rakip, Nandhakumar Sekar, Saul Crespo, Naorem Mahesh Singh, Javier Siverio, Prabhsukhan Gil (GK) – Harmanjot Khabra, Jordan Elsey, Lalchungnunga, Mandar Rao Desai, Borja Herrera, Mohamad Rakip

Continue Reading

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