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Top 10 Craziest Escape Rooms Around The World



Who wouldn’t want to see their friends screaming for help when they’re trapped in an escape room? As much fascinating as it sounds, you wouldn’t want to get trapped in one of these rooms by yourself too. Escape rooms are a great way to spend your time in leisure, fun, and adventure.

And when it comes to adventure, humans truly go to new lengths to give people a thrilling experience that they’ve never had. Here are top 10 craziest escape rooms around the world that will surely give you the kick for adventure you need:

1.     The Basement

This escape game room is situated in Los Angles, and as illustrated by its name, the game comprises of an escape game in the basement. The scenario comprises of four different rooms, beautifully and artistically crafted like movie sets, each requiring your cognitive abilities to escape.

Another compelling element is that it resembles the movie “Saw;” making you trapped in the basement of a cannibalistic serial killer who is testing your abilities to live. Hence, it’s a thrilling horror adventure, definitely not for the faint hearted.

2.     Sherlocked

Build in Amsterdam, Netherlands, this escape is deemed the best in the country for its thrilling themed experience that occurs in the basement of the two historic buildings. The Vault and Architect are the two experiences that wait for adventure seekers. Be courageous as The Vault was deemed the best escape room for 2018, praised for its challenging experience.

3.     The Mr. X Puzzle House

puzzle house

Comprising of weird gothic stuff, artifacts, props, and different rooms, this escape room is situated in Shanghai, China. The experience is definitely worth it since each room opens up to different dimensions. One should be experienced and witty in order to solve its mysteries.

4.     Escape Hunt

As evident from its name, this plot gives the chance for the customers to become old age detectives, leaning in the character of Sir Arthur Doyle, the writer of Sherlock Holmes. The Victorian style decorated rooms accompanied by narratives is surely a worth experience. Time to awake the inner detective, and visit Paris to participate in this escape room.

5.     Trapped In A Room With A Zombie

The hugely popular zombie escape game room is highly regarded by adventure enthusiasts all around the globe. The scenario as evident from its name is simple, you are trapped with a live zombie in a room that involves a number of mysteries and puzzles to solve.

Though the zombie is chained to the wall, the thrilling twist comes with the zombie’s chains getting loose with every five minutes. This thrilling experience has been originally created by Room Escape Adventures and is now popular in the entire world.

6.     The Escape Game

escape game

The Escape Game is popular in the US, earning the spot on the list because of its exciting and thrilling experience, filled with engaging puzzles and themes. One can opt for a variety of experiences, from being a detective to surviving the Titanic to being a Contagion, the participants are given a number of scenarios that they can pick depending on their thirst for adventure.

7.     Claustrophobia Escape Rooms

This escape room is definitely for those that are in taking up roles, and playing their part as they proceed. Situated at various locations in Russia, it has ov

er 100 escape rooms, each filled with ambient theming and décor.

The team behind this escape room are continuously pushing in their ideas in terms of improving the narratives, themes, décor, and experiences to give the participants an even more challenging and engaging scenarios.

8.     Bogeyman Trap Door

We all remember the bogeyman from our childhood stories. Well now it’s time to experience one of the best horror escape games by yourself. As obvious from the name, the experience comprises of tunnel like maze that has potential scare in every corner, not recommended for faint hearted. The thrill of lurking bogeyman alongside exciting puzzles is surely not something to miss.

9.    5 Wits

The goal-oriented escape room, situated in various locations of the US, holds a teamwork play filled with a high-tech themed experience that one should surely try. The architecture overall is crafted amazingly and gives an enthralling experience to those seeking to quench for adventure and excitement.

10.Team Escape Hamburg

Situated in Hamburg, Germany, this escape has been rated 5 out of 5 stars with over 750 reviews on TripAdvisor. Comprising of 8 different rooms spread in two locations, the escape room involves the use of witty conscience and problem-solving skills.

The challenging atmosphere especially from Hoffman Formula and The Gallery are truly engaging and gives the customers complex narratives with a clock ticking down. An adventure appealing escape room is surely worth the try.

Wayde N. Thabalanz is a 2016-17 New York Foundation for the Arts Fellow in Fiction and a 2015 NYFA Fellow in Poetry. His work has appeared in Best New Poets 2015, The Los Angeles Review.

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Miss Shetty Mr Polishetty Twitter reviews: Fans call Anushka Shetty, Naveen Polishetty’s film ‘best rom-com of 2023’



Miss Shetty Mr. Polishetty, Anushka Shetty and Naveen Polishetty’s new romantic comedy, has received its first reviews. Anushka plays a cook in the movie, and Navin plays a stand-up comedian who makes an odd business arrangement. Anushka returns to the big screen in this movie after a three-year absence. (Also read: Shah Rukh Khan film is praised for not imposing a Vijay cameo; dubbed “massy with a message” on Jawan Twitter.)

Fraud Shetty Mr. Polishetty: The new Telugu movie is trending on Twitter.
Fraud Shetty Mr. Polishetty: The new Telugu movie is trending on Twitter.

Anushka is stunning.
“Miss Shetty Mr. Polishetty is the best rom-com of the year HANDS DOWN,” a fan tweeted in reference to the movie. Mahesh Babu P’s brilliant directing and writing felt so new. Anushka is a true queen and continues to be stunning and influential. Naveen is a hilarious intellect and an amazing BEAST! This movie is fantastic.

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Someone else said, “Miss Shetty Mr Polishetty: In a straightforward, safe non-romcom that might not always keep up with his exuberance, Naveen Polishetty is incredibly entertaining. There are numerous significant LOL moments strewn throughout the story, yet something felt off; it lacked wholesomeness. It can be the flimsy romance narrative and a difficult to invest in emotional core. Even if it means it has rely on some low-hanging double entendres, it still provides plenty of laughs.

Naveen receives all the acclaim.
Another fan applauded Naveen’s performance. “Very nicely engaged despite bad music and bgm (background music). The star of the show is Naveen Polishetty. His comic timing is impeccable.

It was also deemed “worth a watch” by a Twitter user. Miss Shetty said, “Mr. Polishetty finished. Even the second half is good. A dramatic climax. It’s a great movie. And will be a surefire success. Funny entertainment has been provided by @NaveenPolishety. His one-liners are offbeat and he has great spontaneity. Worth watching without a doubt,” they wrote.

“ENTERTAINING WATCH! “, read another review of the movie. All throughout, I adored Miss Shetty and Mr. Polishetty. The movie made me smile at times, adore the characters’ innocence, and, most significantly, feel Sidhu @NaveenPolishety’s suffering! Bravo to the entire crew for doing it so easily.

Fraud Shetty Murali Sharma, Jayasudha, and Tulasi are among the other stars of Mr. Polishetty. It will be released in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam and was produced by UV Creations.

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10 Activities To Do With Your Friends When They Visit You Over the Weekend



There’s something about the weekend that makes you want to spend quality time with your friends and family. With busy work weeks, it’s great to disconnect, slow down and focus on what matters. Spending a day with people that are a particular part of your life is a great feeling.

It is common for friends to come to visit now and then. These weekend visits often result in hanging out with friends, chatting, eating at excellent restaurants, seeing cool spots in town, and spending the night at your place or a hotel.

This is ideal for you and your friends as you can get to know each other better while relaxing and enjoying your time together. Usually, the best part of these days is the fact that they seem to fly by quickly as you are engaged in different fun activities along with enjoyable conversations. Soon enough, it’s time for your friend to return home, but it’s not easy because you are having much fun together.

So which pastimes will you most likely enjoy with your friends when they visit?  Here are a few activities that are sure to be a hit.

1. Go Out to Eat

If you live in a big city, there are so many different types of restaurants that it’s hard to choose where to go. Do you want Chinese, Mexican or Italian? Should you try something new or stick with what we know?

Whatever kind of food your friends like, there’s probably at least one restaurant nearby that serves it. If not, try looking online for reviews or other recommendations for nearby places (or just drive around until you see signs or billboards advertising restaurants). You can even check out local newspaper sites or ask locals where they like to eat.

2. Play Casino Games

Why not try playing casino games if you’re looking for fun weekend activities with friends? They are one of the best ways to engage in a social movement with your friends. They can also be played by people not interested in gambling or card games. They simply want to have fun and compete with each other in a friendly manner.

You can play casino games at home using an online casino where you can access new crypto casinos. Here you will find many casino games online these days, including live dealer games that allow you to play against real people. You can also play classic casino games online, such as roulette and blackjack. The best part about playing casino games online is that it’s easy to learn how to play them, and there are no limits to betting – you can bet as much money as you want.

A museum is a perfect place to spend an afternoon with friends. It’s quiet, has plenty of exhibits to look at, and is a great way to learn something new. Whether they’re into art or history, everyone loves the chance to learn more about their favorite subjects. Take them to a museum or gallery in town that they might not have been to before.

If you don’t have time for a whole museum trip, visit an art gallery instead. You’ll find some of the same things in museums — like paintings and sculptures — but they’re often smaller and more affordable.

If they’re fans of classic cars, take them to an antique car show where they can admire beautiful vehicles up close. If they like exploring churches and cathedrals, take them on a tour of some historic buildings where they can learn about architecture and religion.

4. Go Bowling

Bowling is another sport perfect for groups of friends because it’s easy to play together but also competitive enough to keep things interesting. This can be especially fun if you’re on opposing teams (for example, one team plays men against women) so that each member has an opportunity to win individually! Just be sure not to get too competitive—it’s supposed to be fun.

5. Trading Online

Trading online is a great way to get new experiences and learn about different things like the best crypto signals, investing in stocks, making money with Amazon, and more. You can know this without having to travel too far or spend any money at all.

Trading online also gives you a chance to learn about different cultures and lifestyles around the world. You could even make some new friends along the way.

You can trade with people worldwide and have plenty of opportunities locally. Some apps let you change items locally and set up meetups so people can meet and swap items in person instead of shipping them back and forth across the country (and maybe even internationally).

6. Volunteer

One of the best ways to connect with people is by doing something selfless. Volunteering is one way to bond with your friends at the moment. It also allows you to give back to society and make it better. You can work together or split up and do different tasks.

Volunteer at a shelter or soup kitchen. Feeding the homeless and helping those in need can be an eye-opening experience. If you have kids, they’ll learn that there are people who don’t have the same opportunities as them, which will give them perspective on their lives.

Volunteer at an animal shelter or pet store. Shelters are always looking for help cleaning cages and walking dogs. Pet stores need volunteers to walk dogs in the store while customers shop and take pictures with them.

Volunteer at a library book sale. Libraries hold annual book sales, where they sell donated books at low prices to raise money for their programs. Volunteers sort books into categories, price them, and help customers find what they want.

7. Take a Class

One of the best ways to spend time with your friends is by taking a class together. This will allow you to learn something new while spending time together. It also gives you activity for the whole day so that you don’t have to worry about coming up with something else later in the evening.

When choosing a class, ensure it’s something all your friends will enjoy and participate in together. If one friend fears heights or another is afraid of snakes (or whatever), it might not be a good idea for them to take the same class as everyone else.

Try finding something that everyone can participate in and have fun doing so. There are many options, from baking classes to wine-tasting lessons. You can even take an art class or learn about different cultures through foreign language classes. Choosing something like this will help ensure everyone has fun regardless of the day or night.

8. Go hiking

If your friends are into nature, then this is a great idea. Hiking is always fun with friends because it allows everyone to get outside and enjoy nature together while giving everyone some time to bond without distractions from phones or social media (although they will still be present).

You can go during the day or at night. Both options are great. Also, ensure you wear sunscreen if you go during the day because sunburns are never fun.

You can go hiking on any easy trail or even just go for a walk in the woods near your house, but if you want something more challenging, try camping in the wilderness for a couple of days. Ensure you’ve prepared everything beforehand, so you don’t run into any problems.

9. Go on a picnic

Picnics are another great way to enjoy nature without hiking miles from home. Pack up some sandwiches, fruit, and other snacks into a basket or cooler and head out for a picnic lunch in an open field or wooded area.

This is also an excellent activity for kids. If you have time after eating, pack away leftover food scraps and dispose of them properly so they don’t attract animals or cause other problems in natural areas.

10. Go To The Movies

Watching movies is one of the best ways to spend time with friends. You can choose any film from any genre and watch it together. This way, you’ll get to enjoy some quality time with each other while also having fun at the same time. If possible, rent a theater so that only those who want to go will come along.

Don’t Let Your Weekends Be Boring!

While some activities don’t require a lot of money, they still make great weekend getaways. Whether you’re trying something new and exciting or reliving your childhood (in a fun way), these activities are sure to spice up any get-together. So stick around this weekend, and plan to have fun with your friends.

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10 Best Movies Based on Video Games



The dream of exhibiting a video game movie on the big screen was realized by Hollywood. By doing so, it opened the doors to a long history of strange productions and gamers’ pixel tears.

The video game superstition was finally broken in May 2019 by Detective Pikachu. It was the Super Mario Bros that began all this strife to put a stop to it.

A development of 2019 is that Pikachu has been overtaken by the second Angry Birds movie just months after its debut, surprising the doubters by garnering many positive reviews.

Here Are the Top 10 Video Game-Related Films So Far

  1. Resident Evil (2001)

Capcom released the Resident Evil video game in 1996 for the PlayStation. Hollywood published a video series based on this horror video game for the big screens in 2001.

You can watch Resident Evil movies in order to better understand how the story unfolds from the first to the last release, since all the films are sequels of their earlier works.

The Resident Evil films featuring Milla Jovovich are of varying calibre; from “very terrible” to “decently humorous,” they cover the gamut. The first film in the genre, Resident Evil, belongs to the latter category.

The most interesting and entertaining image is the one in the foreground. This is partly because, at this point in the story, we don’t know very much about Jovovich’s Alice.

  1. Mortal Kombat (1995)

This one is the corniest and most ludicrous movie ever made, but it is these elements that give the movie its charm. It contains some drama while also exhibiting standard ’90s action film clichés (macho males, music, language).

The characters in the movie are surprisingly good and different from one another throughout the tale, and the casting is good. Even the vintage effects have a certain appeal.

In contrast, Mortal Kombat is a fantastic video game adaptation of a motion picture that offers both thrills and humor.

  1. Mortal Kombat (2021)

It is blatantly evident that Mortal Kombat 2021 is a superb movie based on video games.

Like many popular movies, MK is merely thoughtless entertainment and is not intended to upset you.

The movie features iconic fight scenes with a spooky twist from the franchise.

  1. Uncharted (2022)

Most video game-based films are successful enough to have sequels. In contrast, Uncharted made around $395 million at the box office from an estimated $120 million expenditure.

As a result, Tom Rothman, chairman of Sony Pictures, referred to the movie as the company’s “latest hit film series.”

Shakespeare is not uncharted. The plot has been done before, albeit with better actors, and the performances are uninteresting.

  1. Assassin’s Creed (Year 2016)

Assassin’s Creed has always had a strong concept. Have you ever considered using a device to relive your ancestors’ lives? What about the notion of the Templar or Assassin orders warring for centuries?

You wouldn’t expect a gaming series to have as much depth as it has. Even if the 2016 film adaptation has issues, it does a fantastic job of portraying the novel’s premise in a cinematic setting.

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Sonic the Hedgehog 2, being a family movie, isn’t the best either, but it’s one of the best video game movies out there!

Surprisingly, the inclusion of the Knuckles and Tails within the movie canon adds to the beauty of the work.

  1. STH (2019)

When Blue Blur stormed onto the big screen at the beginning of 2019, most people assumed quite so much. Ben Schwartz, a Parks and Recreation actor, gave Sonic enough energy that Jim Carrey’s Dr. Robotnik didn’t overwhelm the primary character.

It is reasonable to argue that Carrey’s silly cartoon antagonist represents a crucial turning point in the movie. It does play a significant role in Sonic’s success.

Consequently, even though Dr. Robotnik isn’t the most sophisticated villain to appear in a kid’s movie, you won’t care because you’ll enjoy yourself so much while watching it.

  1. Detective Pikachu (2019)

This movie is loosely based on the Pokémon video game for the Nintendo DS of the same name.

Ryan Reynolds is what gives it an advantage over gameplay. The main character is hilariously portrayed by Reynolds, and he gets along well with Justice Smith.

Additionally, the film shows a credible scenario where humans and Pokémon cohabit.

  1. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2009)

The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was influenced by the 2003 smash hit Pirates of the Caribbean. While reviews were mixed, most thought it was an improvement over prior video game-based films.

The story centers on Jake Gyllenhaal’s Prince Dastan and Gemma Arterton’s Princess Tamina as they attempt to free a nation from a legendary sand curse.

The prince’s agility and character development are two game-inspired elements that the movie basically incorporates. In the end, Sands of Time is an action-adventure movie that has flaws but is still enjoyable.

  1. Silent Hill (2006)

The first game in the series, Silent Hill, which debuted in 1998 for the original PlayStation, is the main inspiration for Silent Hill. In addition, it is based on the original story, which features Rose looking for her son or daughter in the eerie town of Silent Hill.

The most lethal horror movie ever produced has not been Silent Hill. However, it does a good job of bringing the crazy, demonic universe and the history of its source material to the big screen.


We’ve listed our top picks for video game-based movies in this article.

However, we owe an obligation of appreciation to the younger generation of writers, directors, and film producers who grew up playing computer games and who devoted time and resources to making the necessary cinematic adaptations.

We hope you will enjoy reading this blog post and learning more about the best video game-based films.

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